If you just have an empty area with only signs to stop the water and a drop underneath, would they still pathfind to the walls? IIRC, upside down stairs along the walls works as they get stuck in the 1/4 block gap the stairs leave, and being 1x1/2 blocks in dimension they still get pushed by the water.
Then pipe them to a suitable grinder, done. They are climbing the walls after coming down the water stream from the spawner. Banner designed by u/JuulH from r/BannerRequest! User account menu. Hey r/Minecraft, I recently learned that, since the 1.8 update, cave spiders do not track you through solid blocks anymore (I'm not sure about transparent blocks), and after finding 3 cave spider spawners very close together, I wanted to build a farm. I forgot what the rule was. Are they able to escape, or do you just not want them climbing the walls at all?

Do/can spiders climb fences? However, after some tests, I found out that half of the spiders climb up the walls of the room after dropping into the water canals. I doubt upside down stairs will make any difference. So far, I've built a 9x9x4 room for each spawner and water canals.
), Have them drop down like a 3 or more area. How can I stop those nasty basterds from climbing the walls so I can slowly kill all of them mercilessly? I tried putting fences on the same level as the water canals, but they still managed to climb.

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What do you mean by CNN? Is there a different way I should transport the cave spiders out of there? I can guarantee this design is highly reliable. The ZipKrowd's Blender https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBaP5YKPMRE might be a good idea for killing them / getting them to 1 heart to throw a potion on them.

So far, I've built a 9x9x4 room for each spawner and water canals. Where should I place the blocks facing outward? 323. (Sorry for the fart bubbles. Could try putting a ring if blocs around the top. (This is the improved spider farm) Solved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Subreddit for all your Minecraft questions, tips, and building advice. Cactus is the only thing that's really going to stop a cave spider, as it would hurt them quite a bit before they got to you. Even glass. You can align the 'eye-sight' of a iron golem a little bit higher than the ground. The water canals are only 1 block wide, so I can't place them there. Then have water moving in one direction to a 1x1 hole that they go in and make a killing chamber at the end. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Try lining the canal with slabs or trap doors to make a small lip. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Was it that they can't climb transparent blocks or they just can't climb glass? I'm relatively certain no blocks stop a spiders climb… Close.

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Today I show you how to make a Dual Spider Spawner Farm that does not allow them to crawl on the walls. They can’t climb the underside of a block so it would certainly stop them climbing the walls. Use a L shape wall, the extended part facing in them so they will be hold by the slab, I would rather them just fall down instead of stay there :/. They cant climb on glass if I recall correctly. level 1

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