This is a direct link to the Kaskaskia Entry from Hodge’s Handbook: 1910. Peoria Tribe. Norris contends that the obliteration of Kaskaskia was not a wholly natural event and attributes the cause of the frequent nineteenth century floods to the large scale deforestation of the Mississippi riverbanks. The first wave of French immigrant men had long ended. The system of local government described in Belting, p. 21. 83. In addition, this is a direct link to the “Illinois” Entry from Hodge’s Handbook: 1910. 80. 19. 30. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. After the Revolutionary War broke out, American General George Rogers Clark undertook the Illinois campaign to capture important British sites in the Ohio River Valley. Maduell, p. 150-153. sign the guest book and He gossiped long over a friendly pipe and a congenial mug of brandy in the half-dusk of his porch or in the noisy tavern. 1763) and Angelique Pillet dit LaSonde (1731-1776), Jean Baptiste Creely (1758-1833) and Elizabeth Bienvenue Delisle (1763?-1852), Jerome Creely (1761-?) By the time American settlement reached them during the early 1800s, the Illini were nearly extinct and replaced by other tribes. Kaskaskia at the time was also home to a few French traders who had settled down after marrying native women.4, The mission and town were soon prosperous. By the time American settlement reached them during the early 1800s, the Illini were nearly extinct and replaced by other tribes. In 1970 it had 70 people. 1. 57. (Lee Sultzman). In this treaty, the Confederacy ceded all lands the tribes held in Illinois. 65. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, v. 1, p. 396. Belting, p. 21. After the defeat of the Kaskaskia, the supremacy of the Illinois Confederacy over their rivals continued to diminish. Before you leave, please Even with this, I suggest that you check with each tribe concerning their identity. Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records, v. 1, p. 59. 35. Likely, the townsfolk rescued their loved ones first and saw the eroded headstones (if there ever were any headstones) of the French settlers as a low priority. However, stripped of this embellishment, the story of the Illini's decline is a chilling indication of how the European presence, regardless of purpose or intention, unleashed destructive forces upon North America's native peoples which reached far beyond the immediate areas of their colonization. Homes were blessed, newborn children baptized, marriages performed, corpses buried, and holidays were celebrated under the auspices of the parish. Michael Tow is a junior at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, majoring in history education. Even with this, I suggest that you check with each tribe concerning their identity. From Lee Sultzman’s extensive First Nations Compact Histories, we learn that the destruction of the Illini after contact is one of the great tragedies in North American history. and Thérèse Godeau (1745?-1766? This is one of many examples in Belting, p. 54-56. . You will also want to read The Prairie Nations Page: Hodge’s Handbook: 1910. ), Joseph Beauchamp (1817?-?) The first non-soldier Americans arrived in 1779: Shadrick Bond, David Guise, Laton White, and Josiah Ryan (Alvord, p. 421). And every conceivable occasion he celebrated with religious rituals and pagan ceremonies.”. I always wondered how my 9-g-grandfather, Mamenthouensa, came to be called Rouensa. I do not know whether this is because none were taken or because they’ve been lost. 85. This could certainly be a clue. By 1711 there was a church in Kaskaskia with a bell, a steeple, a baptismal font, and three chapels.5 Visitors to the area also reported three flour mills in the area, two of them horse mills that were the property of the Indians.6 Early written records originating at Kaskaskia come from the hands of the Jesuits that started the mission. You also need an understanding of the Tribes and Sub-tribes in the area. Home | Descendants of the Creely Family | Photos | Research Wish List | Sources | Announcements. ), Eugene Alvarez (1822-1893) and Julia A. James (1823-1889), Francis Creely (1818-1899) and Constance Ouvry (?-1889), Francis Piant (?-1837) and Mary B. Zachry (?-? The 1830 Randolph County Census has 64 households. In Kansas, the renamed Peoria were given farm implements, as foreign to them as the land itself. If you like “first person accounts,” you have got to read Old Kaskaskia Days and Ways by Stuart Brown. Both tribes fought constantly over hunting grounds. and Françoise Creely (?-1826), Augustin Trudel (1769?-1822) and Françoise Creely (?-1826), Francis Creely (1790-1871) and Josette Lorraine (1792?-? 11. and Therese Creely (1798-1864), Joseph Creely (?-?) Among these was Kaskaskia, which he captured without firing a single shot on 4 July 1778.49 The townspeople responded positively to the Americans at first,50 probably in reaction to the neglect they received at the hands of the British. Obviously, though, the increase was insignificant. Ekberg, Carl J. French Roots in the Illinois Country: The Mississippi Frontier in Colonial Times. and Therese Creely (1798-1864), Louis Tesson (1789-1827) and Amaranthe Dumoulin (?-? sign the guest book and The Kaskaskia church bell, which was rung on 4 July 1778 to celebrate the town's liberation by the Americans from the British. Walsworth (?-?) A separate list dated 27 August 1787 names 178 adult American men in Illinois (not just Kaskaskia), not counting soldiers. (Lee Sultzman) Because a significant portion of Kaskaskians were slave owners, more citizens were prompted to leave. They even had time to relocate almost 4,000 human remains on higher ground on land that is today Fort Kaskaskia State Park.83 Unfortunately, very few of the marked graves are from the town’s French era (and none bear the Creely surname). Before 1695, she married Michel Aco/Accault. This is an amazing resource. Whether it's Giant City State Park in Makanda or the Trail of Tears that runs from Golconda to Willard's Landing west of Jonesboro, we can visit several sites that reflect the presence of Native Americans. 21. Another paper would be established in Kaskaskia in 1819 (v. 2, p. 577). In time, Kaskaskia continued to grow. 1920 Federal Census of Kaskaskia Village. 84. Later masons, blacksmiths, tailors, carpenters, roofers, and other occupations were found in Kaskaskia.32 Many men, though, had more than one occupation at different times in their life, and many engaged in farming in addition to their principle occupation. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. 3, p. 532, 537. By the time Jean Baptiste Creely came to Kaskaskia, though, intermarriage had grown less frequent.11 Kaskaskia and Illinois were originally considered part of Canada, but that changed on 27 September 1717, when it was officially annexed to Louisiana.12 This arrangement made sense, because Illinois was much more accessible from Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River than from Quebec. Disease and war drastically reduced the tribe’s numbers, so the members of the Kaskaskia, Peoria, Piankashaw, and Wea tribes formed a confederacy under the Peoria name in 1854. It was home to this family for generations, and even in the 21st century it is sorely missed. 81. Illinois Indians, Illinois Confederacy (Iliniwek, front ilini ‘man’, iw ‘is’, ek plural termination, changed by the French to ois).A confederacy of Algonquian tribes, formerly occupying south Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and sections of Iowa and Missouri, comprising the Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Michigamea, Moingwena, Peoria, and Tamaroa. Norris states that, “. The first newspaper in the state—The Illinois Herald—was published at Kaskaskia in 1814.69 A branch of the state-backed Bank of Illinois was established in the city.70 Trade exploded, and the presence of the territorial capital brought the best men of early Illinois to the town. With the Treaty of Paris (1763) and the end of the French and Indian War, France lost all of its North American territory east of the Mississippi River, including Kaskaskia. Lafayette would stay at the home of John Edgar, mentioned elsewhere in these notes as one of the earliest English-speaking settlers in Kaskaskia. 76. I suspect, that this number is actually smaller than what the town's population was during the 1810's. Kilborn, Peter T. “Mississippi Floods Drain Life from River Towns,” The New York Times.

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