He also suggested that the Ara Pacis is arranged in family groups. The personification of peace is depicted as the Roman goddess Pax.

[1][14] Again this panel is a modern drawing without much evidence. John Pollini, The Portraiture of Gaius and Lucius Caesar, (1987), 24–26. Unfortunately, the information boards in this museum are rather sketchy. [17] Paul Rehak later published an article with this proposal, confirmed in a chapter of his posthumous book.

The South Wall has seen a great deal of scholarship and the greatest number of academic debates. Next to the site is also the "Mausoleum of Augustus", a burial mound consisting of four layers. [26] The Gaius identification is best supported by his size, however an additional boy in Roman dress who has a bulla (but has lost his head!) August had been there for a long time on a peacekeeping mission. The Ara Pacis Augustae (Latin, "Altar of Augustan Peace"; commonly shortened to Ara Pacis) is an altar in Rome dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of Peace. %PDF-1.5 The panels surrounding the Altar (or Ara) are decorated with elaborated bas-reliefs, featuring a mix of mythological and historical narrative about Augustus and his administration.

Le texte reproduit ici évoque la gloire d’Auguste, son mérite et ses conquêtes. ). It spread belief in the Pax Augusta, in other words, the Augustan Peace, and also belief that the wars were worth it. J.-C.)..........91 4.1. As Charles Brian Rose has noted, "The variable value of the Eastern costume and the uneasy interaction of Trojan and Parthian iconography can make it difficult to determine whether one is viewing the founders of the Romans or their fiercest opponents."[24]. One member of this college is missing in a gap. With the video guide you get a better picture of the images on the Altar of Peace. [28] Aside from a very small minority of scholars (most vehemently defensive of Lepidus in Rom. This led to a great number of complaints from locals, starting a long series of arguments and criticisms of the Ara Pacis project. Most of them went dispersed during the years to several museums, such as Villa Medici, the Vatican Museums and the Uffizi in Florence.

Due to the widespread depiction around the sculpture of scenes of peace, and because the Altar is named for "peace", the favoured conclusion is that the goddess is Pax.[13]. Inez Scott Ryberg "The Procession of the Ara Pacis", Toynbee (1953), 85; J. Benario (1960), 348; Polacco (1960–61), 620–21. [43] Syme had also argued that Gnaeus was born after the monument's completion, but accepted the identification of the Ahenobarbus family, preferring to identify the boy as an otherwise unknown elder brother and the girl figure as an otherwise unknown elder sister of Gnaeus—both of whom died young. 2006, chapter 7. In this Your email address will not be published. The personification of peace is depicted as the Roman goddess Pax. Les peuples Italiques .................................... 94 4.2.1. Indeed, Livia does appear somewhere (her exclusion is unlikely), but by 13 BC Julia had politically eclipsed Livia, as has been understood and explained by many scholars.
Charles Brian Rose wrote "The variable value of the Eastern costume and the uneasy interaction of Trojan and Parthian iconography can make it difficult to determine whether one is viewing the founders of the Romans or their fiercest opponents", in "The Parthians in Augustan Rome,", pile of weapons confiscated from the enemy, "Scheda 6 FORMAZIONE DELLA CITTA' INDUSTRIALE XIX secolo", "I just don't get modern art, says Italy's culture minister", Riferimenti diretti all'Ara Pacis Augustae nelle fonti letterarie e iconografiche antiche.

The sacrificial procession depicts animals being led to sacrifice by figures carved in a Republican style similar to the so-called "Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus", in sharp contrast with the style on the exterior of the precinct walls. Mario Torelli (1982, 60 n. 72), called her suggestion "perfect nonsense". [11] Peter Holliday[12] suggested that the Altar's imagery of the Golden Age, usually discussed as mere poetic allusion, appealed to a significant component of the Roman populace. The historic Fascist style building around the Altar, locally known as "teca del Morpurgo", was pulled down in 2006, and replaced by a glass and steel structure in modern style, designed by architect Richard Meier. Although the name suggests this college has exactly fifteen members, the size of the college has grown to 23, including Augustus and Agrippa, who appear on the South Frieze. This helps prove that the ceremony is an event in 13, although a few scholars continued to argue the ceremony was that of 9 BC (until definitive proof in favor of 13 came out in 1939). ... 86 4. Its iconography has several levels of significance, and can be seen as a way to spread Augustus political propaganda. In 2006, architect Richard Meier designed the modern and striking museum building, making it one of the few modern buildings in the center of Rome. Don not let the clear white structure fool you! [39], In relation to the Domitii Ahenobarbi, von Domaszewski also proposed in the same 1903 article that the last family on the South Wall is that of the father of the emperor Nero (born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus). diss. Introduction historique................................................................................................. 91 4.2. Various figures in togas are shown with their heads covered (capite velato), signifying their role as both priests and sacrificiants. Julia also better personified Augustus' new pro-natalism program, having already given birth to four surviving children (and was pregnant with a fifth). It was not until 1938 that all parts of the peace altar had been excavated and gathered together so that they could be displayed at the current location. The Ara Pacis (Latin, "Altar of Peace") is an altar in Rome dedicated to peace. The city plans to build a wide pedestrian area along the river and run the road underneath it. Syme also proved somewhat unintentionally, based on the inscription ILS 6095 that Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus was governor of Africa in 13 BC and could not be in Rome for the Ara Pacis ceremony. The panel on the east side shows Augustus with the Imperial family organized following a hierarchical order. The first two foreground figures are lictors, carrying fasces (bundles of rods symbolizing Roman authority). HDA : L'Ara Pacis, un outil de propagande Augustéen Introduction : L'autel de la paix d'Auguste était un temple de 12 mètres sur 11, qui s'élevait à 6 mètres de hauteur.

[3] Several dozens of the buildings surrounding the Mausoleum were levelled to free up space around the monument. The first fragments of the Ara Pacis were brought to light in 1568. The youth wearing Hellenistic Greek clothing suited to a Hellenistic prince has been identified as Gaius in the guise of a camillus,[25] an adolescent attendant of the Flamen Dialis. L'Ara Pacis Augustae (Altare della pace di Augusto) è un altare fatto costruire da Augusto nel 9 a.C. alla Pace nell'accezione di divinità. Unlike the North Wall, where most of the heads are new (not authentic ancient heads, but modern creations), the heads of the figures on the South Wall are mostly original. Moretti canonized that Gaius was dressed in a "Trojan" costume for the equestrian boys event called the Troy Game, which was held in 13 or possibly 11 BC for the dedication of the Theater of Marcellus. The figure of Augustus was not discovered until the 1903 excavation, and his head was damaged by the cornerstone of the Renaissance palazzo built on top of the original Ara Pacis site. Ryberg's 1949 article gave further weight to that conclusion. endobj propaganda to plant ideas that he wished the Romans to believe and (2) that his consistency in his propaganda even down to trivia makes it absolutely imperative that Venus be on the Ara Pads. Mitt in the 1930s was Ludwig Curtius), the rest of the academy concluded that this figure is Agrippa. At the time, it was also a means of propaganda to further enhance the image of Emperor Augustus.

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