“And don’t forget this has been going on since before she even was born. She said: “It makes me look at the entire justice system differently. Sections, Alexandra Ford with her husband Mark Butler, also known as Mark McCrory. “I genuinely mean that about the shock. Now the Employment Tibunal case brought by a government department has added to Alexandra’s torment. The case hit the headlines again this month because of a tribunal where Stormont’s Employment Department are threatening to shut down McCrory’s AM:PM The Actors’ Agency and bar him as an agent. Her mum Maxine was battling breast cancer at the time, which added to her ordeal. “I think it takes great courage and tenacity and he has displayed that and at all times has put me and my child first and I really admire him for that. And brave Alexandra, who is three-months pregnant with her second child, has opened her heart to Sunday Life to reveal it has been a living nightmare. But we don’t know about her descent. An industrial tribunal has issued a 10-year banning order preventing Mark Butler the husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford from acting as a talent agency boss. Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford and husband Mark McCrory 28/1/05 BBC1 8.30 Give My Head Peace. He was allowed to continue in his role until 2015 under conditions set down by the department, but yesterday's ruling forbids Mr Butler from any role in running an agency. Ipso, An INM Website Sections, Give my head peace star Alexandra Ford leave the laganside court with her husband Mark McCorory who was foumd guilty. But Alexandra said her case is different. Alexandra Ford (centre, back row) with fellow members of the Hole in the Wall Gang comedy troupe. Mr Butler headed Universal Artists Belfast, a talent agency which has provided cast members for numerous film and television productions. I’m thrilled that we’re going to have the joy of another baby in our lives and we owe it to our child to give her the best. Award-winning comedy, starring Olivia Nash, Marty Reid., Tim McGarry, Michael McDonell… Menu He has provided talent in the past for some Northern Ireland-shot films including City Of Ember, Fifty Dead Men Walking and Cherrybomb. She added: “Ultimately you do have to take a step back and look at your life and say ‘we’ve got an awful lot to be thankful for’. “Life’s what it is, you get dealt the cards that you get dealt with and to be honest you just deal with them at the time as you can. It comes after a long government investigation dating back to 2005 into complaints of inappropriate conduct and behaviour made against Mark Butler, also known as Mark McCrory, of Universal Artists Belfast by several actresses. The new order against Butler means that he is entirely banned from being involved in the running of any employment agency in Northern Ireland for 10 years. Following the ruling, a spokesman for the Department of the Economy said the ban comes as the film and television industry grows in Northern Ireland, increasing the potential for vulnerable people face inappropriate behaviour. And it’s awful, it’s a shock. “I just hope that the Department of Employment will see fit to allow him to continue.”. “Yes it is awful, there’s no way it could not have been awful to endure all that. “My mother had breast cancer during the time that the trial was going on, so it really was an annus horribilis. I believe him. Ask the Expert: How should I talk to my children about race and racism? The husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford has been banned from any role as the head of a talent agency following a lengthy investigation into claims of inappropriate behaviour. Magistrate Amanda Henderson said it was "clearly a breach of trust". “And it was difficult for all our family and friends and other people who care about us, not just for Mark and I. “And yes there was a part where you feel that it would be nice to draw a line under it and just get on with your life. Mark Butler, also known as Mark McCrory, of Universal Artists Belfast, faced an industrial tribunal following allegations by a number of actresses. [File photo].An industrial tribunal has issued a 10-year banning order preventing Mark Butler the husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford from acting as a talent agency boss.His wife Alexandra Ford has also been banned for 10 years from carrying on an agency with her husband. The scandal-hit husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford has been banned from working as a talent agency boss for a decade. “There is nothing quite like a toddler or a baby demanding the reality of them, or the dog’s wagging tail demanding a walk. “I have never felt anything other than cherished by him.”. The department previously obtained a prohibition order against Butler in 2009 when it became aware he had a previous conviction for indecently assaulting a young actress in 2005. Butler had managed some of Northern Ireland's best-known stage, movie and television stars, including his wife. “Life goes on and children and animals are great levellers and a great solace and they force you to just get on with it and to appreciate life. Magistrate Amanda Henderson said it was “clearly a breach of trust”. “In this case, the Employment Agency Inspectorate acted immediately to investigate a series of complaints from actresses who sought to be or had been signed to Universal Artists. Henry Ford III and Ford English are likely years away, if ever, from assuming the uppermost leadership roles. I don’t feel in any way ashamed or a victim. Alexandra Ford is an actress from the United Kingdom. The magistrate said she did not believe McCrory who denied the woman’s allegation. The ruling comes following an investigation by the Department for the Economy's Employment Agency Inspectorate into claims of inappropriate conduct by Mr Butler towards actresses dating back to 2005. “The Prohibition Order against Mr Butler and Ms Ford should give a clear message to work-seekers in the entertainment industry that there is no need to tolerate unprofessional or inappropriate conduct on the part of an agent,” he said. Ipso, An INM Website McCrory was given a four-month jail term that was suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders' register until 2014. Why is this happening? In her first interview about the controversy, Alexandra, 35, said she believes he is innocent despite the magistrate’s verdict and says she in no way feels ashamed or a victim. The allegation was made two months after we were married. The husband of Give My Head Peace star Alexandra Ford has been banned from any role as the head of a … “I feel proud of him. Alexandra Ford body measurments, height, weight and age details. She explained: “My husband is innocent. At Belfast Magistrates’ Court in July 2007, 40-year-old McCrory was convicted of assaulting a young actress at an audition during an improvisation scene between the two. “This stand by your man term — I’m not standing by my man, I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with him. The actress, who lives in east Belfast with McCrory and their three-year-old daughter, said: “We were shocked by it, genuinely shocked by it, as to why or where this could have come from. "It is also an industry where you are more likely to find workers who are vulnerable to potential exploitation because they are so keen to find work in the sector. “And it wouldn’t be my idea of the kind of person who should be signing the sex offenders’ register. “I would like us to be able to move forward and get on with our lives without it being dogged by this and I want that more for my child and my unborn child than for Mark and I. That’s really what I would like.”, The Belfast Telegraph is a member of IPSO and subscribes to its Editors' Code of Practice Neither he nor Ms Ford contested the prohibition order. During the meeting in May 2005, the victim said McCrory grabbed her hips with both hands and kissed her. He also managed his wife, who rose to local fame on Give My Head Peace, and who also toured with fellow cast members earlier this year for a stage version of the sitcom about family relations across the North's sectarian divide. The decision by the industrial tribunal on that occasion was that Butler should be allowed to continue trading, under conditions, between 2010 and the year 2015. And for the record I have never, ever, ever once asked my husband if he was guilty. The 43-year-old is permitted to continue work as a talent agent as long as her husband plays no part in the business, has no access to anyone that works for it or wants to work for it and does not go in its premises. “I am a partner in a happy and loving marriage. McCrory was given a four-month jail term that was suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders’ register until 2014. Ford, best-known as Dympna in Give My Head Peace, has also been banned for 10 years from carrying on an agency with her husband - who represented some of Northern Ireland's most recognisable actresses, including The Fall star Bronagh Waugh. Say no to the naughty step: Eight different ways to discipline young children, Causeway Collection from Bushmills labelled 'rare moment in time', High Flyers: The fire-breathing Yorkshire magician who calls Northern Ireland his home, Cult Movie: The Mothra of all Japanese monster movies, The Burnt Orange Heresy a game of cat and mouse which some might equate to watching paint dry. It has been an awful thing to have to go through. “And then of course things proceeded as they did and there were times where we just clutched each other like two survivors on a shipwreck. Alexandra, a devout Christian and a newly appointed ambassador for the Salvation Army in Belfast, is looking to finally put her ordeal behind her and concentrate on her family and her career, starting with her role in controversial new play Transparency.

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