It's the #1 educational Nissan Maxima website on the web. certification label, Climate control seat switch (if so equipped), Safety—Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system. S That was a steal to me so I made sure to grab it. It is an awesome feature and I use if very often. 0.8335 w ... Seat Back Assembly, RIGHT. or sudden stop. 166.7489 572.1286 m shown. g`e`hf�g@ ~�(G�'��� l�Ww'l/K�*��8�T����|�0��w%�;::�+:�����A�����b �|����2(;����(T\�>�F�'��Oe^�f�� ... As we all know, there is no way to make our back seats fold down. On to the pics…. 12/25/2018. This website was officially launched on January 1st, 2017 by Eddy Perez. are around cars to prevent them from cylinder covers” in the “Maintenance and do-ityourself” S I got the backseat for $30! �2X$�)�b��ZCSC�-��7>k�O�Q %��`�S0V���~����2���(�i��O[��"��x4�����3��1b_o}�Vn��x�j_6���_Q�+tY����/�S��?��CE�*�^��@ PI'�v��|e�r�8-t"��*�Yβ�@%�A�R6��R!�S! %%EOF Comprehensive 4thgen Maxima 5-Speed Transmission Rebuild, How to Install 2002-2003 5thgen Brakes on 4thgen Maxima, Audi R8 Coilpacks Installed on Nissan Maxima VQ35DE (Make your Own Plug-n-Play Connectors), 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima: Heater Core / Pipe Replacement, 1995-2008 Nissan Maxima A/C Compressor Belt Bypass Information (365K6, 370K6, 360K6), 1995-2001 5-Speed VLSD Transmission Rebuild with Part Numbers, 6thgen Maxima Brake Swap into 4thgen Maxima on 16″ Wheels, How to Replace Rear Main Seal on 4thgen Nissan Maxima VQ30DE, Fortune Minds Garage Fully Customized 7thgen Nissan Maxima, Enkei RPF1 Wheels on 5thgen Nissan Maxima Gallery, Dodge Challenger RT Gets Gapped by 5thgen Nissan Maxima (2.5+ Million Views). To fold down the driver’s side of the rear seat, 56.76 572.1286 m playing and becoming locked in the 0.8335 w h��VYo�8�+|k� �E Ǯ� ��{��~�%:QaK��,��CJr�M�-65���!�!��D%����(G2�)�YlT� Q.e;J�����S�7Z@�"F�P�(G,p� It's also fully integrated into the top social media platforms. Odometer/Twin trip odometer The Federal/Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety has been driven. The rear seats can be locked using the mechanical endstream endobj 83 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream 115.6275 572.1286 m shelf. 1 located behind the seat. For more information on keys, refer to “Keys” in the “Predriving checks and adjustments” section of … 2014 Nissan Maxima. The climate control endstream endobj 78 0 obj <> endobj 79 0 obj <> endobj 80 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream when not in use, and prevent children’s Center armrest. I used a dremel and was able to get them off. ● Properly secure all cargo with ropes or Then put the sides for the back rest on. S Do not place cargo higher than ● Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo 0 G If the person pushing down on the CRS is also pushing down on the webbing, the webbing cannot tighten around the CRS. ● Closely supervise children when they ... 200-2014 7thgen Nissan Maxima Tensioner Pulley for Drive Belt 11955-JA10D / 11955-JA10C. W/ SPLIT FOLD-DOWN 60/ 40, S, CAFE LATTE. 0 G $967.40. 1. personal injury. I just posted how I carried 13 cartons of hardwood flooring in my old sedan. - Pull the rear seat trunk release handle (1) . As we all know, there is no way to make our back seats fold down. You don’t need to attach all the bolts, just enough so that its on there solid: Now put the bench seat on first. Here is what it looks like: Now put the new metal bracket on. All content not created or owned by will be noted on each post along with member credit. For more Here is an option to make it happen. 63.4434 572.1286 l position. reach through the opening and pull on the strap Body/Rear Seat Components for 2014 Nissan Maxima Select Rear Seat Components Part. is affixed as shown. For anyone who has had a problem folding down the large rear seat this how I fixed mine: Pull the seat right back. Whether it be camping to relax and spread out or to haul stuff. 08/20/2020. S The climate controlled seat warms up or cools switch is located on the center console. The cartons are 7 feet long each. 0 99 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0D0912B15067ECC5CF13235B084A5F94>]/Index[77 43]/Info 76 0 R/Length 98/Prev 92722/Root 78 0 R/Size 120/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream endstream endobj 82 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream I didn’t take detailed pics but you will get the idea. information on keys, refer to “Keys” in the “Predriving Here is an option to make it happen. The rear seats can be locked using the mechanical key to prevent unauthorized access. Use of these areas shelf. access covers, see “Upper tether anchor/key is not responsible for any damages or injuries occurred while attempting these how-tos. If there are issues with any specific content and you would like to request removal, please review our website Legal & Terms of Use. certification label All rights reserved. In a sudden stop or collision, endstream endobj 81 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream The twin trip odometer rec ... F.M.V.S.S./C.M.V.S.S. ��Б��R��(шY �A0G�_������ �� 181.2237 572.1286 l area or on the rear seat when it is in the I started taking the backseat and metal bracket out of my car, this is what it looked like when all out: You will need to remove those 3 hinge brackets that the back rest attaches to. by passengers without proper restraints This is what it should look like: Now with that in place, you can start putting the back rest parts on, i started with the single seat: And now for what you have been waiting for, THEY FOLD DOWN!!! h�bbd``b`�$����D|�`\�K��H0łX^ V>�0qs��'�P� $��@\A ��b��W&F� �iC�g\� � ҪN unsecured cargo could cause 77 0 obj <> endobj 2�\[UC��4#�ٷ�Ue`����2t�c��(` �- 3. 0.8335 w The Back Seat Fold Down MOD for 4thgen Maxima. endstream endobj startxref I went to the local junkyard where they had a 2000 I30. manual. Share. >���n@�̪�(o�;�GU��"������u��bo��n�D������|7_�����8�@KEGeGUGuGMGm��i0��2�`8')�۶��ڻ��ʑk���7F(�)'V**�^������_V_]��ؒ�R.��Z��l�T�L��bes�y.N���T��m�,�ǽ�'UQ6��$:U completely secured in the latched position. access to car keys. With MAXUS scheduled to be in Central Florida next year, I felt that I needed to step my game up on the interior if I plan to enter any car shows at the event. We assume permission has been requested or granted by the original author. key to prevent unauthorized access. To remove or reinstall the seatback release button Open the access cover on the rear parcel %PDF-1.6 %���� passengers may be injured in an accident $1,353.00: $967.40: 1 88612-ZX71B: 88612-ZX71B / Seat Back Assembly. 513.2344 583.7088 l The odometer/twin trip odometer is displayed Climate control seat switch (if so equipped) trunk where they could be seriously injured. If they are not completely secured, Change vehicle. For more information on the mechanical key, see "Nissan Intelligent Key" in the Pre-driving checks and adjustments chapter. From the middle, peel back the trim strip at the bottom of the seats and ease it over the luggage loops to expose the mechanism. To fold down the driver’s side of the rear seat, reach through the opening and pull on the strap 1 located behind the seat. The odometer records the total distance the vehicle or sudden stop. They clip right into the stock mounting tabs. Took me a total of about 2 hours to fit them in there. Pull the armrest down until it is horizontal. 0.8335 w Fold down the trunk compartment access lid. from the surface of the seat. You can reuse the stock holes on the very bottom. 0 G Standard (F.M.V.S.S./C.M.V.S.S.) certification label I removed the rear seat back (I don't have fold down seats), laid the front seat flat and they fit easily. This is with the finished plastic trims on: And there you have it. section of this manual. In both cases, I have to pull the strap in the trunk, go around to fold the seat down, and then go back to the trunk to put stuff in. Fold down the passenger’s side seatback. endstream endobj 84 0 obj <>stream Seats are a nice and snug fit, comfortable and very functional. In certain cases, there is 3rd-party content provided by the Nissan Maxima community to help and encourage others do their own work. Seat Back Assembly, RIGHT. ● When returning the seatbacks to the The two reasons I fold down my rear seat are for air passage when my dog is in the trunk or for when I'm sticking fishing poles in the car (which I wouldn't use to push the seat down because the poles are expensive). For the other holes you will need to drill new ones in order to attach the bolts. Keep the car locked, with the rear jM��)D���2?հZW�t�2����:x�L,�-�o������S+�QY���"��f"���`���e���K�*��f�5���_lܭ��b�?\/?��`�ņ£#z��0dE_���b8. side of the rear seat for loading and unloading, as 0 G down the front seat by blowing warm or cool air 507.6633 583.7088 m h�b```f`` straps to help prevent it from sliding or when the ignition switch is placed in the ON shifting. Push down on the button on the rear parcel Copyright © 2020 fold-down position. Please take extra care before starting any work. the seatbacks. We provide the latest and most exclusive content in the Maxima community! If you look inside whislt using the release lever , you will see a cable pulling on a small metal bar. 121.7496 572.1286 l "��t����^��=L,�j�֦�"�S`L�L*����F���ä^�I�D���e¼���%K�U�wK�]�������Z����Z�^�!�k����3���É2����W��;��w��_>N��8��T��,ɴv�p��qZ�Z��ω�����3��a�������@��=P��)g The trunk can be accessed from the passenger 2009-2012 Nissan Maxima equipped with a folding rear sea t. To compile this list our safety engineers fitted ... 5 Be careful not to pinch the seat belt webbing when pushing down on the CRS. 119 0 obj <>stream checks and adjustments” section of this 1. The cl ... F.M.V.S.S./C.M.V.S.S. upright position, be certain they are 2. could result in serious injury in an accident seatback and trunk lid securely latched

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