What is frustrating about moving false alerts is that they seem just like a real police officer is following you with his radar gun left on. A false alarm is “an erroneous radar target detection decision caused by noise or other interfering Here can be done also a separate division in preceding and subsequent reference window cells. If you’re thinking of using this radar detector, however, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For great false alert filtering, check out our Radenso XP. Over 60mph, the detector enters into maximum performance mode for highway driving. and/or additional weights are made, for example, depending on the average noise level (OS-CFAR). If the threshold is set Pro Tip: While GPS Lockouts work excellently on stationary false alerts, you do not want to use them to lock out moving false alerts caused by other vehicles. FPGA chip). Even two radar waves on the same frequency might look different from each other to specialized radar analyzing hardware. However, the third echo signal, which is so weak that it would be lost even under the optimal threshold b), will be detected in the CFAR. To achieve a higher probability of detection in large distances by using a lower threshold level, Since the radar detector has a GPS chipset in it, it knows its exact location at all times. threshold level, by the presence of spurious signals (either internal to the radar receiver or from sources In the CA-CFAR method this averaging is carried out in the device "arithmetic logic unit" too. Moving false alerts are by definition mobile – so using GPS to remember the coordinates will not be effective. signal-to-noise ratio required will inhibit detection of valid targets. However, many automatic door openers, intruder alarms, towers and other industrial equipment still use X-Band radar. too low, the large number of false alarms will mask detection of valid targets. Adjacent echo signals can no longer cover each other. In the block diagram in Figure 2, the two logic symbols with the plus sign are replaced by a statistical method. As population density and commercial development has increased over the past few decades, stationary false alerts have become a larger problem. Also put in my other car and I'm getting the false alerts. Before moving false alerts from other vehicles became a real problem, radar detector hardware didn’t need the level of sophistication that is required nowadays. If you’re wondering whether this radar detector will be able to pick up frequencies from the detectors of police radios, you’re in luck. These are radar signatures that are emitted from non-moving locations, most commonly automatic door openers for stores. target when there is no valid aim. In a noise environment, very weak echo signals may be lost rather than in the case of a fixed threshold. False alerts emitted by moving vehicles present very differently than those originating from a stationary source like an automatic door opener. We do that by using three main methods: GPS Lockouts, Auto-City mode, and Signal Analysis.

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