Thank you for the information though I appreciate it and if possible will try to apply this somehow. nice guide! I've done several dozen runs and I'm finding I keep running into the same roadblocks no matter what build or strategy I use. Official Site. Required if you don't have supply depot or max lucky ammo. Show More. Chests are boxes that can contain scrolls, weapons, and golden goblets. Ao Bai is built around being a brute force fighter, having the ability to wield both of his weapons at once.

However, you can discard guns and scrolls from your inventory to drop them on the ground for anyone to take. If you upgrade your shields before snagging this perk, those shields get turned into health.

Although there a few different dog builds, there a few scroll choices I always make: Since the dog has low shields, my preference is to get "flesh and bones" as soon as possible. Your biggest problem will be ammo so be sure to find something that buffs ammo. We spec towards dual wield, but we're as afraid of the ammo problem.

Gunfire Reborn Resources.

+150, and get 50% chance of recovering HP which equivalent to DMG taken. Unlocks at level 30. "

Additionally, the game features a second character named Ao Bai who is unlocked by reaching level 30. Elemental fusion in Gunfire Reborn allows you to mix elements on targets, resulting in different effects. Lucky Ammo: Increased lucky shot in dual wield, maxing this skill causes you not to use ammo when you hit. Chests also contain ammo, money, and Soul Essence. After killing an enemy or destroying an item. i love the dog.

If you hit an enemy weak point like their head, you’ll always deal a critical hit. Also, due to his passion for explosions, he has always been able to make powerful explosives. Corrosive damage deals bonus to Armor (Yellow healthbars), Lightning damage deals bonus to shields (Blue Healthbars) and Fire damage does bonus to flesh (Red healthbars). Then, you can unlock an eagle named Qing Yan at talent level 40.

Two identical weapons like big hippos or star destroyers can be good, but be careful of using two weapons with the same type of ammo unless you have perks or scrolls that grant you ammo. High weak point damage for crits with crazy potential on Lucky Shot damage. So if you’re trying to unlock a new character, you can buy the cheaper talents to increase your talent level a bit quicker.

If you have two guns of the same type with different inscriptions, use the (1) and (2) keys to ensure you have the right one out for the situation (boss killer weapon, etc).
Adrenal rush: (-20 / -30 / -40% damage taken for 4 / 6 / 20 seconds after kill), close call: immune for (2 / 3 / 4) secs after getting hit for (25 / 25 / 10% damage). gaining dash charges along with gaining crits after dashing), In single-player, it is important to have element diversity to make sure you can take down different types of enemies, but in multiplayer it can be quite fun and powerful to specialize into one element using the +40% damage upgrade goblets, Focus on a weapon's inscriptions more than its +X stat, since you can always spend gold to upgrade your weapon at the tinkerer, Past the first stage, don't be ashamed to let a run die.

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