Except for the very first blue/red version the Electric Mistress featured a "Filter Matrix mode" which allowed the user to freeze it at any point in the flange, offering distinctive chime-like tones. Originally this was intended to be a pedal that would mimic the fuzz tones of Jimi Hendrix and other guitarists at the time, but the result was a mix of a fuzz and distortion pedal with a very heavy sound.

The list price was $187.50. Paste as plain text instead, × In addition several low priced models of acoustic guitars were sold. Display as a link instead, × soldered a 1M5 resistor from the effect input to ground (that solder point that holds the spring to the chassis). Upload or insert images from URL.


  You cannot paste images directly. Electro-Harmonix currently manufactures over one hundred other pedals. EDIT: ON reviews people say it's very noisy and sucks :x.

i'll check tonight if that other lug the effect input toggles to connects to anything. Like the Small Stone, it is issued in both the standard size and two different smaller versions (the Nano Clone is based on the Clone Theory circuit, while the neo clone is the standard).

Although the first Big Muff production date was for many years cited as 1971, the first version of the Big Muff was actually sold in 1969 as a hand-made "perf board" version. The latter connection resulted in the pedals being branded the 'Foxey Lady'. Also FREEEEEE! The Flanger Hoax pedal is a more advanced unit, allowing further control of the various parameters of phaser, flanger and chorusing effects. I know they sound pretty similar considering the Neo Clone is basically a smaller version of the Small Clone. Amongst them are the Bassballs (appropriately named for its intended use with bass guitars), Doctor Q and the Q-Tron. [9] The phased sounds of French composer Jean-Michel Jarre depended heavily on the Small Stone unit.

In 2002 it started designing new pedals to add to its range.

It was reissued years later by EHX and a smaller version of the pedal was eventually introduced in a 'Nano' casing (officially called the "Small Stone (Nano Chassis)"). You have a full sized Small Clone that you're selling for the same price as the Nano he's thinking of buying.

Several pedals produced in the decades prior have also been discontinued, many of which are still in high demand for their unique sound. Just get the big box one for $30 more and be happy. The Bass Big Muff replaced the Russian version.[7]. The Holy Grail, Holy Grail Plus, Holier Grail (discontinued), Holiest Grail (discontinued), Oceans 11, and Cathedral pedals produce reverberation.

I'm pretty sure I have answered this very question before on HCFX... ^^search^^. A smaller more compact version, the Mini Q-Tron, is also available, as well as an even smaller version, the Micro Q-Tron. Why shameless? Following the departure of his partner, Matthews was introduced to inventor and electric engineer Robert Myer through IBM colleagues.

As of 2012[update] Electro-Harmonix produced a reissue assembled in New York City; until 2009 it produced a version made by Sovtek in Russia which provided a slightly different tone.

The Electric Mistress is an analog flanger. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. I HAVE A FULL SIZE SMALL CLONE THAT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY SO I CAN AFFORD TO BUY MORE PEDALZZZZ. Pretty much exactly how I remember my old Small Clone sounding. They didn't buy out a warehouse and put their name on them. Is the $20 dollars more for the big box worth it.

Most people say that the small one sucks major balls compared to the big one. SonicMayhem42, February 21, 2012 in Effects and Processors. Unfortunately, tracing a clone's manufacturer, production methods, and reputation can be nearly impossible.

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© 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. The kind of quality you can expect will likely vary greatly depending on the company that makes the boards. The company's Holy Stain multi-effects pedal also includes two different types of reverb.

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