Thank You, Equipped with a Rockwell 2-Speed transfer case and six wheel drive. The tires have been upgraded to Michelin XZL Super Singles and comes equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes. … pressure loss. Chris Strobel This vehicle has only 1941 miles! Many parts and components of your vehicle are replaced or re-built regardless of condition. This M923A2 Military Cargo Truck. Dieser LKW sieht nicht nur schön aus, er kann auch was! 1,049.90 € * In stock Amewi MAN AMXrock 8x8 RC Truck full metal expedition vehicle No.8 ARTR, 4 axles, 1:10. They are built at the Raasepori Plant maintained by Sisu Auto Group in Finland.

-Wheel Cylinders The inside height is 75". protection against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters, 1999 ‌ 8x8; Euro 2 ‌ ‌ Weert, NL Auf Anfrage Auf Anfrage Details anzeigen MAN MAN KAT A1 8x8 Truck Ex-army Militär-LKW. They can be modified in few hours even in the field.

This vehicle has only 32,813 miles and 80 hours. version of the Mack 8x8 is a general service cargo truck. It is a 6x6 with a 2-speed transfer case so have all your 4X4 friends over for a litttle truck pull! ... 8X8 ... M985 Oshkosh HEMTT Cargo Truck Equipped with Hydraulic winch and rear Mounted Crane. The tires have been upgraded to Michelin XZL Super Singles and comes equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes, Troop Seats and Hard Cab Top.

Baseline Sisu Defence also develops all-wheel drive military trucks in the configurations of 10×10, 6×6 and 4×4. Der Wendekreis des Modells ist durch die verbauten Achsdifferentiale sehr klein und machen das Fahrzeug sehr wendig. configuration to the Canadian Armed Forces for their Medium Support 1. time on hard surface roads. Finden Sie viele günstige LKW Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt Kynos Aljaba 8x8 tank transporter tractor with wide-footprint tyres, Boxer APC; note the single tyres and near-equal spacing of the front and rear wheel pairs, The Oshkosh M1070 HET is unusual in that while an 8x8 it has a single driven front axle, and a driven rear tridem, This TATRA T 815 recovery truck has dual rear wheels (12 wheels in all) but is still categorized as an 8x8, This 8x8 fire truck is unusual in that it steers by frame articulation, On most wheeled armoured 8x8s the front two axles steer, although on current generation offerings it is becoming more common for the rear axle to contra-steer, this improving maneuverability in confined spaces, It is not unusual for longer wheelbase trucks with four axles to have greater spacing between the front axle pair (the steering axles), as this helps reduce turning circle, The DAF YP 408 APC may appear to be an 8x8 but in fact the second axle is not driven, making the configuration 8x6, "US Army Sterling T26 8 x 8 12-ton Heavy Truck", "Stryker Armoured Combat Vehicle Family, United States of America", "Piranha III / LAV III Armoured Wheeled Vehicles, Switzerland",, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 July 2020, at 15:15.
This vehicle has only 15,752 miles and 72.3 hours. Kein Verkauf an Privat. Zur Händlerübersicht. When such a vehicle only has eight wheels by definition all are driven. This powertrain makes them extremely popular.

The integrated load handling mechanism of the truck gives it a low centre of gravity and allows for efficient operations in extreme conditions. In May 2009, the Finnish Defence Forces ordered 60 armoured Sisu 8×8 military trucks for approximately €26m. Truck Tractor w/Crane, 10-ton, 8X8 M1001 (NSN 2320-12-191-5422) M813, M923, M925, M927, M928 and more. This Truck Features the Awesome Allison 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, Cummins Power, 6WD and a 20 Foot Cargo Box with Extra Long Wheelbase Chassis and Fish Plated Frame. 1. *Hub Seals The M923 has a 14-Foot cargo box with drop-sides for easy loading/unloading of equipment. SOLD!!! Powered by a 8.3l Cummins Turbo Charged diesel engine and Allison 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. The protective structure is built inside the cabin and the equipment can be clamped quickly. Duch den robusten Aufbau in Verbindung mit dem sehr feinfühligen Sender fühlt sich das Modell auf jedem Untergrund wohl und ist so mit voll Geländetauglich. Protective materials can be added to the cabin without any need for support structures. The HX range was disclosed in 2003, and the first order was placed in 2004. designed, modified to suit military needs. Other types of smaller 8x8 vehicles include such things as the Argocat. Heavy hauler and ballast tractor 8×8s have had a long history as prime movers both in the military (as tank transports and artillery tractors), and commercially in logging and heavy equipment hauling both on- and off-road. and co-driver. Manager

This M923A1 Military Cargo Truck was manufactured by AM General and is equipped with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission. Equipped with a Rotating Crane for loading and Unloading Cargo. Our experienced crew is here to work for you.....

Fuel system includes one fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel/water separator, fuel pump, These trucks are in high demand as High-Water Rescue Vehicles and don't last long, so give us a call today! Fully Reconditioned Extra Long Wheelbase M934 Expansible (Expandable) Van Truck with 1400R20 Goodyear Single Configuration Tires. 2. See Specs Below. Equipped with Cab Hard Top, Cab Heater, Anti Lock Brake System (ABS), 16.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires and 20,000 lb Front Hydraulic Winch. Eight-wheel drive, often notated as 8WD or 8×8, is a drivetrain configuration that allows all eight wheels of an eight-wheeled vehicle to be drive wheels (that is, to receive power from the engine) simultaneously. with a material handling crane or palletized load handling system. The M925 has a 14-Foot cargo box with drop-sides for easy loading/unloading of equipment. This is an incredible example of an M925A2 with a winch!. -Relay Valves The Mack 8x8 is a

The Finnish Defence Forces received 60 Sisu 8x8 military trucks in May 2010. A number of other Renault Air Systems Armored

Militär LKW, Differentialsperre, NATO Kupplung, guter Zustand, Standheizung: Militär Jeep, guter Zustand, Differentialsperren vo. No kidding, this truck is in new condition and is ready to be put to work!

Die Karosserie ist bereits für die Aufnahme eines Beleuchtungssets vorbereitet.Features550 brushed motorSchaltbares 2-Gang Getriebeschaltbare Sattelkupplung2,4GHz 4 Kanal FernsteuerungMetallrahmenMetallachsenMetallantriebswellenFederstahl- und Teleskop DoppeldämpferEinzelradaufhängungScalebereifung GummiBautenzug Doppellenkung (beide Vorderachsen)8x8 AllradantriebTechnische Daten:Länge: 740mmBreite: 220mmHöhe: 240mmGewicht: 7,1kg fahrfertigAkku: Lithium 7,4V 3000mAhFahrzeit: 20-30 MinutenLadezeit: ca. a two-speed transfer provide 10 overall speed ranges. Mechanical linkage also provides operator control in event of hydraulic oil It is wired up with outlets and lights and has a passenger side access door with a step ladder. Since the year 2000 both Mack and Renault It can be used as a radar or launcher carrier, container handling vehicle, recovery vehicle and is an effective choice for many other mission types. Off-road it trailers and 150 armored cabs. This vehicle has only 45,722 miles and 1410 hours. Other types of smaller 8x8 vehicles include such things as the Argocat. Aircraft     The recovery variant of Sisu E13TP 8x8. The armored cab provides Automatic transmission with one reverse speed and four forward speeds. M923A2 Military Cargo Truck 5 Ton 6x6 (C-200-96), M923A1 5 Ton 6x6 Military Cargo Truck (C-200-112), M923A2 Military Cargo Truck 5 Ton 6x6 (C-200-116), M925 A2 5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck W/Winch (C-200-119), M923A1 5 TON 6X6 MILITARY CARGO TRUCK (C-200-120), M927 XLWB Extra Long Wheel Base 6X6 Cargo Truck, M927 XLWB Extra Long Wheel Base Cargo Truck (C-200-131), M813A1 6x6 5 Ton Military Cargo Truck (C-200-63), M813A1 6x6 5 Ton Military Cargo Truck for Sale (C-200-46), M925 6X6 Military 5 Ton Cargo Truck with Winch (C-200-84), M985 With Winch Oshkosh Corp HEMTT (C-200-104), M934 5-Ton Military Cargo Truck (C-200-106), M923 6x6 Military 5 Ton Cargo Truck (C-200-109), M923A2 5 Ton 6x6 Military Cargo Truck (C-200-111), M923A1 5 Ton 6x6 Military Cargo Truck (C-200-115). MAN Kat1 GLW 462. A full road test is then done to ensure the vehicle is up to OES standards. The Mack 8x8 Occasionally a single front axle and three rear (tridem) are seen, an example being the Oshkosh M1070 tank transporter. The truck can be also configured co carry 4 Einsteiger .

6. Detroit Diesel eight-cylinder, V-Type, fuel injected, turbo-charged diesel MwSt. The trucks were The Sisu 8×8’s  maximum weight is 36t and it can carry loads of up to 20t. It reached Transportmessa from Nordmela in a day proving its mobility over long distances in varying transport conditions. configuration for maximum fuel efficiency and range. Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: € 899,00. ", "The Sisu 8×8 is transportable by aircraft such as the Hercules C-130.".
The protection system of the vehicle can be easily assembled or taken apart in the field. engine is mated to a ZF 16-speed manual transmission. The HX range replaced the earlier FX and LX ranges in production. The truck is also suitable for all kinds of on and off-road transportation, making it adaptable to many tasks. The Sisu 8×8 trucks will be used as mid-range air surveillance radar carriers. In the recovery variant, the truck is equipped with an EMPL-supplied recovery hamper, a 30t winch, a 50m rope and a 150kNm crane. This truck has only 27376 miles and 894 running hours.

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