Answer from: wonitoThe best car for tier 4 is the jaguar xkrs, Answer from: WhatMattersMostThe Bentley Continental, Answer from: GuestI like the mercedes mclaren best overall the fastest great grip weight is good never cared about gear shift if ur good at these then get it. Race Your Friends = I just beat two of my friends in the Race Your Friends Mode. But I don’t see the 570s for sale in CSR Racing. Additionally even with a bad start the Audi does seem to as prone to wheel spin and you can hit nitrous before you shift to second. I think I test drove this car a couple of times but a couple of 1/4 mile races isn’t enough to pass judgment on this car. The Jaguar looks good, I maxed it and it’s kinds of an alternative to the Huyra or the F430 you see everywhere. But depends on ur preference. As we’ve observed, most of the cars in CSR Classics in the same tier have similar ratings when they’re maxed out. Without a halfway decent one to turn to, I've taken it upon myself to create one for you, the petrol head readers of Pocket Gamer. Btw, I’ve been wondering for a while now, do you think the Audi R8 LMS ultra CSR is worth to get? One last question for you. I once went as a low as 9.204 without mech using this. The SLR won’t take you as far as the F430 in the Multiplayer Race Mode but it is quite adequate in Regulation Races and easy and medium level Match Races. This car has an outstanding grip (a totally new experience so be cautious), low shift time and on the upside, it’s affordable. I missed Luca’s car and am feeling a bit bitter, I deseperately need something to use in Multiplayer that looks excellent and is not called LaFerrari. See Tier 4/Car Specific Races for more details. It’s pretty easy to master the perfect start and to collect perfect shift points after just a couple of practice runs in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race Mode. The first of which is the advice that you should save your Coins as much as possible and spend them not on vehicles or cancelling delivery times, but on Decals. Huayra and F430 are too expensive. I tried this out one time and ended up quickly completing the Tier 4 Crew Challenges and Ladder Races, while winning several Gold Leagues in Online Mode. Haven’t raced her in a while but I’ll look into it and get back to you ASAP. What is the best car to face carlito team and him? Lets start with the best (or, what is considered, the highest rated Tier 4 car). At this point of the game, the player could make wise car choices. this will avoid losing acceleration for lousy shift changes and give you a smooth performance to 4th shift...On older versions the maxed out FORD GT is the best performing T4. McLaren F1 Enjoy! Answer from: hariMy car is r8.i look for the best rating. Porsche 718 Boxster S is also a remarkable car going at 755 Gold. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the, © 2013 How to Retire Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Here’s a bit more info; Is the Audi R8 LMS Ultra CSR Worth 21 Million Dollars? The Corvette ZR1 and SRT Viper are both great 1/2 cars. What is the best car for the multiplayer in tier 4? In fact, forget the Nissan. Although Feature Manufacturer Events added lots of Sport Coupes in this Tier, Muscle Cars are still dominant. Here are the results of several different races in various race modes: Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $7,688Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $8,883, Match Race (Easy) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $9,000 race prizeMatch Race (Medium) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 Ferrari and did not collect the $11,000 race prizeMatch Race (Hard) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $14,000 race prize. BMW M235i Coupe is very handy for Tier 2. video - Taking a colorful room and making everything disappear, The Unfinished Swan Video - "Exploring a story book world", Wilderness exploration game The First Tree coming to mobile later this month, TheOdd1sOut: Let's Bounce is a casual game for mobile that sees players bouncing through YouTuber James Rallison's life. 1.6 million worth of trying and I can’t find it. Composing 23 Fusion Slots, great power for its Tier and low shift time. In Tier 5, you can only purchase 5 cars from the shop. Just, you know, in case you want to save any money or gold for bigger, better, and faster opponets. just won carlito car using the Pagina Zonda S7.3 with no mechanic help. These stats can be improved when you hire the Mechanic to tune your car or when you enlist the aide of the Race Team in Multiplayer Mode. I paid off the Blogger to get my streak re-instated and went on to win the rematch and the final two races. That’s not a very cost-effective way to do things – instead, what you can do is stick to one car, and simply go to the upper right of the Upgrade menu. Thinking that maybe the PRO Club was too much of a challenge I entered the FREE Race the World Mode and lost my first race. The Bugatti Chiron and the FXX K are really solid and amazing choices. *. If you’re still stuck do what I did and get both. Once you’re done, you can reinstall that part by hitting the right arrow until you reach the current stage the part was in, and it’s all for free. That was when I didn’t know much about the Ferrari F430. Multiplayer Tournament = Since this is a PRO car I entered the PRO Club Multiplayer Race and won four in a row before losing to a T5 Ruf CTR3. Your email address will not be published. If you’ve reached or completed Tier 3 and are looking to survive in Tiers 4 and 5, we suggest you to check these CSR Classics tips out, as we believe they can help you win it all. Only problem faced is that it is too light for certain restriction races. I agree and I will add the Pagani Zonda to this list. What car is better z4 or RUf for 1/4 & 2/4? Even if your car’s fully upgraded, there’s a very good chance you’ll lose if you don’t buy that one-time upgrade. Thanks for dropping by! tires. Boosting the performance of your car is the single largest determining factor on whether you'll win a race or not, and all the money in the bank won't count for squat once you're on the road. Sporting a Decal will give you extra cash at the end of each race, and that reward can be as much as (if not far more than) the prize money. His Huyra looked so fancy but I feared that my best 9.3x wouldn’t do the trick without Mech (didn’t want to waste gold on a yellow Huyra, but still, I’d have taken for “free”). The ZR1 and SRT Viper are great cars but the F430 is so much better that I’d wait until I had enough to buy it. I have about $1.5 million at the moment, I was wondering for the uk section, which car would u suggest I pick first? I picked up the SLR McClaren late and didn't do much in the way of upgrades but I'm working on it now. To both questions these cars are the best ? Make a perfect shift to 4th gear at the same time as you activate nitro. With the 24-Hour Race Team for Online Mode, you’ve got all the possible buffs at your disposal – the engine guy, the nitrous guy, the tire guy – as well as the Blogger, who gives you free restarts. Therefore buying a premium decal with Coins, and doing so early on in the Tier, will see you knee-deep in dough. I know a guy who has one fully upgraded and his best 1/4 mile time is a fraction over 8 seconds (my best time is 7.15s although I can’t recall which car I drove). a couple of detailed CSR Classics strategy guides, use the time lapse cheat to refill your gas tank. All other Tiers doesn't support it, even after beating Mr. Baledin. But the twist therein is that once your tank goes empty, you won’t be able to race again until about 12 minutes after the time you set your phone to. The Pagani Zonda should definitely be on this list, just beat my personal best time on Huayra with a 628 rating Zonda. Multiplayer Tournament = I won two races — both of them very close — and by the third race, sure enough, I saw my opponent coming up from behind and the next thing I knew my streak was over. Perhaps this a CSR2 car? The exceptions seem to be the ones that you can only purchase with gold coins, even if purchased Unloved. Then I lost three in a row. I’m looking forward to getting the copo and the camaro GT3. I still got the F430 to buy lol, so hopefully that’ll be fun to play the payback events stuff. Lets start with the best (or, what is considered, the highest rated Tier 4 car). Tier 5 Multiplayer Prizes can appear, making players be prepared for past seasons. First, get the  SRT Hellcat at 825G. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're comfortably winning each and every race. I get consistent 9.1## times but due to its high overall it gets much tougher opponents in multiplayer although it easily dispatches T5 cars with higher ratings. There will come a point in each Tier that upgrading the car isn't worth doing, as you'll easily beat any opponent that lies in wait for you there. You can easily beat Tier 2 with this car. The F1 does 0-60 in 2.18 secs and has a top speed of 156.130 mph in the 1/4 mile. SLR McLaren Here’s a list of the best CSR Racing cars in Tier 4 along with a few tips to help you win more races, more cash, more gold, more prizes, and more respect. My 2020 Wealthy Affiliate Program Review – Phase 2 The purpose of […], Thanks for dropping by! Other than this, however, higher payouts in normal events makes Daily Races very unattractive, with the risk of losing. The first thing you'll need for a new Tier of competition is a set of wheels, so head on over to the Car Dealer and pick a ride. See Tier 4/Ladder Races for more details. Now use the advice given and you are sure to have too much fun without too much hassle. After beating T5 this car will be useful in unlocking your Elite License. As a refresher, this game allows you to collect and race cars from the ‘80s and earlier, with a focus on American muscle cars from the ‘60s and European sports cars from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Launch cars like the Bugatti Veyron and One: 1 is awesome too. Well, that’s it, folks. Ferrari F430, McLaren F1 GTR or Pagani Huayra? With the F430 is it possible to get a perfect shift on 2nd and 3rd both?

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