Needs identification is the first logical step to determine and justify the requirement for training in the first place, it acts as a prognosis of an organizational ailment. Developing a new employee training (or revitalizing an old one) is a big endeavor, but one that is … Please note that we are not proposing that the tactics used by McDonald's are the right or wrong way to strategically or ethically achieve growth. Organizational learning has become an important strategy that creates competitive advantages for organization (Boocock et al, 2002). Regularly review the outcome of training to identify further training needs and to assess the effectiveness of your training needs analysis. Human resource management plays an important role in the success of a company. The research could have been in more detail and extended if the researcher considered the whole country. Another thing was noticeable that most of the employees were not happy with the performance appraisals done with in the organization on the other hand some of them were very happy with the performance appraisals. at the same time when in survey the same question was asked that if the organisation believe in cross cultural training or not so 50% of them suggested that organization does not believe in it and 20% of them said they are not sure on the other hand 30% disagreed. Hussey and Hussey (1997) believes that questionnaire should be used only when sample is large as they are cheaper and less time consuming option then interviews. Human resource Manager should take training as a serious issue and need to find the right people who need training in the organization. McDonald’s is the leading global foodservice retailer that has more than 32,000 local restaurants in more than 117 countries. But after the discussion with interviewees researcher found that company is not a learning organizations. That’s why training and development becomes one of the most important tasks which HRM manager has to look at. When the training needs are outlined, the materials in order to achieve these needs are the next vital step. document.write (document.charset ? Holy crap, that’s a lot of people to train when you look at the cumulative time they’ve been around (over half a century now). This could be said that effective use of training of development in the organization makes sure there are many peoples who can work on different position on different times depending on the need of the organization. So, if any company has had the time and experience needed to formulate some pretty damn good practices for training, McDonalds is one such company. Finally when they were asked that how many times appraisals are conducted in a year 10% suggested that it is done once in a year and 90% suggested that it is done twice in the year. We will class this result as a cross sectional research because of limited time available to conduct the research. Above all the importance of HRM in almost every organization makes it very interesting for me to carry out my research at this topic.

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