Remove and reconnect the power cord from the back of the receiver, then check the "Network" status when the receiver has restarted. Not what you're looking for? Try these related articles and discussions. External hard drives are only supported on Bell Satellite TV receiver models 9241, 9242 … There are extant threads on this topic, like this one. Learn about using the BlueCurve TV PVR including recording limits, whole-home scheduling, and other PVR features with our frequently asked questions. The BlueCurve TV PVR contains all the features and benefits that you would expect to find in a PVR including: Record up to 6 shows at once: With one BlueCurve TV PVR, you can record up to six shows at once. For more information on BlueCurve TV, visit Note: You can add additional powerline bridge plugs to connect additional satellite receivers or other devices. BlueCurve TV also provides the ability to increase your storage up to 1.5TB. Ensure the program you are watching has completed as only in progress recordings can be watched. Watch your BlueCurve TV PVR recordings on the go with the BlueCurve TV App, Manage your BlueCurve TV PVR storage with the BlueCurve TV App, How to schedule a recording with BlueCurve TV, How to watch PVR recordings with the BlueCurve TV App, How to delete PVR recordings with the BlueCurve TV App, BlueCurve TV enhancements - Cloud PVR and more HD channels. Increased storage: With your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) comes 500GB of storage so you can enjoy plenty of storage space for all of your shows. When watching a recorded program, you can also press the, how to schedule a recording with BlueCurve TV, BlueCurve TV PVR Features and Icon Legend. Next Post Important Shaw Direct Information on Their Services. When recordings are set to "Until Expiry", they will be saved for up to one (1) year. Cloud PVR is available only with BlueCurve TV. Streaming and managing your recordings from a mobile device or computer can be done with the BlueCurve TV App.

However, you can change the recording option to save For 1 Year. Yes you can. In the recording list, select the recording you want to delete and then choose Record Options.

The connection lights on your router or powerline bridge plug should indicate an active connection. If you are concerned about the amount of data Shaw Direct On Demand will use, you can set a limit on the maximum download rate when streaming content. You can even start watching in one room and finish in another with multi-room PVR functionality. Although it's possible to get the programmes off the PVR in a variety of ways, there's basically no way to get them back on. Set recordings, play back shows, delete and manage recordings from all your BlueCurve TV devices. Seasonal Disconnect)? Highlight your WiFi SSID and press "ENTER". To activate your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal, please contact a Shaw agent at or through the My Shaw app between 7:00am to 9:00pm PT. Two identical powerline bridge plugs (minimum 200 Mbps). Will Cloud PVR impact my existing BlueCurve TV recordings? You can watch over 80 live TV channels and on-demand content on your device, including your phone or tablet, while on the go. 8XX receivers are also able to connect wirelessly through your home WiFi network. The process is a bit complicated, because of the file system which requires Linux. Only new recordings will be available to watch on the BlueCurve TV App. You'd need to capture it externally, in realtime, as mentioned above. Try these related articles and discussions. Recover Deleted Recordings: If you accidentally deleted a recording, no problem! HDDSR 800 and HDPVR 830 are able to connect to your home WiFi network. Click the Menu button or swipe from left to right to open the main navigation panel. That seems so odd, and counter-intuitive. If you want to watch TV while the transfer is in progress, simply press VIEW LIVE TV on your remote. Additionally: Can I watch recorded content through Chromecast? An even easier route would be just to take your box and HDMI cable to wherever you're going and hook it up there, play it directly off the PVR. If you need answers to other common Self Connect questions, our Self Connect FAQ article has you covered. A remote, HDMI cable, power cord, and coax cable are included with your Gateway HDPVR portal. You need at least one free Ethernet port on your router for a connection to your Shaw Direct satellite receiver. With BlueCurve TV you have the ability to have up to 3 BlueCurve TV Players in your home. Shaw Direct 6XX or 8XX receiver - HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, or HDPVR 630, and HDDSR 800 or HDPVR 830, are all equipped to access Shaw Direct On Demand. Proceed to the "Verify Your Connection" steps below. This article provides insight into: Equipment being phased out; BlueCurve TV; Standard TV boxes; High Definition TV boxes ; High Definition PVRs . It works just like a regular PVR, but includes new features like the ability to stream recordings to mobile devices and computers with the BlueCurve TV app or website. Did you know: You can watch live and recorded content through Chromecast. Many TV issues can be quickly solved by restarting your PVR or TV box. I spent some fruitless time yesterday trying to watch a recording on an iPad (a football game I recorded earlier in the day) before I realized that all I had done was turn the recording playback on the PVR box (the TV was turned off so I didn't realize it was simply controlling the Optik TV box).

Specify record options to end a recording late, record only new episodes, or choose channel preferences (like HD). When watching a recorded program, you can also press the Page Up and Page Down keys to skip ahead or back in five-minute intervals, which can help you get to the end of the show more quickly. I recorded a program from SpeedHD, thinking I could make a copy for my son who has a working interest in the subject. Recording Start Times: The PVR is synced with the TV Listings. Unplug the power cords, wait 30 seconds, and then plug them back in. Enter your location for accurate product availability. They need a direct connection into the wall outlet to communicate. Solved! Is there an expiry time? Enjoy watching your content on BlueCurve TV! It is an included feature for eligible customers, and doesn't require any upgrades on your part. Select the day you want to review and press OK to see programs and series that will record.

©2020 Shaw Communications. A 2-way splitter is not included but can be requested. Episode/Series Recordings: The default option is to record only the episode of the program that you have selected. Note: This feature is available only in areas where Cloud PVR is enabled. Click. Or, "check-out" and download your recordings to your mobile device and watch them anytime, anywhere. Click here for a list of areas. Currently this includes Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and select surrounding areas. Shaw Direct TV.

If your TV is on the correct HDMI source, you will see ", To activate your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal, please contact a Shaw agent at. All rights reserved. Cloud PVR is an enhancement to the BlueCurve TV PVR. Delete Recordings: You can delete recordings by going to the Saved section and navigating to Recordings. This will cause a picture and audio to appear on the TV your portal is connected to.

Unplug your main Shaw Gateway HDPVR for 10 seconds, then plug it back into power to restart it. The BlueCurve TV App is currently available for iOS devices running 9.0 or higher and Android devices running 4.4 (Jelly Bean) or higher. Remove any plastic wrapping from your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal. Watch in any room: Watch your recordings on any TV in the house.

©2020 Shaw Communications. Any recordings that are scheduled to record during a move or hardware swap will not record and therefore will not be available after the move or hardware swap is complete. This feature allows you to access your recordings from mobile devices and computers while connected to any WiFi or mobile network via the BlueCurve TV App or website. If something is missing from your kit, let us know. How to: Connect your Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal, To program your HDPVR portal remote to work with your TV, visit, Connect with us anytime by clicking the blue chat bubble on this page, visiting. I can watch it but I cannot transfer the file or archive it to DVD due to flagging as copy once.

Press "ENTER" to see the Recording Options menu, where the following options are available: *Recorded content can be streamed anywhere within Canada. If one (or more) is "Not Available", double check all of your connections. Connect an Ethernet cable between your receiver the powerline bridge in that location. There is text that says "watch now" on the recorded shows, but there's no active link. Existing recordings that are to be deleted due to reaching the cloud recording expiry time (1 year) will be removed as scheduled.

Is it possible to hook up my Seaview box to my Shaw Gateway PVR? Will my existing BlueCurve TV recordings be available to watch on the BlueCurve TV App? Learn how to connect to Shaw Direct Video On Demand, which requires a high-speed Internet connection and a 6XX or 8XX satellite receiver, and VOD must not have been disabled on your account. All recordings saved prior to the power loss are preserved, as are future scheduled recordings. See our frequently asked questions about Cloud PVR for details. Yes, Cloud PVR is available to all BlueCurve TV customers. Download and "check-out" recorded content to your mobile device using. Reply. © 2020 Shaw Satellite G.P., All Rights Reserved. How do I program my Shaw Gateway HDPVR portal remote for my TV?To program your HDPVR portal remote to work with your TV, visit You can log in to the My Shaw website or app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) anytime to manage your Shaw account. View solution in original post The BlueCurve TV Appsite is accessible from PCs and Macs. Increased storage: With your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) comes 500GB of storage so you can enjoy plenty of storage space for all of your shows.

In this instance, you may see multiple segments recorded, as your PVR will attempt to record before and after the power outage. When the speed test is complete, the results will be displayed as shown below: Results of the connection speed test are recorded on the receiver and form your historic average speed, historic minimum speed, and historic maximum speed values. The receiver starts transferring your recordings to the external hard drive. If all statuses show “Online”, test your connection speed to Shaw Direct On Demand to see what video quality is available on your connection. The following link is the old thread I responded to about rebuilding data on the external HDD. Attach one cable to the wall outlet and splitter port labelled IN. Visit these pages for step by step guides: Cloud PVR is an enhancement to the BlueCurve TV PVR.

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