Hmmm, coincidence that they’re the ONLY battery brand that “‘chose'” (ahem, felt the *need*) to offer that??? I see it as a wrongful advertising scheme to suck every dollar from the consumer especially during daughter’s had battery hazardous waste on there precious little delicate bodies because of this billion dollar Duracell business can’t stand behind its safe product quo .I’ve not seen any warnings on any labels saying may leak before expiration dates..what if one of my babies lost an eye or was disfigured due to they on going sale of these horrible dangerous Hazardous materials leaking from these Duracell Batteries.not to mention my babies devastated because they were burned by the materials leaking and that there dolls are shorted out don’t work any longer I had to throw them in the hazardous waste container.who takes care of the neglected parties here being my little PRECIOUS Daughters being subject to hazardous waste leaking batteries.i want to be apologized to for this happening,i want someone to pay this is not going to stop there getting richer by letting there products hurt our children physically and mentally,emotionally as well .who’s at fault here.the purchaser who’s going by the manufacturers word there products are safe.i think not ,I think this is going to have to be the camel that broke the back.Duracell has still yet to do anything for my families damages and emotional grief.they wont even call me back wes Wallace 734-837-2507 very upset daddy and purchaser of a very Dangerous Hazardous materials leaking from a new batteries…please someone anyone who cares should do not stopping here it’s about to go down. Never again. When they do the leaking acid can do irreparable damage to whatever the battery is in. She had to point it out. My Duracell AA batteries leaked and ruined my 70.$$flashlite, had them 1year, acid leaked on bottom. Trashed my thermostat and remotes on my TVs Purchased a large amount and will have to sacrifice As far back when they first sold them late 70’s and to this day I have known numerous people and friends/family had them leak in every device. I am contunally experancing leaking duracell batteries at the negative terminal. Batteries can be recycled through local programs or thrown away with your regular trash in every state except California, where they must be recycled. Two Maglite flashlights had to be thrown away, in that the Duracell AA batteries fused to the inside flashlight housings. It makes me mad that they didn’t even repsond to my email. You are absolutely RIGHT. They were in a range of electronics from an air matress, Xbox controllers, TV remotes, flashlights, portable speakers, FM transmitter, camping gear, walkie talkies, and other things.
These were new batteries! You've got one of the simplest and most common types. Done with Duracell leaked in device. Recently I received an expensive pair of Bluetooth speakers for test with ‘King Kong’ brand batteries included for the remote. settlement administrator or your attorney for any updates regarding expected to be mailed out. Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement Extremely disappointed in Duracell batteries of any size. Now you can get the top stories from Lifehacker delivered to your inbox. I did however find 1x Sony AA out of 8, and 1x Duracell AA out of 2 that had leaked. Given that this was an email the use of the word ‘enclosed’ was puzzling, and no pamphlet was attached to the email. Your email address will not be published. administrator or law firm. Thanks for the fast response. I had two AAs in my TV remote and they puked in there and screwed it up. A leaking battery is a damaged battery that should be promptly removed from electronic devices and properly disposed of. 08-04-2009, 02:10 AM #8. Daniel O'Hair began writing professionally in 2010. So I mailed the batteries in and took the conference call from Singapore and Connecticut. It’s a shame that, although some remotes will clean up (never perfectly), many have to be replaced at the tune of $10 to $65+. Sign up for our free newsletter. I then tried to open it by clamping a quarter into a Jaw Horse & rotating the Track Pack on top of the quarter. Most recently, devices with the batteries dated 2025 have all leaked. Duracell Coppertop Duralock batteries are prone to leaking battery fluid during normal use, a recent deceptive marketing class act lawsuit claims. All right reserved. Privacy Policy. Placeholders.enable(); Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when handling leaky batteries. In the article, there was no corresponding picture; “when I opened the battery compartment I discovered what you see in the picture”. They have also leaked in clocks causing them to not work anymore. Energizers now. I thought I had gotten rid of Duracell Completely from my home Circa 2016, and last night I discovered a set of AAA’s leaking away in one of my car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring Devices. is_redirect && ! could cause a thermal runaway. There junk. Total junk and there is NO DOUBT that they know it! Did not have this problem prior to about 3 1/2 years ago. All of the batteries we have in devices with 2025 date have leaked aleady! unused batteries that leaked in the packages even though the expiry date is well into the future (and the packs were stored at typical room temperature of 20 celsius), new batteries leaking after only a few weeks inside flashlights, toys, computer mice, etc. This is the 3Rd device this year that had leaked and destroyed the device, I have sent in 2 devices with photo thru the Internet and with both they sent me a check to repurchase the device.

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