Male long Coat Desert Lynx. A very satisfied customer, Shirey, F Pace is a head turner and fun to drive but some. ), ( Mokave Jag Cats are popular with police officers, sheriffs, detectives, firemen, and US Customs agents as well as medical professionals such as doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, and paramedics. Also, if you don't understand why their prices are so low, you should read on their website to learn a little about them because they aren't your typical car dealership. I’ll be back for sure!

I don’t think I would get any other car for so many reasons. I usually use Delta as they love my cats and take very good care of them. Suspension is super soft which makes it drive like a boat, so it's comfortable driving a long distance. When these lovely felines are retired from breeding, they become available to caring families at a reduced price. Originally, I wanted to get an Ocelot, but after a lot of research, I realized that it was not such a great idea.

You now have committed to buying that particular Jag Cat and can no longer move your deposit to a new cat. TJ Chapman Auto has done my auto repair for years. All rights reserved. Love this car, its sexy, its fun, its comfortable. Adolescent or young adult Jag Cats become available if the cat is infertile or when I retire one of my Kings or Queens, usually at 18 months to 3 years of age (Jag Cats take 4 years to fully mature). ?ve ever met and he commences to put together all the little things that come with the car and sits there with us and gives us the basics on how everything works. ). in


I do not offer "pet-priced" kittens; all my cats are the highest quality my breeding program can produce. Mokave Jag Cats are safe replacements for wild cats such as caracal, lynx, ocelot, or serval, all of which can be dangerous and unpredictable. 2. Each country has different regulations regarding pet importation.

Although you are welcome to ask when a new photo might be posted, please understand that this is a time-consuming courtesy, not a requirement. She had 3 cars we were looking at ready to go.

The icing on the cake was Keith. The eye colour changes as the cat matures. They make you feel so comfortable. Shots and wormings. Hennessy Jaguar Land Rover Gwinnett Review.

If your kitten did not come from the Mokave cattery - it is NOT a Jag Cat and will not be recognized by the cat registry association. The body is a sport look but definitely still luxury.

PLEASE NOTE: April worked after hours to reach me with answers to my questions. Bulldogs Puppies for adoption.

Jaguar sets the standard other automakers should follow. Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands. About a year ago, I thought I needed a paint job on my car, but TJ suggested that he do his refurbishing special on it. I just truly cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I have only had it for a day, but it exceeds all of my expectations! Are you an animal lover? Sorry, you've saved the maximum amount of favorites for your account. Very happy.

She loves to play, cuddle, then play some more. Since then she's been curled up on me and meows constantly if I'm out of sight. My car makes quite a statement everywhere I go. of Mokave Jag Cats, Copyright © 2000-2019.

Jag Cats are fun to be around! Mokave Jag Cats are the ultimate cat!". They honored everything we talked about and then some. ", "Nemo is by far the best money we've ever spent.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and I will definitely speak with Alex the next time I'm looking for another car. in Although created from hybrid crossings of bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat and Serval, Jag Cats are bred to be gentle and loving. How much time do you have to spend with your kitty? It was a GREAT experience and such a smooth transaction. Visits to my website since January 1, 2006: Website by Nora Scholin.

Purebred Himalayan kittens CFA registered 8 weeks old kittens have had their first shots very sweet... 5 days ago

), ( Only felines purchased the Mokave Cattery in Florida can be registered as Jag Cats. 20

"Zara riding on my shoulder. Message me for more details, 7 hrs ago ", Available Kittens   ---   Available Cats The 2015 LR4 purchased new had a couple small issues - diagnosis 1 day and replacement battery installation another day for eco system replaced & plastic cover breaks and falls out for light on license plate - 3x in past year.

If you do not pick a kitten within the first year, simply add another $500 to your deposit and both deposits will be good for another year. in Some of my giant Jag Cats have reached 38" in length and weigh almost 30 pounds!

Labrador retriever Puppies for adoption. Every single employee is so dedicated to their job and they run like a well oiled machine. We'll email you when new cars are added or there's a drop in price. People contact me because of the exotic looks of my larger cats, but they buy their second Jag Cat because they've fallen in love with their loving personalities and amazing intelligence.

Exotic felines that make great family pets! Canyon Country, in There was no pressure at all to buy. Can be seen with their mum. ?t make it very easy for her hitting her with question after question, but she stuck with us and answered every one. Mokave Cats, Jacksonville, Florida. It took generations of selective breeding to create this wonderful breed.

), (

Shots and Wormings. Before purchasing a Mokave Jag Cat, you must talk to me in person or on the phone (904-292-9195) so that I can be sure that the cat or kitten you want will be appropriate for your environment. Beautiful classy interior; responsive acceleration; A-1 service centers.

All Rights Reserved. All the whistles! I’ve owned 4 Jags and decided I would try something different. They asked me the correct questions and we found the perfect car that suits my family and I. We reached out to Alex via e-mail to schedule an appointment and touch base with him regarding the car. Zur is now 1-year-old and already 17 pounds! Price is firm . Wonderful horsepower and speed. Lancaster, 17 She goes to work with us.

Alex left us completely alone to look over the car and discuss whether we wanted to move forward. I was surprised she wasn't a bit nervous. I've also placed Jag Cats with members of the US Marines, Navy Seals, Special Forces, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard. I get compliments on it almost everyday. Sex availability Both  male and Female pu... We can let you know when your search has new results. Domestic Cat / Jag Cat.

Scheduled maintenance is free for 60 miles. Santa Clarita, Please review my Pet Parent Criteria to be sure that one of my felines would be right for you and your family. 5 Jag Cats are often used as therapy pets. About 2 years ago I bought a 2013 Ford Focus ST-3 from them for an excellent price. Due to their high intelligence and unique personalities, Jag Cats can be leash-trained and are often used as therapy pets. If you need help for a test drive something else, just ask any staff for an available sales rep to help you and they'll find one. To All My Pet Parents:  I am currently recuperating from surgery.

2007 jaguar xk is one of the best made cars,period. If I ever need another vehicle, TJ Chapman Auto is the place I would go.

My felines travel in the same temperature and pressure-controlled environment as the human passengers. Talented Shih Tzu Pups,M&Fs,10wks Shots UTD with papers.For instant feedback Text or call: 510-296-5... 5 days ago People who genuinely love animals generally have more patience and make a greater effort to learn about and understand these unusual felines.

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