The Compass Rose sometimes called a Rose of the Winds, represents spiritual direction, awakening and discovery. A single arrow represents independence and self-defense and is seemingly popular with women of all ages. Back pieces often combine compasses with other travel related tattoos to cover a large area, and you’ll commonly see sparrows, anchors, and knots spread across the shoulders of people who appreciate this style of tattooing. Clock Tattoos can be worn on any part of the body from a tiny face tattoo to a grandfather clock tattoo trailing up the entire arm. 9. Another popular compass tattoo meaning is protection. It is symbolic of staying your course in life and to not give up no matter how rough things may seem. The star compass was meant to resemble the North Star (which is originally how sailors would orient themselves out at sea). A clock tattoo can be designed to incorporate a variety of symbolic and meaningful elements, and since there are many different types of clocks to choose from, it's easy to create a unique and personal design. The compass tattoo has been a popular choice among a majority of cultures for centuries. A compass makes the perfect gift. Compass tattoo wearers tend to be outgoing, adventurous, and ready for anything. Compass tattoos are packed with meaning, including: Of course, the meaning of the tattoo really depends on the specific compass design you choose. You can also find some compasses with a transparent baseplate that is notched with a scale of millimeters or inches so that you can use the compass on a map. The skull tattoo is the rebel’s hallmark. Combining the hourglass with the clock is a rich way of expressing the meaning. The most inexpensive compass tattoos can be as cheap as the $50-80 store minimum pricing, however the average cost per hour is usually in the $150-$200 range. Compass tattoo meanings can range from guidance (clearly), to protection, to searching for your passions, and more. For example, a beautifully colored compass and rose tattoo taken from the marks found on old maps can signify a dignified and cultured world traveler who has seen it all. South embodies passion and the present. Seek guidance for your travels instead of going out blind and ending up in a mess. Not all who wander are lost. It represents those who are seeking guidance. Either way, the compass tattoo can have a bunch of great meanings that most people would be satisfied with. By embracing the life of travel, people who sport compass tattoos are usually willing to expand their boundaries, or at least learn about something new. The clock used in the tattoo below expresses a deeper meaning of what the tattoo entails. One of the main reasons sailors opted for this tattoo was that of protection. There are other types of compasses that determine your direction by using a star or sun, or even by relying on a fast spinning object that will resist to being turned away from the place that the axis is directing towards. Hawaiian Tattoo. Your email address will not be published. You may choose a clock tattoo for positive reasons, such as celebrating and remembering special times in your life or as a way to make a social statement about your dislike for the rigidity and adherence to schedules in your life. If you want to try out a unique place for your compass tattoo, you can get the design inked on your chest, stomach, back, or thigh. What is the meaning of clock tattoo? Compasses first showed up in China during the Han Dynasty, and it was only in the 11th century that they became popularly used as navigation tools. It is the type of tattoo you can look at when you have lost your way and use it to turn yourself around. Also See: 125 Best Semicolon Tattoos And Their Meanings. Hourglass and Compass Tattoo The compass and “time” have generally been linked together as well. Anchor Tattoos & Their Meaning Anchor tattoos are gaining in popularity for their retro style, and have long been a ... Angel Tattoo Meaning While typically associated with Christianity, angels are found in Judaism and Islam as well. Maps and the planet earth play a role as well since they, … Images of the compass were painted on the ships as a token of good luck. You have a strong sense of wonder and a wish to embrace life wherever it takes you. You might find covers, a case, prisms and even mirrors that would help the person using it to figure out how far something is off in the distance. Alternately, a rose compass tattoo design could mean allowing love to be the guiding force in your life (as opposed to greed, logic, self-interest, etc.). It’s simple really. The compass is what made long-distance sea trade a reality, not to mention exploration. Tattoos have been tied to sailors and other explorers for decades now, but that doesn’t mean you need to climb Mt. From a tiny nautical compass to a huge cardinal rose design, you can fit a compass tattoo just about anywhere. Man has been fascinated by time since ancient times. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'inkvivo_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',124,'0','0']));A rose compass tattoo could symbolize the search for love. Some people who choose this tattoo may also be sentimental or in search of guidance to help them navigate their own paths. Bright, cheerful tattoos will likely be viewed in a positive light, while dark or brooding tattoos may create a sense of doom. They can be big tattoos that go down the middle of the owners’ backs, or they can even be small even to fit on the wrist. Images of the compass were painted on the ships as a token of good luck. Compass and rose tattoo by @peggy_haehner_taetowierungen. Anchor Compass: since the anchor is common symbol of Christian faith, the anchor compass tattoo design represents religious guidance. Choosing a tattoo that shows off your love for exploring the world, like a colorful compass, is a great way to express your personality in a visual way. An anchor tattoo usually means stability, peace, strength, determination and passion. a close relative to the Celtic trinity knot, the Celtic compass tattoo design shows pride in one’s ancestry. It has maintained popularity throughout generations, with its simple, bold aesthetic, often understood as a symbol of death and mortality. The compass will guide you where you need to be.

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