75-85˚F during the day, 70-78˚F at night and basking 90˚F. Please check your entries and try again. Fundraising Opportunities Gut load and dust crickets with calcium powder to attain proper nutrition.

Branch, (ed.) (Since they only have one or two young per year.)

It’s worth mentioning that the flat body structure of the lizard helps it to squeeze in and easily crawl out of crevices and cracks. Smaug giganteus (Smith, 1844).

Native to rocky desert habitats, the lizard is known for its unique defense mechanism of quickly rolling into a ball and placing its tail in its mouth.

(ex. As long as their habitat is well-maintained, there won’t suffer from too many health problems.

Everything Reptiles is the authoritative reptile magazine used by all reptile keepers and enthusiasts as a trusted source of information. Their chin and throat are usually covered with small black marks and dark spots, while the upper lip is typically brown. Girdle-tailed lizard, any of various south and east African and Madagascan lizards belonging to the family Cordylidae. The genus name Cordylus Laurenti was established in 1768 and refers to the sideways swinging tail (when removed from their shelter), which is used like a club or cudgel; kordule (Greek) = club. Sungazers are the largest lizards in the girdled lizard group, which belong to the family Cordylidae, containing more than 50 species (Frost et al. [3] They are long-lived, and captives have been recorded surpassing 20 years of age. [6], Unlike most other rupicolous (living among rocks) members of the Cordylidae, sungazers live in self-excavated burrows (typically 0.4 m or 1.3 ft deep, and 1.8 m or 6 ft long) in the silty soil of the Themeda grassland in South Africa. - 10.0 UVA/UVB bulb- 100W basking heat bulb or more, depending on how tall your tank is. Also, you have to feed them less frequently, such as a couple of times a month, as they are cold-blooded animals and have a slow metabolism. They are live-bearers, having as few as one to four young per litter.

As you might have guessed from its name, the armadillo lizard rolls into a ball to protect its delicate underbelly when it feels threatened. As such, they prefer to be kept around other armadillo girdled lizards, making it easy to keep two or more lizards in the same vivarium. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Pp 209. Sand is not to be used as they will ingest it as they go to grab a cricket, leading to impaction in their stomachs and a hefty vet bill.Food and Vitamins:- Crickets and mealworms. Firemouth Cichlid Care: The Complete Guide, Endler’s Livebearers Care: The Ultimate Guide, Chinese Water Dragon Care: The Complete Guide.

Here are some more specific reasons that armadillo girdled lizards make good pets. [3] This threatened species is endemic to Highveld grasslands in the interior of South Africa. Your email address will not be published.

Armadillo Girdled Lizard’s scientific name, Ouroborus cataphractus, is also derived from its peculiar habit of rolling into a ball and biting the tail — just like the mythical Ouroboros found in many ancient cultures.

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They are docile and tolerate handling, the more you handle them the better. These are one of the easiest beginner lizards for people to start off with.

They bear live young, an unusual trait in reptiles. Their name is derived from the rings of spiny scales that encircle the tail, and sometimes the body, in a Once it’s in this unique curled-up position, the other body parts automatically act as additional layers of protection for its soft belly. Conclusion.

Because these reptiles are relatively small and typically reach about six inches in length, they don’t need large habitats. And unfortunately for lizard lovers, the rising global demand for armadillo girdled lizards is hurting their population in the wild. My crickets also get cricket food powder and water gel. Pic: Tyrone Ping.

Sungazer, girdled lizard, giant zonure (Eng.

It’s worth mentioning that the flat body structure of the lizard helps it to squeeze in and easily crawl out of crevices and cracks. The western girdled lizard never exhibits mid-dorsal stripes.

The Mozambique girdled lizard or flame-bellied armadillo lizard (Smaug mossambicus) is a large, flattened, girdled lizard found on Mount Gorongosa in Mozambique and low elevations in the Chimanimani Mountains at the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique.It lives in rock outcrops in grasslands and dry, wooded mountain slopes.. Paper towel and newspaper can be used if you aren’t worried about looks. Armadillo girdled lizards inhabit scrublands, deserts, and dry, rocky areas.

[8] Wild-caught sungazers are then imported from South Africa to the US, Europe, and Japan, where they command high prices.

Tap water left out overnight is best rather than bottled water because it has minerals they need in it as well. All Rights Reserved.

In its native South Africa, possessing a sungazer (dead or alive) without a permit is illegal. Everything Reptiles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and any other affiliated sites. The species is well known throughout its distribution, and is called by several different common names, in different languages. Due to their unusual and exotic look, armadillo girdled lizards are often collected from the wild and then sold in pet shops around North America and Europe. Care Sheet Not very much information about these lizards is out there, so this care sheet is a mix of personal experiences with my own Angolan Girdled Lizards and what is out there on the internet.

Strictly insects. Atlas and Red List of the Reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. [3] They are insectivores, but occasionally eat small vertebrates. A conservation assessment of the Sungazer (, removing excessive or indiscriminate images, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Between a rock and a hard polytomy: Rapid radiation in the rupicolous girdled lizards (Squamata: Cordylidae)", Sungazer Lizards are desperately in need of conservation.

I have 3 adults in a 30 gallon (36 x 12 x 18in) for example.- Screen lid.- Hiding places (rocks are great for this and basking) and a large shallow water bowl. Armadillo girdled lizards are collected for the pet trade, which used to was a significant drain on populations but is now illegal.

They prefer living in communal groups of almost 60 individuals in rock crevices. They are a social lizard so having …

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