Caddy is cited as the only web server to rotate TLS session ticket keys by default.

Customize how Caddy runs with its simple, cross-platform command line interface; especially great for quick, one-off server instances. Make sure to reload Caddy (or stop and start it again) when you change the Caddyfile.

the domain will only resolve to an IP address on my network) - I cannot use HTTP or TLS since these require the domain to resolve to a public IP address to a web server hosting a challenge file requested by LE. How I run Caddy: system service installed from apt repository a. If you get the above then remove the symlink so that we can create a file there. To avoid this issue, you should use defer: In v2, Caddy automatically listens on HTTP (port 80) and redirects to HTTPS, whereas in v1, you need add a separate redir 301. Talking about logging. Log errors and requests to a file, stdout/stderr, or a local or remote system log.

During lockdown, I’ve spent a bit of time improving our home network. If you used http://localhost/* it would work as you expect, but also if you remove the / entirely and just use http://localhost. Caddy is the only web server that uses HTTPS by default. Any ACME-compatible CA can be used. It would work fine for any request to the root, i.e.
This explains a lot. LE supports several challenge methods in order to prove you own the domain.

Create a new text file called Start Caddy in the Caddy folder, and open it up.
You can customize which ciphers are allowed.

The tool to do this is called xcaddy. Take back control over your compute edge. It's time for a faster web. Caddy 2, the reverse proxy/webserver with automatic HTTPS, is officially out now! I'd like a better solution for that or at least rate limiting, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

header directive still keeps similar syntax, but operates a bit different. A reverse proxy is a service that simply forwards client requests onto the server on the clients behalf. Client authentication is only used in private web server to restrict access to authorised clients only.

Caddy can act as a reverse proxy for HTTP requests. Caddy uses middleware style request handler chaining. Make sure to reload Caddy (or stop and start it again) when you change the Caddyfile. These two commits fixed it and v2.1 will be better in that regard. In this file you simply want to paste the following: Caddy uses HTTP/2 right out of the box. HTTP/1.1 is still used when clients don't support HTTP/2. I was working on this last night, and came across your post today. A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self-hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don't control. Caddy is proudly written in Go, and its TLS stack is powered by the robust crypto/tls package in the Go standard library, trusted by the world's largest content distributors. If you’ve stumbled across this looking for the end config file for Caddy, then you can skip there. Command: caddy_2.0.0_windows_amd64\caddy.exe reverse-proxy --from :80 --to and caddy_2.0.0_windows_amd64\caddy.exe run. At a basic level we can update the /etc/hosts file of the machine we’re running on to add a record telling our machine how to resolve the domain. Caddy version (caddy version): v2.1.1 h1:X9k1+ehZPYYrSqBvf/ocUgdLSRIuiNiMo7CvyGUQKeA= 2. Config changes take effect without downtime or closing sockets—even on Windows. Because Caddy is written in Go, its binaries are entirely self-contained and run on every platform, including containers without libc. I’m trying to set up a simple reverse proxy, using a Caddyfile, but the browser receives a blank 200 response. Caddy 2 was boldly engineered to simplify your infrastructure and give you control over the edge of your compute platform.

CADDY-DOCKER-PROXY CADDY V2! Serve multiple sites from the same IP address with the Caddyfile.

visitor privacy. In the current working directory, create a file called Caddyfile with these contents: You can then make a request to https://localhost to see it working! Caddy simplifies your infrastructure. d. My complete Caddyfile or JSON config: The command line generates this autosave.json: Caddy is the first and only web server to enable HTTPS automatically and by default. Serve your PHP site behind Caddy securely with just one simple line of configuration. What about mentioning it in the logs too? Nothing below it! Caddy is designed to be used with any ACME-compatible certificate authority, which you can customize with a single command line flag. logging upstream headers are more useful than logging downstream headers. Its novel certificate management features are the most mature and reliable in its class. This plugin enables caddy to be used as a reverse proxy for Docker. Manually mirroring a GitLab repository to GitHub. What happens between the reverse proxy and the backend server is a lot more hidden. I'm in the tech world for many years, and I've seen the birth of many social platforms, the good, the bad, and the ugly. In v2, when used alongside with reverse_proxy, Caddy modifies the header before receiving header response from the backend.

You can use config files with Caddy's CLI, which converts them to API requests for you under the hood. An OCSP response will not be stapled unless it checks out for validity first, to make sure it's something clients will accept. Path matchers are exact match in Caddy v2. List files and folders with Caddy's attractive, practical design or according to your own custom template. We can use Caddy in a reverse proxy mode, allowing us to access services at endpoints such as https://pihole.domain.local in our browsers and forward them to the corresponding IP address hosting the service. Literally just needs some metal and a kernel. If you’ve stumbled across this looking for the end config file for Caddy, then you can skip there. Any help here to sort of divide and conquer the debugging problem will be a huge benefit for locating what area to research. Caddy can share managed certificates stored on disk with other instances and synchronize renewals in fleet deployments. Caddy 2 is a highly extensible, self-hosted platform on which you can build, configure, and deploy long-running services ("apps").. Caddy ships with apps for an HTTPS server (static files, reverse proxing, load balancing, etc. A hardened TLS stack with modern protocols preserves privacy and exposes MITM attacks.

v2.1 supports configuring Automatic HTTPS in Caddyfile using auto https global option: Client authentication adds another step to TLS connection process whereby a client needs to present a certificate (that has been signed by a CA certificate) to the server (which has the CA certificate) when it attempts to establish a TLS connection. caddy run. Since my network is only visible internally for the moment (i.e. Together, we consult and train, as well as develop, install, and maintain Caddy and its plugins to ensure your infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. subdomain with HTTP 301 Permanent redirect: header directive still keeps similar syntax, but operates a bit different. Viewed 36 times 0. i have an application that use PAHO. 2. To build using xcaddy, you need to make sure you have Go installed on your machine. I should have tested it before commenting… meh. ), TLS certificate manager, and fully-managed internal PKI.Caddy apps collaborate to make complex infrastructure just work with fewer moving parts. I'm upgrading from caddy v1 to caddy v2. While v2.0 has reached feature parity with v1, Caddyfile has not; there are two TLS/HTTPS options that are not yet supported in Caddyfile (see #3219, #3334; planned to be released in v2.1). By default, most headers will be carried through, but you can control which headers flow upstream and downstream. Caddy is the only web server that can obtain certificates during a TLS handshake and use it right away. When needed, Caddy can obtain and renew wildcard certificates for you when you have many related subdomains to serve. Compress content on-the-fly using gzip, Zstandard, or brotli. Caddy can embed any Go application as a plugin, and has first-class support for plugins of plugins.

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