The sword and snake tattoo can also have many meanings. If you’d like a custom quote on your tattoo idea, please let us know a little about the piece and we’ll try to give you a good idea on what it will cost.

The shield has four sections, two of which include the letters "S" and "K." A third section usually contains a … You may be aware of the more common meanings such as strength and perseverance, but did you also know it can mean anchoring one’s spirit to the earth?

This cartoon image is one for the books; you won’t get enough of this playful but yet violent image. A great tattoo design that has a lot of symbolism and dark details. 24. There are sword like Excalibur, Katana, Celtic and many more which are very famous, which are famous around the world. If you have a hunter inside of you, then you might enjoy this tattoo with the sword penetrating the head of the tiger while it bleeds out of the mouth. The sword tattoo represents authority, protection, courage, strength and power. In addition, if you add a coiled viper to a sword tattoo, it reinforces the idea of defense, fertility and pride.
A great tattoo design of an ornate sword that is embedded into the skin and coming out the other side. kevins blog52 from southern Indiana on February 29, 2012: That was a a very interesting hub, I didn't realize all the different sword designs and meanings behind them. Guys mostly like to have Excalibur and Katana sword tattoos on their body parts, because of their popularity. Appreciate everything and see ya soon. Dragon Art. As far as what the sword symbolizes, there are a few different meanings but most of it revolves around the use of the sword.

There is a lot going on with this sword tattoo, in fact, it’s a gorgeous design if you are looking for a sleeve. You don’t get a sword more powerful and beautiful than this one. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Another great example of the sword and skull design, this one has great details like the jaw bone falling off and the addition of the snake.

It is said the sword may have been created based off the dagger at the start of the Bronze Age. This angel is ready for war. If you are looking for a symbol of strength and power, there are many ways you can go. A great warrior tattoo for those who like the dark side.

Many people get inked with a memorial tattoo with a sword for a loved one or friend.

Some even consider the sword a symbol of Christ, and twin swords are often inked as a crucifix. *Shaun, thanks for coming by. From samurais to Vikings, many people over the years have used swords. There is elegant jewelry surrounding the sword which creates a very gorgeous image. The sword tattoo also symbolizes things of a sexual nature. In Christianity, the sword is meant to portray the force of justice. Of all the swords made over the years, the samurais were known to have the best crafted swords. Depending on the type of dragon chosen might make a difference in the meaning of the sword and dragon tattoo. I love the combination of gold’s and purples together. An angel warrior can symbolize innocence, hope and faith, guardianship, strength, divinity, fighting spirit, and justice. It is said that when Jesus was crucified and then resurrected, this flaming sword was taken from the Garden of Eden. However, it wasn’t until the Iron Age that the sword was an effective and useful weapon. Your support is always welcomed.

Another example of a sword embedded inside of a heart. Sword tattoos are having designs for both men and women.

A great detailed design that is very dark. We have a sword crushing a watch. A great design that has the sword embedded in the skin. There are many different tattoos that symbolize these characteristics. Celtic, Congo, Christian, Chinese, oh my! The story of Excalibur is an old one, but it still intrigues people to this day. Their swords a single edged, curved sword with tempered steel set in a long handle.
A broken sword with a wedding band? Including a Japanese or samurai sword, known as katana, represents self-discipline, courage, honor, respect, and loyalty. Even though some skeptics believe that such a tattoo expresses immaturity or disregard for life, there are, in fact, inspiring meanings behind a sword tattoo.

As the name suggests, their origin goes back to… >>All Tribal tattoo meanings, Our relationship with wolves goes back at least 40,000 years. As for the second image, where the designs have shields, swords, and skulls, the tattoo may represent fighting spirit, immense courage, skill at war, and possessing power. A small sword can be placed anywhere on the body. This flower design is original as there is a gorgeous sword embedded in the middle of the rose. It is a phallic symbol while sheath of the blade is yonic. In doing this, it was possible for humans to enter Paradise once again. Add an inspirational quote that has meaning for your own life. We hope you enjoy this website. This sword has an ornate cross as the handle. In fact, a recent poll by the TV channel Animal… >>All Tiger tattoo meanings, Tribal tattoos are very popular today.

If you are looking for a large tattoo, then this might be the one for you. This sexy tattoo is all about a knight in full armor with his sword.

There is a lot of symbolism to this tattoo; I’m just not sure what it is.

The sword with angel wings can mean a few different things. He has always been very fond of swords and told the media that he had a great collection of swords when he was a kid. Another great example of the skull and sword design but this one has a lot more detail to it, plus it’s very dark. Not only does the sword tattoo have meaning but when you start adding surrounding images and symbols around it, you can create something totally different. The sword is often accompanied by other elements like wings, hearts, and flames. A great tattoo design of old swords crossing one another. 25.

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