3, 2nd ed. Since there are no Illyrian texts, sources for identifying Illyrian words have been identified by Hans Krahe [21] as being of four kinds: inscriptions, glosses of Illyrian words in classical texts, names—including proper names (mostly inscribed on tombstones), toponyms and river names—and Illyrian loanwords in other languages. *Katičić, Radoslav. Invading Celts who settled on lands occupied by Illyrians brought the Illyrians into contact with the Celtic languages. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. OSl "bĕžati" "to flee, run", Lith "bé(. Long before she was ever an esteemed member of the Night Court's Inner Circle, she was a young daughter of an Illyrian commander. Mellito has a Greek and Celtic element, while the Celtic associations of Ammida, Matera and Seneca remain questionable. Alb "re, rê" "cloud"* "sabaia", "sabaium", "sabaius", "a type of beer"; akin to Eng "sap", Lat. Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. The Illyrian languages are a group of Indo-European languages that were spoken in the western part of the Balkans [If the Messapian language was close enough to the Illyrian languages to be considered an Illyrian language, then Illyrian would also have been spoken in southern Italy.] Thus it seems generally agreed that the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta of the third century Bc derives from teutana, which means `queen'. in former times by groups identified as Illyrians: Delmatae, Pannoni, Illyrians, Autariates, Taulanti (see List of Illyrian tribes). ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. London: Blackwell, 1992. The meaning of these plausible correspondences is hard to determine: neither the internal links between the three principal Illyrian onomastic provinces nor those between ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. [Wilkes. What are synonyms for Illyrian languages? https://www.freethesaurus.com/Illyrian+languages. Only a few Illyrian words are cited in Classical sources by Roman or Greek writers, but these glosses, provided with translations, provide a core vocabulary. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 84,"... Apart from some names of Thracian origin, Bessus and Teres, and some Celtic names, Arvus, Belzeius, Cambrius, laritus, Lautus, Madussa and Argurianus (either Thracian or Celtic), the only name of south Illyrian origin is Plares. The last category has proved particularly contentious. Czech "pleso" "deep place in a river, lake", Welsh "bwlch" "crack", Arm "pelem" "to dig"*"Tergitio", "merchant"; cf. The consensus now is that Illyrian was quite distinct from Venetic and Liburnian [Wilkes, J. J. Boardman, Edwards, Hammond and Sollberger. The code for attribution links is required. Other local deities were Latta, Sentona and the nymph Ica, praying in relief sculpture), Knez 1974 (ritual vessel), Baçe 1984 (temple architecture in Illyrian Albania).] Die Quellen" (1955).] Rather than constituting evidence for the ..."] [http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0058;layout=;query=toc;loc=cu%2Flon Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott] [Wilkes, J. J. Phrygian "bekos" "bread", Eng "bake", Lat "focus" "hearth", Irish "goba" "blacksmith", Gk "phōgein" "to roast", Armenian "bosor" "red", "bots" "flame". The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 79,"... Four names are accepted as definitely Celtic: Nantia, Nonntio, Poia and Sicu. *Polomé, Edgar C., "Balkan Languages (Illyrian, Thracian and Daco-Moesian)". Rather than constituting evidence for the ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. It is an Indo-European language. Synonyms for Illyrian languages in Free Thesaurus. *"Teuta", "Teutana": IE "*teuta-", "people"; cf. The names occur in sources that range over more than a millennium, including numismatic evidence, as well as posited original forms of placenames (Krahe 1955). The Ancient Greek language would have become an important external influence on Illyrian-speakers who occupied lands adjacent to ancient Greeks. as of four kinds: inscriptions, glosses of Illyrian words in Classical texts, names— including proper names (mostly inscribed on tombstones), toponyms and river names— and Illyrian loanwords in other languages. Paris: Mouton, 1976, p. The relation of the Illyrian languages to other Indo-European languages---ancient and modern---is poorly understood due to the paucity of data and is still being examined. A grouping of Illyrian with the Messapian language has been proposed for about a century, but remains an unproven hypothesis. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,Page 186:"... around the head of the Adriatic were the Liburni, who occupied the coast and islands between Istria and the river Titus (Krka) and had been known to the Greeks since at least the eighth century BC. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. ); "σιβυνη" (Gk. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 86,"... 86 The Search for Illyrians (two examples), Varanilla and Varidius. [Wilkes. North of the Japodes, the altars to Vidasus and Thana dedicated at the hot springs of Topusko reveal the local 246 Roman Illyrians...] [Wilkes. Anzotica was the Liburnian Venus and appears in the traditional image of the classical goddess.] Skt "nadas" "roarer"*"Oseriates", "lakes"; akin to Old Church Slavonic "ozero" (Serb-Croat "jezero"), Latvian "ezers", OPruss "assaran", Gk "Akérōn" "river in the underworld"*"Pelso" (Latin authors referred to modern Lake Balaton as "lacus Pelso", "Pelso" being a hydronym from the local inhabitants), "Pelso" apparently meant "deep": IE *pels; cf. Lith "tauta" "people", German "Deutsch" "German", Old English "theod" "people", Old Irish "tuath" "clan", Umbrian "tota" "people", Oscan "touto" "city", Hittite "tuzzi" "army"*"Tómaros", Tomorr mountain; cf. Old Irish "temel" "darkness", Middle Irish "teimen" "dark grey", OHG "demar" "darkness", "dinstar" "dark", Lat "tenebrae" "darkness", "temere" "by chance, rashly", Skt "tamas" "darkness", "tamsrah" "dark", Old Church Slavonic "tima" "darkness"*"Ulcisus" mons, "Ulcinium" (city), "Ulcisia" castra; cf. ), "σιβυνης" (Gk. The names Daza, Dasius and Dazomenus have been connected with Das- menus in Pannonia and Dazos in southern Italy. Antonyms for Illyrian languages. adjective 1》 relating to ancient Illyria. Old Irish "folc" "heavy rain, wet weather", Welsh "golchi" "to wash", obsolete Eng "welkin" "cloud", Old High Germ "welk" "moist", Old Church Slavonic "vlaga" "moisture, plant juice", "vǔlgǔkǔ" "wet", The following names derive from Illyrian or are not yet connected with another language. [Wilkes, J. J. Because of this intensive contact, and because of conflicting classical sources, it is unclear whether some ancient tribes were Illyrian or Celtic (see for example Scordisci and Iapodes) or mixed.

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