,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. In February of 2013, Honda released TSB #12-002 outlining procedures for alternator testing with a GR8 Diagnostic Battery Station. More than enough to drain the battery after a day or two. Once you see this lit-up in your dashboard, chances are, your battery is running low on charge. However, once you have replaced the battery, the presets of the electrical system needs a reset. In November of 2012, Honda released SB #12-041 titled The Battery is Dead and Needs Multiple Jump Starts. It turns out that the previous owners had a type of after market alarm system that was also equipped with a type of fail start button installed in the car. The CR-V is one of Honda’s most popular and best-selling vehicles. We’re the ultimate Honda Insight forum to talk about Honda’s hybrid car and its fuel economy and specs! It means that the system is already faulty and car owners will have to deal with the constant replacement of batteries over and over again. JavaScript is disabled. It is a consistent problem and diagnosis of the cause are the same, and it is parasitic. 27 Posts . It’s also considered the 2012 Honda CR-V’s number-one-worst problem by Enter Code which I believe to be in the glove compartment so did that and now says "Code Error 21. ... Honda Civic 2007 4 door sedan 80000 miles. click hyperlink below! Honda Civic 2000 4 cylinder LX 123000 miles, I just put a new battery in my LX and it still won't start. Two years later they released SB #14-071 titled _ Battery Management Software Update_. There are many concerns with the CR-V’s battery problem, but the average mileage in which owners are experiencing the problem is quite arguably the most troubling of all. not that i know of-the pack needs 12v to "turn on" the pack. Battery problems have been a drain on Honda’s reliability for well over a decade. So the poor owners are left with no choice but to change their batteries now and then. A parasitic drain is when an electrical component continues to draw power from the battery even after the vehicle is turned off. While the average repair cost reported from owners is only around $200, there’s more to this problem. According to, 78 owners of the 2012 Honda CR-V report its battery dying. Any signs or symptoms of these battery drain signals for your Honda CR V, it will be good to take your vehicle to the nearest Honda Dealer’s Service shop. The water that entered the vehicle was substantial (see attached pictures). If you are the owner of Honda Accord, then I highly recommend you to read this article. 2012 CR-Z EX w/CVT. It just stays dead as if didn't have battery, I tried to use jumper cables but it's like no electricity gets to it. The 2019 Honda CR-V has 15 problems reported for dead battery. Let us start with 2007 Honda CR-V battery drain problems. The most recently reported issues are listed below. In TSB #17-032, titled Parasitic battery draw from VSA modulator (vehicle will not start), Honda says the VSA software logic may not shut down correctly when: The VSA modulator will continue to draw 350mA of power after the vehicle is shut off. Sometimes, the way we use our car determines the life of our battery. Reply. More than 100 owners report experiencing electrical problems with their 2012 Honda CR-V. And out of the 104 electrical problems reported, most owners report one specific problem: the battery in their CR-V going dead.

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