var currentLocation = window.location; He told his family he was living at the Casa Del Rey Apartments in Ingleside, Texas.

December - Police reveal Denise Beaudin is considered missing, 35 years after she disappeared. In November 2015, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a third set of reconstructions of the four victims at a news conference at the New Hampshire State Attorney General's office.

She is Rasmussen's biological daughter, but her identity is not known. April - Rasmussen is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, for aggravated assault. Police also fear he killed the biological mother of the child found in one of the barrels. Despite hundreds of leads, the bodies were not identified. At some point during the year, Rasmussen contacted a friend in Arizona, asking for money. This the only time Rasmussen has contact with Honeychurch's relatives. Sunapee Ski expansion part of 5-year plan, Concord students up to 6th grade can no longer switch between hybrid and remote models, Upper Valley schools take on contact tracing themselves, COVID-19 Update for Sunday: NH cases reach new high; Maine tightens restrictions, COVID tracker: Increasing cases in the hospital is a real cause for concern, For Hanover man, memories of crash won’t fade. var objLink = new myC_Remote.BuyLink(); Beyond California and New Hampshire, he stole a car in Idaho. She was the second-oldest of five children. Honeychurch may have adopted the alias name "Elizabeth Evans" to use in legal documents during May 1980. [21], The youngest girl, later identified as McWaters, was estimated to be 1 to 3 years old,[9][19] had long blond or light brown hair, was between 2 ft 1 in (0.64 m) and 2 ft 6 in (0.76 m) tall, and also had a gap between her front teeth.[22][23].

Her DNA confirmed that one of the Bear Brook girls was also Evans/Rasmussen's daughter. I hope you'll find our website interesting and don't forget to comment and share. October - Rasmussen is arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire, as "Robert T. Evans" for diverting electric current. It is believed that his wife and children left him shortly after the arrest. 23 - Terry Peder Rasmussen is born in CO1954Jan. Investigators hoped the video of Rasmussen would be helpful in generating tips in the case. [35] He married in 1969, had four children, and lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and Redwood City, California. He also works in a shoe shop. objLink.Credit = "'Courtesy'";

objLink.LinkClass = "mycapturelink"; At least ten possible identities were ruled out. After 30 years of torpor, investigators finally inch the Bear Brook case forward.

He was driving a vehicle stolen from Preston, Idaho. All of the victims were either partially or completely skeletonized when they were found and are believed to have died between 1977 and 1985. His son is born.Honeychurch, meanwhile, is a sophomore at Artesia High School in Lakewood, California.

She develops a relationship with a boyfriend. Also in November, a professional researcher with a hobby for missing person cases came upon an message board and found a post originally made in 2000 that mentioned Marlyse McWaters and her daughter Sarah were missing. It is believed that his wife and children left him shortly after the arrest.1975 or 1976December - Rasmussen visits his family unexpectedly in Payson, Arizona. June - Honeychurch and her family move to Stamford, Connecticut, to live with her father. A cold case from the '80s gets a big break thanks to DNA evidence. Lisa Jenson was actually Dawn Beaudin, the little girl last seen on the East Coast in 1981. objLink.Render(); The youngest victim, who was also related, was 2 – 3 years old and had a large gap in the front of her teeth. June - Rasmussen's girlfriend, Eunsoon Jun, disappears from Richmond, California. [12][16] The cause of death for these children was also blunt force trauma. }. She is using her mother's last name (Salamon) and is believed to be living with her mother in La Mirada, California. objLink.LinkClass = "mycapturelink";

Aug. 18 - Authorities reveal the killer's true identity is Terry Peder Rasmussen. objLink.Credit = "'Courtesy '"; 1971-1972Honeychurch lives in multiple locations in California.1972Rasmussen's daughter is born. The older child was later determined to be Rasmussen's biological daughter, who remains unidentified. Explore TIMELINES of the Bear Brook investigation: Timeline for Episode 1: The discoveries and investigations of the Bear Brook barrels These versions incorporated their dental information, showing how their teeth could have affected the appearance of their faces. You have entered an incorrect email address! objLink.IsAboveImage = false; She married Sarah's father in September 1974, and the two were separated by the time she was known to be dating Rasmussen.

DNA profiling showed that the woman and at least two of the three children were related maternally. June - Rasmussen was convicted of Jun’s murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. They have so far been unable to identify who the mother of the child is and whether or not she may still be alive. Her identity and whereabouts are not known.April 26 - Local and state police, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the FBI search in the woods near Bear Brook State Park in the area where the two barrels containing bodies were found in 1985 and 2000.June 20 - Authorities release new video of a police interview with Rasmussen conducted in 2002 about the disappearance of Eunsoon Jun.

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