Below is a detailed look and installation guide to our Honda Ruckus Dual Mount Stretch Kit. Installed on a 2016 Honda ruckus, a little tight but fit perfectly. Complete kit that has everything you'll need to stretch your Ruckus 6.5"! For the latest news, promotions, sales, and upcoming events! Adding 6.5" overall length to your Ruckus will change it drastically! NEW Quick View The complete bolt-on Honda Ruckus GET 8" Fatty Kit with just about everything you need to do the get started. NEVER USE WITHOUT FORWARD SUPPORT STRUT. Brake cable could be about 4 inches longer. It may take some man power and some work, but it'll slide in. This is a DIY kit, this requires mechanic knowledge to complete, we are not liable for any install issues. Very satisfied looks great.. very sterdy and gurthy lol completely changes the look of my stock ruck.. they should just make em like this off the assembly line in my opinion.. Complete kit that has everything you'll need to stretch your Ruckus 6.5"! For as long as we know it (since 2007) this kit was the kit to get! need to lower the handlebars.. cuz that way your original brake cable and throttle will still work! We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. I love my ruckus sooo much after the 9.5 stretch! For replacement parts or questions please email use at NEVER USE THE MOUNT WITHOUT THE FORWARD SUPPORT STRUT. TRS 9.5 Extension kit V2 NOW POWDER COATED GLOSS BLACK not painted. Our stretch kit is fully adjustable between a 10 or 12 inch stretch and allows the ability to use either stock wheels or fatty wheels all in one kit. Though not necassary, it makes it easier to rewire and tuck wires later when you have an idea of where the engine and components will sit with the engine stretched. We will outline using the stock wheel size setting on this kit first. Required fields are marked *. When using fatty rim sizes, bolt shock onto left side of shock mount. If you have lowered your bars your throttle stock cables should work, Had a customer wanting to stretch his ruckus out. Check out our youtube video for our Honda ruckus build videos. EVERY PIECE OF THIS IS MADE IN THE USA, Even the washers. Use included washers to help offset the the shock if necessary. This kit is also available with 10x5 and 10x8 rims in our products section. And yes as much as I hated it, there will be a grinder involved!!! NCY Frame 6.5″ Extension Billet Aluminum Black or Raw Honda Ruckus, HONDA GROM RUCKUS Clear or Smoke Flush-Mount Front Turn Signals, Honda Ruckus Crankcase Oil Seal size 19*32*6 Variator side, GY6 and Ruckus OIL DIPSTICK BILLET T-6061 ONE PIECE, HONDA RUCKUS OEM CARB CONNECTOR (INSULATOR), TRS Ruckus / Zoomer Variator Ghost CVT Cover CLEAR OR SMOKED. Customer loved the extension perfect length. but then again I have a brand new 2019 ruck! We ship overseas. Here is a different angle of the engine bolted up with the forward support strut in place and mount in place. great product and the powder coat came out the same color as my ruck. NCY Honda Ruckus/Metropolitan Drum Brake Lever Set, Motion Pro 90" Extended Rear Drum Brake Cable, Extended Brake Cables (will work with OEM handle bars), Extended Throttle Cable (will work with OEM handle bars). Updated version now is TIG welded, with locking design so everything is trued. mounts.. I’ve seen other products where the frame already comes “dipped” in the places where the bolts are(so you don’t have to grind anything off).. but this looks more solid… more metal for support. This guide will outline both the installation using stock, 10x5, and 12x5 rims and fatty 10x8 and 12x8 rims. I hear a lot of people complaining that the original shock is too soft and that you will bottom out!? Will not work with Fatty 12×8. and you def. Free Delivery to US 48 States on, Ruckus GET 49cc Engine Stretch 9.5″ Extension w/ brake cable. Dual Mount with the stock rim setting using a stock rim. We have a ton of how to videos Every 49cc Scooter is different and results will vary. Comes with extended cables and fuel line! To me a must have , total improvement on the installation. This kit we have put together utilizes Mojo Customs GET 8" Fatty stretch mount that is completely adjustable. When using the stock rim size setting, the shock bolts on the right side of the shock mount. The cleaner the build, the better the build. Will buy more parts from them. Anti flex bushings are a great ad on ! Engine bolted up with forward support strut ran on the left side (variator side) of the side. Here is a look at where the shock mount fits. NOT TRUE!!! The long engine bolt goes through both holes. Shock Mount has 2 positions to lower scooter more. MAKE TO TIGHTEN SHAFT COLLARS ON MOUNT AND ALL BOLTS BEFORE RIDING. Riders under 200 Lbs have reached up to 60 mph tucked over a 2 mile flat stretch at sea-level. One of the first things you are probably considering when modding your Honda Ruckus is stretching out the engine. You may need a longer fuel line, throttle cable, and rear brake cable depending on your handlebar setup or just run the cables over top of your gas tank to create extra slack. I drive the !&$£ out my ruckus ,20 mi a day to and from work! oh and the “stock” shock will be fine!.. © 2020, All Rights Reserved. But speaking as a complete noob in the motorcycle/scooter fabrication business .. it is def. Had a customer wanting to stretch his ruckus out. No welding or cutting required. make sure you get an aftermarket shock because the stock one will be too soft. FITS ALL NPS-50 2003 And Newer. TIGHTEN SHAFT COLLARS ON MOUNT AND ALL BOLTS BEFORE RIDING. This extension kit is the most established kit for the Honda Ruckus. Went with this bracket, well built, good steel and welds look great. idk if they changed anything from previous years.. It will be difficult to change rim sizes unless you remove and install the kit from the beginning again. Comes with all hardware, +6 Rear Brake line and 3 ft of Helix  Translucent Fuel line. need 2 people, would make it a lot easier.. just label each hose and wiring harness that you unplug and you should be alright… Our stretch kit is fully adjustable between a 10 or 12 inch stretch and allows the ability to use either stock wheels or fatty wheels all in one kit. You’re just in time. i didnt read the description and found out. do-able.. def. This will flex the bushing so the rear section of the bushing could open up. NCY Honda Ruckus Engine Extension kit! Dual Mount with the fatty rim setting using a 10x8 rim. This part of the guide will focus on using the kit with fatty sized rims (10x8 and 12x8). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ruck shop people very helpful and answered questions quickly. picked up this 9.5 stretch and it definitely gave me the look i wanted. The first step to installation is to remove the engine and all wiring from the rear frame. Before riding, make sure all bolts are tightened. Your email address will not be published. NCY Honda Ruckus Engine Extension kit! WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - -- Learn More. The angled side faces the right. It can stretch from a short 8", to 10", and up to 12.5" longer than stock. (For help refer to our videos) This kit will come with everything (excluding the exhaust system) to convert your Honda ruckus to a GY6 150cc.

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