It’s so well thought through, I doubt you’d ever be short of storage or worry about being organized.

Keep in mind that sealing wax will need to be reapplied periodically to truly protect the finish. The bonus feature is that the legs are made of a picture frame so that you can display a great print when the desk is folded up! Great styling with all the pieces on top too, as well as the old suitcases below.

We love this Ikea desk hack which uses an old wooden door laid on two LERBERG trestles. Here's a quick list of supplies however, you can always see a full list at the end of this post & with the video. Well, what can we say, this is just stunning! A simple one to start off with, this Ikea desk hack consists of two ALEX sets of drawers with a worktop laid on top. So we decided to leave knots and other marks in … For cost I don’t think you can beat this Ikea desk hack that consists of a pallet (free from any timber merchants) and four Ikea ADILS legs (about $4 each).

Before allowing your antiquing wax to dry or sealing it, move the wax along the surface with a dry rag. And I wasn't a great... My neighbor had to move and left a bunch of things in our field, covered. The IKEA Hacks: Bestå Burs Desk. Sometimes it’s not just about a great piece of furniture, but how it’s incorporated into the room and styled. so, he bought the cheaper kullen instead and the rest is … one project after another. then why not fix two Ikea KARLBY worktops together… My wife wanted a large desk to work on her Doctorate program.

Because with my sanding,... Our little dining set had taken some abuse over the years. I'm just skeptical about the material. I used this time to buff the wax into all of the areas I wanted the desk to have age. This Ikea desk hack uses a LACK table with extended legs to create a desk that is just 22″ x 22″. From the dark wood BARKABODA worktop to the dark brown leather chair and the black ALEX drawer units, this sumptuous Ikea desk hack oozes masculinity. Once the surface is distressed you can add a coat of antiquing wax to age the desk. Anyone else have this gripe? Most of the times when I think of Santa Claus, I always picture him flying through the night sky, in... CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY DIY UPDATESGallery walls have always drawn me in. Ignoring that stunning ‘Today I Choose Happy’ sign just for now, this is a gorgeous Ikea desk hack using MALM dressers that have been customized with their own hacks to create more depth and texture. Throughout my DIY digging on the internet I've found that almost everyone has their own process of applying wax. This great Ikea desk hack uses three HEMNES drawers and two worktops to create an amazing double desk space. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We love the fact that there are four or five different Ikea products making up this multi-faceted home office set up. 13 Spectacular Ways To Display Your House Number, 3 Easy Ways to Make The Cutest Coasters for Your House, 30 Essential Hacks For Cleaning Around Your Home, 31 Creative Garden Features Perfect For Summer.

Feel free to leave any questions down below & check out my other corners of the internet. For those who really don’t have much space for a desk, this is an ideal solution. Great antique style rug on the floor too! I suppose if you have the space, why not make the most of it!

I love the design of the Kullaberg desk ( but I hate how the surface has ridges in it. Depending on your desk surface you may want to stain or paint it. See my full disclosure here for more info.

That’s when Sugru comes in handy. I love repurposing furniture and I also love furniture that serves double-duty! So you want to learn how to blend paint? then why not fix two Ikea KARLBY worktops together and lay them on top of trestles to create the epicly large desk in this hack (or is it a meeting table!?). Currently trending right now, Farm Tables and Farmhouse Decor are EVERYWHERE! If you need a little more space on your desk (ok, a LOT more space!) This Ikea desk hack is quite a project, but we had to put it in due to it’s genius design. A great piece of design, especially as the overall cost of this Ikea desk hack is unbelievably low. This Ikea desk hack is probably not used in that way, but is still a gorgeous double setup with three FINNVARD trestles and two wood worktops. The section with the computer raises up on actuators to become a standing desk! Somtimes you only have space for a slim desk and this Ikea desk hack is a stunning way to provide it. It’s just two ALEX drawers with a wood worktop, as we’ve seen before, but the big difference is the use of LED lights to create a dramatic background.

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