In this incarnation, the Great Fairy resembles a young woman with long, green hair and pointed ears. TLDR same as C4, but better. The Legend of ZeldaA Link to the PastLink's AwakeningOcarina of TimeMajora's MaskOracle of AgesOracle of SeasonsFour SwordsThe Wind WakerFour Swords AdventuresThe Minish Cap Twilight PrincessA Link Between WorldsHyrule WarriorsHyrule Warriors LegendsBreath of the Wild The second group of fairies can be located at Death Mountain Summit, inside Death Mountain Crater, and near Ganon's Castle. Affiliation(s) The pattern is down (Sword), left (Orb), right (Bomb), forward (Fountain), up (Levias). The Lv.4 Great Fairy is the Great Sky Fairy +, which is only available in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Characters that seem simple end up being the most complex, but you learn a lot from writing these guides. Because by the time I see her moving I think "um ok am I at L1 now? is. There are three things to remember when playing as the great fairy. All Great Fairies shows affection to Link when they upgrades his Armor. WISH GRANTED (...8-bit Epona when). This makes her ineffective in scenarios that require haste on the player's part, such as timed scenarios or moving around in large battlefields quickly. The three Great Fairies all look extremely similar, and greatly resemble the Great Fairies in Four Swords. In the Land of Sky, Link and Fi summon upon the Great Fairy to empower Levias in order to weaken an empowered Volga. Then she kicks to the left. In Breath of the Wild, there are four Great Fairy sisters named Cotera, Kaysa, Mija and Tera. This move has incredible range thanks to the bombs falling around her, and the bombs will activate the Fire element debuff, even though the moveset is normally water. As a Multi-Element Weapon, the Great Fairy of Tempests is also associated with Lightning. In the first scenario "The Armies of Ruin," Zelda and Link (or the player's character in Free Mode) use the magic circle to summon the Great Fairy to help weaken Cia's Dark Forces. This is fine for some of the faster move sets so you don't have to have pinpoint timing, but it becomes a problem for slower move sets like Lana w/ summoning gate and the GF. The Great Fairies of Power, Wisdom, and Courage, found on Death Mountain Summit, inside Death Mountain Crater, and near Ganon's Castle, provide Link with the Spin Attack, a magic power upgrade that doubles the length of Link's magic meter, and Enhanced Defense, respectively. Unlike the Great Fairies of A Link to the Past these ethereal women have a much more garish appearance. She then blows forward and the fairies fly straight ahead, hitting anything in front of you. For the right bombs, the parentheses states how far away the bomb is from the great fairy. The Great Dragonfly Fairy dwells in a cave in the Royal Valley. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Though a powerful weapon, the Great Fairy's power is offset by her running speed. There is one downside to it, though, and that would be how slow it is. Outside of the game's story, she also appears as one of Link's weapons under the Great Fairy moveset, where the player will control her while she carries Link in a Bottle, a reference to Fairy Bottles, thus keeping him out of harm's way. Unfortunately, since the great fairy is so big, it may be hard to see smaller targets, and your hitbox is scaled accordingly. Your rewards is a new weapon for Link. The great fairy will then appear from the pool, turning it into a fairy fountain and dives back in. (The Wind Waker & Four Swords Adventure)Queen of Fairies Congratulations on reaching the bottom left of the Adventure Map! These bombs deal a large amount of damage, and seems to have more range than other passive attacks. Be prepared for many flashy attacks and a lot of haughty laughter as we delve into this moveset. Next, she dashes straight ahead dragging enemies with her, and then she will raise Links bottle upwards dragging enemies into the air. Though they are powerful and respected by the inhabitants of Hyrule, their power has decreased over the years due to fewer and fewer people visiting their fountains presumably as a result of Hyrule becoming more dangerous following the Great Calamity 100 years prior. It should also be noted that if Link does not obtain the Tempered Sword before speaking to the Great Fairy behind the wall of the Pyramid, she will grant him the Tempered Sword, which can then be taken to the Dwarven Swordsmiths in Kakariko Village to forge the Golden Sword, provided that the trapped smith has been rescued from the Dark World and rejoined with his brother in the Light World.

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