It’s obvious he’s challenging her to open herself up to a lawsuit: I challenge Virginia Roberts to come on your show, look in the camera, and say the following words: ‘I accuse Alan Dershowitz of having sex with me on six or seven occasions.’ She has never been willing to accuse me in public, so please accuse me on this show. I challenge you. Incredibly, something that goes unmentioned is the $25,000 Epstein gave to the Bill and Hillary Foundation in 2006; the $22,000 he’s donated over the years to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY); the $50,000 he donated in 2006 to then-Gov. Shame on all of them, because all Filthy Rich does is further enable Jeffrey Epstein’s enablers. But what the documentary does not want us to know is that Kaine was just fine running as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vice presidential pick, a woman who took $25,000 from Epstein, whose husband was seen at Lolita Island and is obviously lying about it. When a camera spends 98 minutes allowing women, who have spent a lifetime struggling to forget their violations, the chance to speak out about it, it is quite simply impossible to look away. We’re told that their doing this is just part of their cycle of abuse. Travelling or based outside United States? Watch offline. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. 5,298, This story has been shared 2,706 times. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. The new Netflix documentary captures how Facebook’s cavalier handling of user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal posed a threat to democracy. Filthy Rich is nothing more than the Wikipedia version of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal spread out over four ungodly long, interminable hours dedicated to protecting Democrats (especially Bill Clinton) as it uses innuendo to smear Donald Trump, who appears to be the only guy in Palm Beach who seriously cut ties with Epstein in disgust. At one point I did laugh… The point where #MeToo is heralded as a revolution that forever changed everything… Oh, you mean the same #MeToo movement the media and Democrats flew into a building the moment a credible sexual assault allegation hit Rapey Joe Biden? But like I said, this is not an investigative documentary. In Conversation with Associate Professor Judson Brewer (Episode #06), In Conversation with Professor Michael Steger (Ep #05), In Conversation with Professor Richard Davidson (Ep #04), What To Do About “The Social Dilemma"? Why did Vickie kill off the friends and relatives of those whom she knew in Nocona, Texas? Rather it’s a Wikipedia entry with pictures and a political agenda (more on this below). His job is to defend his client, to advocate for him, and that’s what he did. Netflix documentary on Epstein proves the case for the prosecution. Including interviews with accusers and ex-colleagues, this documentary traces the controversial career of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. This series reveals the horrors in hospitals and nursing homes to uncover how many got away with killing on the wards. Unfortunately, he strongly suspected that he had been caught on camera stealing them. Everything the establishment media, academia, the government, and Hollywood touch is corrupt — including the sell-outs behind Filthy Rich. Harvey Fierstein narrates this documentary by Rob Epstein about San Francisco's most colorful -- and tragic -- political figure: Harvey Milk, a staunch fighter for gay rights who helped forge a presence for the city's gay community in city hall. Despite this, and despite the fact Clinton is almost certainly lying with his denials about his travels with Epstein, the documentary goes out of its way to assure us Clinton did nothing wrong. Even when Untouchable charts the brilliance of Weinstein that triggers in him the belief that he is in fact “untouchable,” exempt from answering to the same codes of behaviour as the rest of the world, it does so with an eye on his accusers. His victims, who included high-profile actresses like Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lupita Nyong’o as well as women who were denied the chance to reach similar heights were continuously accorded news space. Harvey said he started out killing to "ease the pain" of patients by smothering them with their pillows. The only photos of Epstein and Trump appear to be at Trump’s own Mar-a-Lago resort or some third party event where they both attended. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, I get very frustrated when people outside the nursing profession get us all muddled up with others. As a result, Untouchable manages the feat of documenting a story about Weinstein without telling only his story. They’re young and old, scattered across timelines and countries and, were in different stages of their careers when their paths collided with Weinstein’s. In the two years that it took to ensure that the former media mogul, accused of sexually assaulting over 100 women for three decades was brought to task, the litany of his misdeeds came to be memorised world over. Untouchable: Harvey Weinstein documentary holds the system responsible for enabling abuse Weinstein, as Untouchable demonstrates, did not carve out an insular narrative for himself. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Australian journalist and filmmaker Shannon Harvey traveled the world in search of the missing link in healthcare. She claims she had no idea Epstein would do to her sister what he did to her. But to see and hear that same woman recollect that incident, dread washing over her face, makes one confront the lifelong consequences of that monstrosity. The female employees saw the same things but unlike them, refused to look away. Naturally, the documentary still wants us to sympathize with the girls responsible for luring countless underage victims into an innocence-shattering situation. In an exclusive interview, the man who brought him to justice details just how evil Nurse Harvey was. ", "The Connection is a revelation, and this documentary will forever change the way you think about science, medicine and the body. Through interviews with Weinstein’s accusers and employees, Untouchable, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival last year – incidentally, the exact location where Weinstein cultivated much of his stature as a Hollywood elite – examines the aftermath of his moral bankruptcy. I'm glad that nurses and doctors are finally being exposed for being just as crummy as any other person in society that kills. Rather it’s a Wikipedia entry with pictures and a political agenda (more on this below). How in the name of all that’s holy does a serious documentary base its primary theme on political corruption without ever once revealing Epstein’s massive political donations? Absolutely not something I'd ever pay for. In an exclusive interview, the man who brought him to justice details just how evil Nurse Harvey was. Instead, it became fact, one that culminated in his arrest in May 2018. He could - and did - drive cars off the road deliberately with the intention of setting them on fire and killing his passenger. So that’s also a little hard to swallow. In an act of revenge, he forced an aspiring actress who rejected his advances to go down a dark stairwell knowing fully well that she suffered from night blindness. Some of these stories end with a much severe degree of violation than others – the women recollect instances of rape, forced oral sex and massage requests, physical violence, and a dangerous strain of emotional abuse accompanied by a blowback to their future careers. Even less remarkable, it started to focus on murders committed for domestic reasons and the culprit was a nurse, which to me is different from what we think of when it says nurses who kill and what was focused on earlier in the series. Netflix Netflix. Epstein goes on the offensive as police gather mountains of evidence against him. Donald Harvey escaped justice for 20 years as he murdered his patients in any way he could. 6,094, This story has been shared 5,355 times. Arrested and charged in 2019 with child sex trafficking, Epstein spends only a short time behind bars, but his accusers still get their day in court. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Ten stories, a whole lot more nightmares. 2,706, This story has been shared 2,301 times. However this website contains information sourced from third parties and we do not warrant or endorse the accuracy, quality, suitability or currency of all the information on this website or that the information on this website will continue to be correct. Add to that, the actual killer, Janine Hannah,is on the phone with a reporter throughout, proclaiming her innocence and downplaying or worse yet, seemingly making things up as she thinks of things. The camera never cuts away when any of them seem at a loss of words or tear up at having to explain the intricacies of their violation. Nurse Roger Dean said he loved the residents at the care home where he worked just outside Sydney, Australia, but loved the drugs he was addicted to more.

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