@FoodDlvryChamp When confirming that orders are picked up: Even local restaurants raise price because DD hits thems with fees. now the $100 I spent wont even be refunded to my account for 3-5 days!

i've had the least problems with them in my experience. I had a DISASTER of an experience with @Chipotle and @DoorDash yesterday. @roubaudalex @DoorDash_Help I guess it’s time for another Friday app crash?

#doordash #driver #problems, I accidentally mentioned working as a doordash driver and now my mom is pushing me to get a job this weekend and I'm not ready yet , Everyone ordering please use @DoorDash NOT @UberEats as they have a system wide issue and can’t seem to figure out how to fix it.

@tayl0rstreet What is their problem??? i am not sure what to do the other admins said no one is blocked . Hey @DoorDash thanks for the 50% off coupon code you sent. Get your act together. Would you be so kind to DM your email so I can find the root cause, fix the issue, prevent it from repeating, and at least provide proper apologies for the time you've lost with us? now the $100 I spent wont even be refunded to my account for 3-5 days! @DoorDash sucks! @mtremjr11 @DoorDash They’re just stupid I’ve had so many issues with them. Back to Uber and Doordash. Then was told to call customer support to speak to a manager.

#YesOnProp22. maybe it depends on location idk. #doordash @DoorDash we had problems with grubhub and that made us switch to doordash, haven't really had any issues since, but that sucks! Hey @doordash @DoorDash_Help still haven’t gotten an answer to my problem. @RPMotorsports @BubbaWallace @DoorDash The scanner is not working. -Nancy, @nycbees @lovemyvision_ No masks by your drivers. It services like Doordash, Uber, Ubereats, Lyft, and any other delivery/ridesharing service I missed out on a lot of money having to call UberEats support twice last night staying on hold because orders weren’t going through to your stores. Occasionally had that error on web before, worked in app. Anyone else in NYC experiencing @DoorDash delivery issues?
Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question. Tell them they need to contact doordash for a refund or credit. Ugh.

Could not find the house. Unsure why I have to pay extra on a delivery I didn’t get!!! Their ALGORITHM MANIPULATES YOUR ORDERS‼️ Could not find the house. @UberEats is not working at all, delaying order by hours and not offering refund, guess if that’s delivered I’ll store it for tomorrow.

:(, @DoorDash why do you send me emails promising 15% off your next 2 delivery orders, applied automatically. But I have gotten a request to send a screenshot of the email YOU sent me. Sometimes stores can go offline for a bit during peak hours.? I had to go through Customer Support twice tonight, that part sucked. The restaurant spotted the problem and had no way to call me or the driver. Door dash said wait 1h. I get an “unable to authenticate” on the app and a “oh no something went wrong” on the site. Still waiting, 2 hours. 47.557185, 7.575264, I'm having the same problem. Watch out everyone. I lead the Experience team at DoorDash I am so sorry we've ruined your dinner. No response from dasher and I'm told I can't cancel order. @gofooji @DoorDash Got error message of “request failed with status code 500” when trying to order, @Chris527G

(I do enjoy the work though, so I won't complain too much. Problem only occurs with roundtrip, Same issue here. Only thing I get is this meaningless message when trying to create a roundtrip in europe. i cant order from both apps ... @SeaMaiden7 @pulte $DanielKhosravinezhad @helloimwes I can’t login into my web account either Is there an issue @DoorDash I cannot articulate just how poor your service is. And no need to contact me @DoorDash , I’ve already been in touch with Juan C at customer service (chat) and he was great.

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