The extensive inclusion of case studies and insets certainly helped focus your energy on what is most important. While the book reads well, it was troubling to find some obvious mistakes in the random sections I chose to review. Additionally, inclusion of chapters of neurological exam and fetal development is unique and impressive. All major subject areas are covered (i.e. There are also some places where images should be included but are not. I have used other e-books and here I preferred the PDF to the on line version. It is similar to other books, starting with basics of anatomy, levels of organization of life, histology, then working into support structures, processes that maintain homeostasis, etc. The material is unbiased and presents an objective peer reviewed perspective on all topics. The flow of this book is very comparable to publisher organization and flow of A&P book to A&P book. read more. It would be inadequate for a course that utilizes cadavers. They did a very good job blending the anatomy with the physiology of the various systems in the body. Overall the book felt to flow properly. I did not notice anything that was culturally insensitive. Once the sadness of separation is gone (I promise it will only take a month or less! Each chapter and subsection contains clear and detailed learning objectives, which I really like and think are useful for students to use as a roadmap. I thought that the text was very comprehensiveness and I also liked the organization of the text. The text is well written, without an excess of jargon. Reviewed by Cynthia Surmacz, Professor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 3/15/19, The Anatomy and Physiology Open textbook was comprehensive, covering topics typically found in an introductory Anatomy and Physiology textbooks on the market. You can also easily edit the text and figure placement as well. The same is true for bile canaliculi. Varied skin tones are used in some colored drawings. All the choices are labeled, “b”, “d”, “f” and “h”. If you are really sensitive, a little Vick’s Vapor Rub under the nose can be helpful. Perhaps a little different editing would make the picture appear on the same page as it's discussion. Overall I found the book to be clearly written and accessible to an undergraduate audience. Therefore, one might need to use supplemental images and animations to get some points across. The text does not have a glossary per se, but has an extensive index of topics and terms that are hyperlinked to the appropriate location in the text or the list of key terms and definitions at the end of each chapter. On the whole, There were fewer images in the open text compared to traditional texts and they were generally simpler in design and construction. Extremely comprehensive! In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. physiology, anatomy, pancreas, diabetes, endocrine, anatomyandphysiology. The page numbers were off by 10 pages in the PDF. With this in mind, start studying EARLY. Specifically however, for courses that are separated into physiology and anatomy, this textbook would not be sufficient for either subject independently. These extra materials provide students with connection between physiological concepts and everyday life. Students should find these options impactful and effecting in connecting the material to their day to day lives. Fluid connective tissue lies in and is surrounded with a liquid matrix. The online format of the book is particularly good since different sections are on different pages that are clicked between. You can frequently achieve more with less if you take the time to ground yourself. 1 Page (1) anatomy Cheat Sheet. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. In addition to the functions and processes of the different parts of the human cell, cells also perform other processes that you should be familiar with. The glossary is done very efficiently, by listing several pages of key terms at the end of each chapter. The text is well organized into separable sections that can easily be discretely assigned. ... This book was comprehensive, covering the topics expected in a majors-level A&P book. The sagittal plane, also referred to as the medial plane, which is shown in the picture above, is the imaginary line that separates the right side of the body from the left side of the body. Also, there are several sections that are a block of text and would benefit from images. The inclusion of the career connections/everyday connections/"aging and the" topics will allow the authors to easily update the material as these fields change and allow them the flexibility to adapt to any emerging fields. For an Anatomy and Physiology book, the order of content makes sense. The overall written material is clear. The topics covered by this text are in the same order as other major Anatomy and Physiology textbooks on the market, making the transition to a new text easier for the instructor in my opinion. Gross anatomy can be compared to the structure of a house as shown in a blueprint of a house or by looking at and inspecting a house in person with the naked eye. Within each section, learning outcomes have been well-utilised to provide focus and direction. The index does a good job of presenting the... Some sections could use a bit more detail, but using this book with content from other OpenStax titles (Biology 2e and... Plan accordingly. As well as the free online and PDF versions, a color print copy is available for a relatively nominal fee of $53.23. There were times when I wish there was more depth on a topic/homeostatic process and other times when I wanted less information (technology used clinically). Perhaps this text is still a work in progress? Not only did this allow me to get the grade that I wanted, I was also grateful for the time to delve more deeply into a subject that I found absolutely fascinating. read more. As students are introduced to concepts or terminology (homeostasis in chapter one, or sodium ions in chapter two), this knowledge can be built upon in subsequent chapters. Overall, this book is comparable to many of the commercially available textbooks on the market and would suffice for an introductory level anatomy and physiology class. A number of notable and appropriate side topics of interest are included in most chapters. Diagrams are clear and well labeled making them easy to look at and understand which will help students to understand concepts presented in the reading. Reading the OER online was very functional and compatible with the system I was working with. Authors may want to consider using representations of various ethnic groups other than Caucasian, including Asian and African heritage. The authors consciously designed the book to facilitate student understanding. Allied Healthcare Career & Education Guide. You will see the human's skeletal foundation, you will see the head as its roof, you will see the doors and windows in terms of the body's openings such as the mouth, the floor as the feet, an internal plumbing system with the external and internal structures and organs of the urinary and digestive systems, and you will see the brain and the heart, when exposed, as the electrical system of the body. I feel it is important to have a diverse representation of people in an A&P textbook. There are two different types of cells. Similar to most other textbooks geared towards an introductory anatomy/physiology course, this book begins with the... I teach in an institution which has separate anatomy and physiology courses. Reviewed by Joyce Kaplan, Faculty, Portland Community College on 6/19/18, The text is slightly less in depth than the typical pre allied health A&P textbook but does a better job covering many topics in a manner that is accessible to more students including ease of reading and video connections. read more. By and large I found the text to be comprehensive in nature for an undergraduate A and P book. If you’ve never heard of Quizlet. Stay Connected. This appears to be a functional text that would be a economical alternative to our current text. Two gametes fuse during fertilization, creating a diploid cell with a complete set of paired chromosomes. However, it focuses well on conveying the knowledge relevant for new students of A & P. Images and diagrams are used appropriately to help explain the material, however, more pictures, figures, diagrams, tables, flow charts, and the likes could be used instead of lengthy descriptions, to address different learning styles of readers, and to make it a more interesting read.

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