The first thing you can explain to your children is that hamsters seek regularity, so putting them in diverse settings, and especially moving the cages from place to place, could lead to their being uneasy at first, which will have an effect in the long term. Your hamster’s overall activity level will too, and you’ll be able to hear them. You might even put folded towels beneath their cages to help absorb reverberating noises. Another factor that’s massively essential to your hamster’s sleeping schedule is the room’s lighting. What should my general guidelines be for cage placement? please help, Can Syrian hamsters cages be on the floor, thank you for the information :) much appreciated, VAT Number: GB837106436 One of the first things a new hamster owner wonders about is where they should put its cage? And if you end keeping in your bedroom, it’ll make the place you call home stink too. It can cause serious health issues for the hamster itself. am I worrying for nothing? Hamsters will go into Torpor, a temporary hibernation type state when they become very cold. Better for you to fix the earlier time frame, the hours just after sundown, as their “prime time.”. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based AdsChewy Careers, Bengal Cat Breed: Facts, Temperament and Care Info, Siamese Cat Breed: Facts, Temperament and Care Info, Bernese Mountain Dog Breed: Facts, Temperament and Care Info, Great Pyrenees Dog Breed: Facts, Temperament and Care Info, Cane Corso Dog Breed: Facts, Temperament and Care Info. Sociable hamsters love being the center of attention, and this may be especially true of dwarf hamsters, if you should choose to adopt them at some time. I’m really grateful for your columns, because as a teenager I kept hamsters and could never find enough reliable information on how to care for them, certainly not in one place. But things like fireplaces, radiators or any room that’s damp/humid such could cause significant issues too. I’d imagine it’d be like having the constant sound of white noise infecting your eardrums on a 24/7 basis. There’s something that’s come up that I don’t think you’ve talked about. Hamsters can get a bit grumpy and irritated if they don’t get enough sleep, so it’s a good idea to put the cage in a part of your house that’s relatively quiet. This classification means they tend to be active in the hours of dusk and dawn (twilight). It may not be severe enough to be noticeable or a danger to fully grown humans, but due to the hamster’s outstanding olfactory sense and sensitive respiratory system, it may present a hazard. General advice on cage-positioning centres around keeping these little animals out of direct sunlight, a good distance apart from any fireplaces or radiators, away from bathrooms, and clear of areas that are draughty, damp or near air conditioning. Whether your bedroom’s the perfect place for your hamster’s cage or not; you should be able to find an acceptable location with all the information from this article. But again, make sure you keep the lights off or on during the same portions of each day; this will allow your hamster to adjust their sleep schedules around the room’s lighting. With all the factors laid out above, there’s one question that’ll naturally pop into your head: should I keep my hamster in my bedroom? Then you can clean the bottom section without worrying where your hamster is and how long it can stay in a temporary enclosure. Hamsters are routine based creatures that could benefit from having the room darkened during their sleep sessions. There are a lot of noises that come from electronics that we can’t hear, such as those from televisions and computers. Any area with drafts shouldn’t be considered as well. These areas are often full of chemicals and dust, and vary a lot in temperature throughout the day. They have the abilitiy to slip through the tiniest of openings! You didn’t mention whether there are other pets in the house, but I’ll just go over some general “rules of thumb,” and you can apply what’s relevant to your situation. Hamsters are going to chew whatever’s around them. If you need to keep your cage off of the floor, then you’ll want to find a good surface for the cage. My children are 9 and 12, and they each have their own rooms. It doesn’t matter whether or not you give them a thousand chew toys; these little fur balls will make quite a bit of noise as you try to sleep. One of the worst places for your hamster is the conservatory, as these rooms can get very hot very quickly. You may recall this from your own experience. The reason they forage at night in the wild, and spend their days underground, is that it makes them less vulnerable to predators. It’s best you look for a place where you can efficiently regulate the temperature to a comfortable range. But most of all, I’ve come to learn that hamster people are hamster people for life. If anything, the cage being in your room will keep you on your toes as an owner. Both these places are prone to temperature fluctuation that could threaten your hamster’s life; basements are also a no-go. All rights reserved (c) 2019 -2020 I've checked to see if he's got wet tail but he has no sypthams he's still eating,drinking but he comes out sometimes with one wet eye but it's gone now. And if the bars are made of wood or plastic, your hamster will eventually chew through it. Hamsters have incredibly good hearing, and can detect sounds that we can’t. For the first week now we have put our new hamster in our spare bathroom, on a stand, in the tub, with the tub doors open. Hamsters would benefit from being in a room in which, in the evening, the lights are turned off at approximately the same time every day. hi I'm worried about my little Syrian I've had him for 2 half years now, but he is always coming out of bed with wet fur. Hamsters can get a bit grumpy and irritated if they don’t get enough sleep, so it’s a good idea to put the cage in a part of your house that’s relatively quiet. But there are some things you should keep in mind before deciding on your bedroom being your hamster’s home. Finding the perfect spot is the first step in creating a nurturing environment for your little fur ball. Do check out our Complete Guide to Hamster Wheels and Spinners where you’ll find information that will help you deal with squeaky wheels. It also lessens the risk of your hamster keeping you up through whining. It will vastly reduce the amount of chewing your hamster will do at night. I mean, a cage without proper upkeep can get downright revolting. Their sleeping and activity patterns will be a little haywire, they may pouch everything in their dishes to stash somewhere secure, or do other things that signal uncertainty about their new environment. It can cause serious health issues for the hamster itself. Once you’ve gotten through this “honeymoon” period with them, they’ll turn a corner toward sociability and they won’t turn back. But I’ll need to make a case to my children for putting all three cages in one room that’s not theirs, so I’m hoping you can back me up. A quiet atmosphere within these times will help ensure your hamster doesn’t become grumpy. (And How to Help Them Live Longer! So please, offer them a chew toy such as a branch, hard treat, or a chewing toy designed for a hamster. It’s entirely up to you. So I strongly recommend putting the cages at a height where they’re directly visible to you, rather than beneath your gaze. So it is in a bathroom with the door closed, in a tub with the sliding tub door open. Thanks so much for all the great advice you’ve given us so far! If you don’t give them chew toys, your hamster will start chewing the cage’s bars. When you’re deciding where to place your hamster’s home, there are some important things to keep in mind: Your hamster will be sleeping for most of the day, and, they’ll be woken if there’s a lot of noise. These issues obviously mean you must keep these little creatures away from windows and direct sunlight. A family room likely has plush furnishings to help absorb ambient sound. Birds are the natural enemy of all rodents, and so you looming above them sends a difficult message to overcome. This is another good case for the family room. I assume the family room is a place you all gather to read, watch TV, and so on. Complete Guide to Hamster Wheels and Spinners, How To Choose The Best Cage For Your Hamster, The Complete Guide to Hamster Wheels and Spinners, Top 8 Dwarf Hamster Cages (That could make your hammy very happy!). A Water bottle. They can even be emitted from your house’s pipes, which means you should keep their cage away dishwashers and taps as well.

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