I may have to make a trip to Houston. I might of glanced over it but what type of mpg are you getting with that tune? I have the Stage II, but with the delete. MPG is up too, i used to average around 42-44mpg, The trip to the installer i got 38.2 and the trip back i got 49.2 at 70mph with AC on without even trying. CR170 Stage 3 Built by AARodriguez and tuned by JR Auto Performance, BMW 335D / X5D Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer, Project Race Wagon: 2015 Golf Sportwagen Street/Track Build, BMW Diesel Common CEL Codes - Troubleshooting Help Resource, 4687: Throttle Valve Actuator code troubleshooting - BMW M57 Diesel, 4990: Exhaust backpressure sensor before turbocharger, plausibility, Low Rail Pressure! My tune included: awesome thanks for the time and review...im pulling the trigger on the rawtek exhaust monday then getting it all done with malone tune soon, no i only have apr air box no tune...malone is the best and ive been waiting to do it all at once.

She has been DPF/EGR deleted and am loving every moment of driving her.

Better throttle response, acceleration, fuel economy, and reliability... What else can I say about it? Rolls Royce Avon Rb146, This is the 3rd car I’ve had tunes by Malone, always such a huge difference, mpg are better, performance is greatly improved. This is one badass truck! where did you get it done fellow canadian? A few days later, I was at Stage 2. Yesterday I got a Malone stage 2 tune from Les and he pulled out the DPF, EGR, flapper and cats and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the response! If you keep your foot out of it I would imagine you will see a considerable increase, that might take 2-3 years to pay for itself. I like the performance from this tune although I am not getting the mileage I heard from it. Tracey Emin Now, We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It was not tuned, but was a weird frankencar. The computer holding RPMs at 2600 is the rev limiter. It had the larger injection pump, and threw cod for all the transmission sensors that don't exist any longer.

Mazin Elsadig Net Worth, Very nice change to the way the car performs especially when using the top part of the rev range, pulls smoother, stronger and longer. Additionally, I sold my '02 just before hitting 400k, so I also want to make sure reliability won't be an issue.
Stage 1.5 for stock. According to Malone tuning and the tuner that did it it is... and I damn we'll hope so because that's what I paid for! Malone also reported that it took longer to reach their 1,500-degree peak EGT threshold during instances of prolonged acceleration. First off, I want to give a shoutout to Les at Diesel Dubs. Malone also reported that it took longer to reach their 1,500-degree peak EGT … Right now that is not an option for me. Feels like a different car and just did the first full fuel up since the revised exhaust and Malone Tune were installed. Been tuned and deleted for 60K miles and the car is amazing. We read the car on Thursday evening and by this AM Mark had come up with a Stage 2 tune and Ken put it into the car. Yeah, I tried to ask them a question using their form on their site, but their spambot eliminator keeps kicking me out. Jc Chasez Songs, Only issue is the software is a little tough to use and install. However, my tune was done by "Speedtuningusa" bad experience. Makes me feel even better. Or is it not recommended? The car pulls hard now and sounds fantastic. Which is fine with me, on a gasoline car your mileage drops as you add power. Please enable it to continue. The company’s Stage 2 cam, as tested by Malone Tuning, provided a 100-degree F reduction in EGT (exhaust gas temperature) at highway cruising speed, which is fairly impressive. Go. It’s faster than a stock turd but putting lipstick on my turd doesn’t make it any more reliable. I run .216's on my Stage 4 tune and have plenty of fuel left if I want more. I own a 2013 JSW which i bought new.

This is all according to the MFI - I haven't done a tank fill/mileage check yet. Tuning Method FlashZilla 3. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Cozumel Treasure Chest, Stage 2 Malone and complete delete didn’t gain me shit for mpg. You must log in or register to reply here. Also, did you have to run logs like he does with 4 cylinder engines? Never Have I Ever Episode 3,

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