What were those early years like and how have you managed to survive? The car wreck was ABSOLUTLEY a divine intervention, as I am not sure that the multiple, underlying issues would NOT have been discovered in time to save Charlie. Copyright 2020 SLM Media Group. Question: How Do You Know If You Have A Bad Solenoid?? It was incredible to experience that amount of creation and even now we stand back and wonder how the hell we did it. Since 2006, his St. Louis-based Classic Car Studio … Since , his St. Louis-based Classic Car Studio has made a name for itself as a builder of high-performance machines that combines classic lines with the best modern technology. How do you approach the challenge of creating a timeless build that doesn’t look dated within a matter of years? Question: What Is The Word Of The Year 2017?? Classic Car Studio. Alexander’s crew customizes the Mustang with a Ford 302 supercharger and an EFI fuel injection system. I started working in the car industry randomly over the summer. It’s an interesting industry, so it’s exciting for me to be able to put that out there for everybody to see. I figured I would be in a cubicle somewhere selling life insurance, or maybe I’d be a doctor or a lawyer. Remember when people were doing that and everybody had to have matte cars?”, SEMA is a pretty good place to see trends shaping up. Initially, when we were working on the concept for the show, I told Charlie, “If we’re going to do a TV show, I want to do something I would actually like to watch” and base it around the comments I always hear people make. We’re still new to this TV thing, though, so hopefully we can just keep pushing the format and showing the cool technical side while keeping it entertaining. More often than not, Alexander and his CCS team find themselves looking across oceans and to far-flung corners of the United States in search of inspiration. What’s wrong with Richard painters face? Noah Alexander embodies Midwestern car culture. "Speed Is the New Black" debuts May 24 on Velocity. Since it opened 11 years ago, Classic Car Studio has grown from two guys in a leaky warehouse office to a team of about 20 in its current digs. I remember thinking, “Oh, my gosh, everybody is going to be asking for anodized wheels on their car next year.”. We want to see what people are actually doing.” Our show really focuses on the cool custom work we do, all the steps involved, how hard it is, and how we strive for that quality. I was cute enough: small and wimpy, pale, with very dark hair and strong eyebrows. We are doing that stuff for our customers now and it does look cool. Below, Alexander shares his initial reaction, a memory about their first restoration, and his thoughts on the lasting effect of vintage cars. I didn’t have a lot of car people in my family. Classic Car Studio's 40,square-foot space is tucked away in Brentwood's Since it opened 11 years ago, Classic Car Studio has grown from two guys in a leaky warehouse office to a . Fast Lane Classic Cars is an independent classic car dealer. Charles got shot by his own son Charles Crews Family Charlie Crews (son) Played By Geoff Pierson Charles got shot by his own son It was that one little turning point in our business where we could have gone out of business or just continued to flounder. A few years from now people are going to look back and say, “That thing was built in 2017. With the interior components, you try to follow original style lines and to improve the original materials to make your work timeless. I must keep going forward.” That was about 12 years ago. We can handle all aspects of your project under one roof. For the Chevy enthusiast looking for a killer ‘67, this car is very nicely done. Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the education system doesn’t really provide a lot of opportunities for kids who might be inclined toward these kinds of skills. We also don’t push colors too much. I’m always waiting to see what the next big thing is and what’s going to push custom building to the next level and where it’s going to come from. And you know what's going to happen?. I used to think it’d be the opposite—that I’d get more and more specialized—but it’s actually gone the other way. If you are in the market for a Pro-Touring car, this Vette has all the eyeball, and the performance to back it up. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Noah Alexander embodies Midwestern car culture. So I drive those around. In his own words: Speed is the New Black’s Noah Alexander. Fundraiser by Susan Guy Agrue : Charlie's Comeback Crew Deux, Your email address will not be published. When it comes down to it, I’ve always found there’s a very large emotional attachment to the cars because of the experiences people have with them. I just said, “I’ll do it!”. BOX 191606 1002 Hanley Industrial Ct. St. Louis, MO 63144 314 567 4200. info@classiccarstudio.com Quick Links. Charles Hurt (born 1972) is an American journalist and political commentator. 70 Ford F100 Sticker $2.95. We ended up building this car that had a lot of stylistic features of old Italian speedboats, and the whole interior looked like a cigar lounge. Tim. In true GT car form, the XKR is very quick, and a wonderful car to cruise on the open road. They basically wanted to take an old Camaro body shell and have all new performance, high-quality race-car touches, and really luxurious interiors. The total for making car just drivable would be $4300. American HotRod’s Mike Curtis was involved in a horrific crash several. We did have lifts and equipment, though, and we had guys around the shop, so we just started restoring cars. How did Velocity track you down in St. Louis and how did the TV show (Speed is the New Black) come about? We’d just gotten into business; we were in our mid-20s, not too far out of college; and we were just killing it. Raised in the Chicago and St. Louis areas, he attended the University of Missouri before realizing that he could make a living in the car world, first by buying and selling classics and then by restoring them. When we first started in 2006, we were buying and selling a lot of cars—a lot of Mopars, classic European stuff, muscle cars—and the market was great, but we didn’t do restoration. Service Technician. I can really drive myself crazy staying up and thinking about all this, so my wife actually recently suggested that I should start meditating, which does help. P.O. We can handle all aspects of your project under one roof. Who is the girl on speed is the new black? For the pickup enthusiast that prefers it “Ford Tough,” this pickup should bolster your position. Sometimes you get a customer who will let you do that, and you end up building some really cool stuff that puts you on the map. They can do really well at those things in life. What I always hear people say is they want less drama and more car-building. Charles. A lot of my customers, the cars that they end up buying now in really beautiful, restored condition, they [weren't able to afford] when they were growing up. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In 2017, Velocity made Alexander and his CCS team the focal point of their TV series Speed is the New Black. We hadn’t done any crazy restorations at that point, but they started showing me pictures of these crazy, over-the-top pro-touring cars and asked if I knew anyone who could do it. About Services Inventory Partners Contact Connect With Us. 314-918-3000. For the Porsche enthusiast, this 997 GT3 is an analog feeling masterpiece that will be appreciated and admired for many years to come. I’m not sure I was quite prepared for just how much time everything takes. There haven’t been a lot of shows out of this area, so I like pushing good content out of the St. Louis region. At the moment, nobody is really doing much chrome on custom pro-touring muscle cars. They’re good-looking cars that can flat-out perform. I don’t know what it was about that car, but something about the shape was exciting to me. Soon, you'll be able to look behind the scenes on TV. We were standing in our showroom, and I said, “Hey, you guys are from STL originally. As seen on our hit Velocity tv show, "Speed is the New Black". I went to Mizzou. How do you hope this show is different from other car-building reality shows? I wanted to sit in them, I wanted to be driven around in them and meet people who had them. I was going back to get a master’s degree. Cruz. We don’t have that same clientele, but what we do have is a seriously committed demographic who like the classic American stuff and are willing to do whatever it takes to have the nicest, best-performing car. Was restoring cars something you did growing up? All of our engines sit in the engine compartment without lines running everywhere, and we hide as much stuff as we can while still making it serviceable and accessible. From that point on, we don’t sacrifice quality on any part of the build.

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