Only one ear would be up for a couple seconds then he flops it back down. If I was in your shoes and Thor was my dog I would not intervene with his ears at this point.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of great toys that might help you pick out the best ones for Max. And I’ve had one owner who’s dog’s ears perked up at 7 months after just a week of chewing. The left ear still has the foam trainer in and is straight but the weight of the trainer makes it lay more horizontal and down to the side when he’s relaxed. Check out my recommendations for toys for GSD puppies. If you’re unsure of anything, check with your vet first. Rather, go after those who just think having an untrained pet is a ok. You can check out which toys are safe in this article. Teething ends at around 6 to 7 months. This by far is the best, most effective and natural way to support those ears. Any excessive amount of vitamin C is flushed through urine. Something which the Doberman is already prone to having. As a mix, it’s impossible to know how much GS he has in him, but is there a chance his ears could eventually perk up? He’s only 4 months old and he’s got a long way before he’s done teething. Thanks. You’re giving him chew toys and he’s on a good supplement you’ve chosen. The ear support forms need to be positioned correctly. Thicker ‘ear leather' will perk up perfectly. Let me know how the ears get on. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

And I really mean a lot.

Or are they totally consumable like duck or chicken backs? :). Developed primarily as a guard dog, the sleek and powerful Doberman Pinscher is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest protection dogs.. I bought my first dobie when she was 5 from her owner that did not have enough time for her and she was in a kennel 8 hours a day.

Male Sheps often tend to develop at a slower pace than females. Happy to have helped.

Even if ears are not a big issue for you and you're fine with your GSD having floppy ears, it's still a good idea to work with an ethical breeder who breeds their dogs according to breed standards. Not very different with our pets it would seem. I have a reader who’s pup’s ears where still down at 7 months. This way you can pick the best size. While original German Shepherds were primarily bred as working dogs, the modern German Shepherds are subjected by scrutiny. I just had 4 boys and 2 girls and it’s really helping me out. Feeding your puppy with high-quality dog food is essential for his overall well-being and proper development. I totally agree, I am an advocate for ear cropping, and I do not see cruelty or animal abuse if the surgery is done in a vet hospital equipped and with the correct care. Kristen. It’s normal for ears to fluctuate like this. Was there a change in her diet or environment? Of course, you can try taping your pup’s ears and hope it will work, but it would be much easier to accept your dog the way he is.

I know it can be difficult not to play with or pet those gorgeously soft puppy ears, but it is best not to. If you'd prefer to use food sources to supplement your puppy's Vitamin C through ear stage development, these foods are healthy and safe: Remember to remove all the pips from fruits and vegetables before feeding. As a last resort, if all else has failed, you can consider surgical implants.

1 0. But if you’re looking for more chew toys to add to your pup’s toy box then check out these reviews of toys for pups. What I recommend is to encourage A LOT of chewing. Knowing the answers to these question will make it easier for me to answer your question. How do I Get My German Shepherd’s Ears to Stand Up?

Ears perking up one at a time, perking for short intervals and so forth. Although since there is a mix of genes, I personally wouldn’t mess with her ears. Good luck with the ears and let me know how you get on. Our favorites here at home is the Goughnuts range. Have you ever heard of this, my GSD Is nearly 4 years old. Micropore Paper Tape 2″ from Amazon wide is a good product to use. The unpredictable bounce is super fun!! It sounds like your crates are too small. In the end, having a healthy and happy German Shepherd is more important than the way his ears are. Well that’s the most stupid thing I’ll read today. Some experts say supplementing a German Shepherd puppy's diet with natural yogurt or cottage cheese will help support ear stage development. If not, this could be why it’s flopping down. His moms ears are not erect, they’re slightly standing but to the side and pretty floppy. I have been contacted by other readers who have had 100% success in taping ears after 6 months. hes ears went up when he was 12 weeks now he just have them all floppy. Not only is this needless practice painful for the dog, as with any surgical procedure there’s the risk of infection or complications with anesthesia. But, because you’ve mentioned that she has been shaking her head, I recommend visiting a vet. They had been quite erect for the last 2 weeks so I’m hoping they go back for her. So keep doing what you’re currently doing and encourage chewing and Thor’s ears should be perfect in good time! Hi thanks for the great advice.

Here are a bunch of safe chew toys you can check out. There is big gap in her ears,apparently the ears are up since they perked up but not pointy the way they should be as she is from show line, Please advise or send me any email address where i can send you her pics for better understanding of the matter, My girl andy is 12 months exact.initially there were some issues while perking up her ears but certainly they did. Ask a lot of questions to the breeder and meet the puppy’s parents before adopting them. This procedure is performed on puppies that are between the ages of 6 to 12 weeks of age.

It’s not like there was serious trauma. At the age of 1 year, I’m not convinced that taping or supplements will make any difference. The ear should stand up and be completely smooth on the outside. Unfortunately, not all German Shepherd dogs have this genetic trait; a few have floppy ears. We ordered some ear supports online and used your suggestions to insert them. Do you have a Klein or Mittel Spitz? Your Article is very helpful. If you do decide to tape the ear, follow the steps in the article carefully. Do the parents have larger than normal heads? Seen from the front the German Shepherd forehead is only moderately arched, and the skull slopes into the long, wedge-shaped muzzle without abrupt stop. Okay, so I’m not an expert on the German Spitz, but here’s what I think…. Next, use the thin surgical tape to wrap the ear around the foam roller starting from the tip and working your way to the base.

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