Next Day Pets® employs stringent verification checkpoints to ensure our puppy listings are safe and secure. The American Kennel Club (the major dog registry in the US) is starting to take some of the particular rare breeds into their shows, but it’s slow and we don’t know when the Azawakh will be recognized to compete in shows. He later bartered his services as a hunter, by killing a bull elephant who had been terrorizing the tribe, in exchange for a female Azawakh. Looking for a dog with a superior lineage? They should be slim. Ch. The hound should have the requisite white markings to include: a white bib, and white brush at the tail tip. The Azawakh is a very active dog, however, they run and play in spurts interspersed with long naps on the sofa. I started with the clear idea of my dogs having a strong African influence. Before he was 30, Schweitzer was an accomplished musician, a respected writer of theology and an authority on the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It should not associate friendly strangers with anything negative.

Next Day Pets® provides the only safe and secure means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Azawakh puppy from the comfort of your home. Let your love for your dog I shine through! The Azawakh is also recognized by the National Open Field Coursing Association (NOFCA) as a rare breed. While there are many pet therapy programs in existence with varying objectives, the most heavily emphasized area of usage is with the elderly. Weight ranges from 33-55 pounds. Come equipped with lots of questions. He is used to sleeping on a bed, preferably under the covers, or on a soft couch, chair or padded dog bed. It is a lesson in sharing that lasts long past the visit and proves that it is “in giving that we truly receive”. The breeder will want to make your transition into the world of Azawakhs as easy as possible by, perhaps letting you know of other Azawakh owners in your area, or by giving you a subscription to the Azawakh club newsletter or by encouraging you to join and participate in events in your area that allow Azawakhs. Kel Simoons Diallo & Deva. Click here to find the national breed club for Azawakh puppies for sale.

He is a beautiful and well... USA The hips must always be at the same level or higher than the level of the withers. There are also several books that have small sections about Azawakhs, or deal with the nomads who breed them in the countries of origin.

The AAA was founded on February 7, 1988 with the goals of promoting the pure Azawakh and to guarantee the breed a permanent future in the US. The Azawakh is a protective guard dog, watching over both flocks of animals and human encampments to prevent invasion. Children playing together, sometimes squabble. He was born with a little left paw that causes him to be unable to walk normally. The height of chest is 40% the height at withers. Kel Simoon Celie, a Specialty Best in Show winner from the biggest ever Rare breed show (over 500 entries) in the US under Judge Brody from Hungary, is also a Field Champion. Although the AAA doesn’t recognize the FCI Standard for the breed because of its color limitations, the dogs can be shown in any FCI recognized country under FCI rules which allow only sand to dark red and brindle, with all other colors disqualified. Like all Sighthounds Azawakhs are highly efficient and driven hunters. Azawakh FAQ'S. A natural guard dog, the Azawakh will want to protect you. In medical treatment of the hound, natural, holistic methods work very well. We have a litter of 5 of the most lovable little Bernese Puppies!

History In the Azawakh Valley, encompassing the border regions of Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, the Azawakh was born in the arid climate of the Sahara desert.

Kel Simoon Cinnamon; SBIS ARBA Grand Ch. Litters generally range from 5-9 pups, though smaller and larger litters have occurred. Click Here to purchase a list of approved Azawakh Breeders who have Azawakh puppies for sale. This unexpected “assistance” can be frightening for everyone. Keeping them slim as they are growing permits the joints and other body parts to grow properly, without additional stress and wear and tear. In general, the entries at rare breed shows are 75% Working (Molosser) dogs, 25% all other groups.

You might ask, is my dog suitable for these visits or am I suited to this kind of volunteer work?

The coat is short and fine. With any Azawakh, puppy or adult, a firm fair hand is called for. When I became involved in the breed, two underlines (or chest shapes) were considered correct; round and angular. Character & temperament I think that in future, you will begin to see a tempering of the attitudes of Azawakh breeders with relation to their dog’s temperaments. Within a household pack, they will almost always aspire to the alpha dog position. The current median price for all Azawakhes sold is $0.00. At the ’96 International Invitational in South Carolina, the Azawakh was named the official breed to run as test dog for the first time in ASFA history.

Coat colors are fawn in all shades from sable to dark with flecking limited to the extremities. Albert Schweitzer I was very successful with the Pharaohs and bred three litters over an 8-10 year period, but the barking made me crazy and I placed all of them, except for my first female who lived to be 13 years old. The American Azawakh Association, Inc. (AAA) is the parent club for the Azawakh in the U.S. There are individual dogs of all breeds that do not like children. They constantly solicit physical affection. Retrieved August 17, 2013. USA

Keeping them slim as they are growing permits the joints and other body parts to grow properly, without additional stress, wear and tear. He felt that western ethics had been largely limited to the relationships between men and that it was important to have ethics which also included the animals. These other colors include, white, black, gray, blue, dilute brindles, grizzle, parti-color and all shades of brown to include chocolate. The Azawakhs are called, “idii ‘n illeli,” which means “sighthound of the free people.” Other sighthound-type dogs, called Afazo or Abaikor, are common to the region, but the differentiation is important. Wind, Sand and Silence: Travels with Africa’s Last Nomads. The Azawakh is an African sighthound of Afro-Asiatic type. Finally, when she was nine years old, my roommate Rhonda traveled with her by train to my sister, who, at the time, operated a veterinary hospital in Wisconsin. The two most important things with which I would like to stamp my breed program are Azawakhs that are temperamentally sound and healthy, yet also maintain the essential essence of the breed. Weight maintenance of Azawakhs is an important area to consider. The French military and civil servants also played a significant role in exporting the Azawakhs to Europe. Isn't your dog too skinny?

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