So powerful is Doomsday that he easily defeats Darkseid, who's easily one of the most powerful beings in all of DC Comics. [2] How he obtained it is still unrevealed, although evidence suggests that he built it himself while he was imprisoned and it merely resembles the Anti-Monitor's armour, although whether by intention or coincidence is unconfirmed. Ultimately, the tower was destroyed when Kon-El, the modern Superboy, and Superboy-Prime crashed into it while fighting each other, Kon-El dying in the arms of Wonder Girl as Superboy-Prime fled.[3].

Oa started out as a peaceful planet with citizens of vast mental abilities and ambition. He proceeded to kill Ke'Haan before the other Lanterns forced him back, taking the Ion entity from the planet and the antimatter universe.

One of these villains, the second Psycho Pirate, switched sides and joined the Anti-Monitor in hope of a universe to manipulate the emotions of. Consequently, he kills Nimball in a very sinister way by using a murderous bird pecker that took his life as soon as he sat up out of bed in the morning.

Unknown to everyone, the Entity of the White Battery allowed itself to be captured so it could obtain unspecified information from the Anti-Monitor.[15]. Having this vital information, they then leave Qward.[6]. He also returned to oversee the near completion of his ultimate weapon, the anti-matter cannon, which will destroy the remaining five universes once and for all. To please Psycho Pirate, the Anti-Monitor enhanced his powers and allowed him to manipulate all of Earth-S, Earth-Four, and Earth-X. Once they reached the Anti-Monitor, they attacked him with all of their power, but to no avail. In his last suicidal attempt to bring Superboy-Prime, Superman-Two, and Alex with him, the Anti-Monitor launched himself as an energy sphere from the star, but met his final and ultimate demise as Superman-2 shattered him into molecules of incoherent energy. ", This character is or was primarily an enemy of the Justice League, in any of its various incarnations. [13] This event led the Anti-Monitor to be curious about the Entity and preventing Deathstorm, the Black Lantern version of Firestorm, in his attempt to destroy the White Lantern Battery and instead commanded him to bring the lantern and as well an army to him. Other notable victims include the first Supergirl, Earth-One's Wonder Woman, and Earth-Three's Crime Syndicate of America. After causing much havoc and many betrayals, Psycho Pirate was thwarted by Harbinger and he lost much of his power. Eventually after fighting a mini-war with the villains of Earth, its heroes and villains, along with a Superboy from a destroyed Earth-Prime, barely reached the dawn of time through a series of manipulations of powers, one of which was the Spectre powering their journey. In preparation for the fight, readers learn that Anti-Monitor (in his native Qward) murdered 5,000,310,045 people and absorbed their residual energy. All this time, the Flash has been waiting and concentrating on the proper moment to attack, which was then. You can find her on Instagram at @adaoraaaa and @adaoraeats or on twitter at @Alouette_Jolly and @AdaoraEats. A timer starts and then when a second timer starts, things don't go so well for Batman. Those of the Thunderers that proved to be his most trusted and powerful were then altered into living Shadows. Superboy-Prime (followed soon by Bart Allen) then returned from the Speed Force wearing what appeared to be select elements of the Anti-Monitor's armor, using it as a yellow sunlight collector. Shortly after, the Sinestro Corps launched their attack on Earth. In an attempt to destroy the towers, the Anti-Monitor sent his shadow legions to destroy them, but that plan was thwarted by both Earths' heroes and villains. Superman-Prime took this opportunity to have his revenge on the Anti-Monitor for destroying his universe by flying through the Anti-Monitor's chest and hurls his shattered body into space. He entered into a million-year conflict with Mar Novu which ended when both were knocked into comas. First Appearance Nekron retrots by declaring Anti-Monitor useless before banishing him back to Qward, his home planet.

While watching over Bizzaro, the Outsiders get word of Grundy destroying the fair, and they spring into action. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Flash Villains. Crisis on Infinite Earths #2(May, 1985). The Anti-Monitor alongside the prominent members of the Sinestro Corps, including (clockwise from top left): Hank Henshaw, Superboy-Prime, the Anti-Monitor, Parallax (inhabiting Kyle Rayner), and Sinestro. This article suffers from a lack of quality writing. Copy Edit Needed He succeeded but was destroyed by it due to the actions of Grail, and after returning again to the Sixth Dimension, his current whereabouts are unknown. John Stewart and Guy Gardner brought down New Warworld and its Yellow Power Battery was detonated next to a trapped Anti-Monitor. These people are called the Thunderers.

Both Lanterns were dragged into the planet, killing them. "[4] His body was rebuilt by the Manhunters, and in addition, he recruited Superman-Prime, the Cyborg Superman, and Parallax, who was using Kyle Rayner as its host, along with Sinestro as his 'heralds'. A graduate of York University's English Literature program, she loves novels, comics, television shows and films (especially Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars).

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