Today, I put this on your wound. I’m a Marine.

She can’t see it. !Booker: If Merrick can discover how we keep living, he might find a way how to end it. The only reason we haven’t, is that it’s not our time yet. Adapted from the screenplay written by Greg Rucka. [they both laugh softly]Booker: Just give her some time. Why didn’t you tell me?Andy: It wouldn’t have changed anything. And his kiss still thrills me, even after a millennia. You could, and you gave them up.Copley: I thought it could be the end of disease. We never have.   –Andy, If this doesn’t work out, next time you go first. THE OLD GUARD - Charlize Theron ("Andy"); Kiki Layne ("Nile") Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020 While watching The Old Guard on Netflix, I couldn’t help but notice these quotes. But what I do know is she was alone for a long time before she found anyone like her. Things you can’t forget. I’ve heard it so many times before. Andy: You come from warriors.Nile: Yeah. Nile: So we really never die.Andy: Nothing that lives lives forever.Nile: But you said that we were immortal.Andy: I know what I said. His heart overflows with a kindness this world is not worthy of, I love this man beyond measure and reason. We’ve been set up. [as Andy and Booker are planning to get Nicky and Joe back]Nile: I can’t do this.Andy: Yes, you can. KiKi Layne plays Nile, a young soldier who discovers that she too is immortal and subsequently joins the team. What they are yet, I know not, but they shall be the terrors of the Earth. We walk out of here like always. [referring to Quynh]Nile: I feel her pain.

–Andy, They know who we are, they know what we are. [last lines; six months later in Paris a drunk Booker finds Quynh in his apartment]Quynh: Booker. Tomorrow, you help someone up when they fall. [referring to all the information he’s collected on them]Copley: This is only what I’ve found going back the last hundred and fifty years or so. Please!Booker: What would you know of the weight of all these years alone?Joe: You’re a very pathetic man, Booker.Nicky: Joe, stop.Booker: You and Nicky always had each other, right?

Andy: We walk out of here like always -- together. But they can’t teach you how to live with it.Andy: You’ve got to feel it, Nile.

Me and those three men in there will keep you safe.Nile: Like Quynh?Andy: We’re all you’ve got. get transcript. You’re already healing faster. [referring to Andy]Copley: Mr. Merrick, look, if it’s true, and she’s somehow not immortal anymore, then she might not survive the testing. And you’re going to be great for the team. I don’t know. Joe: You shot Nicky. It’s like destiny.Booker: No, more like misery loves company.Andy: What he said. After you've seen Netflix's new big-budget action picture, take a couple minutes to vote for the best The Old Guard quotes. –Andy, I lead a group of immortals. [after Andy and Booker confront Copley, and Booker shoots her]Andy: You set us up?Booker: Please listen.Copley: When my wife died, I devoted myself to your work. They’re going to lock you up. Merrick: You’re a bloody mess.Andy: Now, how old are you?Merrick: Come closer and I’ll tell you. An army, I guess. She kept fighting and she kept drowning.

The CEO of a pharmaceutical company, Merrick (Harry Melling), has a plan to capture them and forcibly take their DNA. You’re going to protect us from those who want to put us in cages, and you’re going to help us find those jobs that are best suited to us.Joe: She’s not asking.Copley: I’d be honored.Andy: Then let’s go to work. Collectively, the group has spent hundreds of years protecting the innocent from various threats. [there’s suddenly an explosion]Nile: Oh. Tomorrow, you help someone up when they fall. I know you’re scared, Nile. It’s already saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Copley: Humanity needs you to share your gifts. [after Nicky and Joe have been captured by Merrick’s men]Soldier: What is he?

Soldiers, fighters like you. [after they’ve killed Merrick]Andy: Play dead, m*therf***er. And you will never forget the hate and despair in their eyes. We don’t have all the answers but we do have a purpose. 1812.Nile: No way.Booker: Yeah, I died fighting with Napoleon.Nile: So you’re even older than him.Joe: Mmm. And you’re going to help us. –Copley, We don’t get a say on how it ends, we never have. I made Quynh a promise and I broke it. Andy: I gave up searching for her. Nile: I saw what you did in that church. What? Nile: I dreamed about a woman locked in an iron coffin, under the sea. [as they meet with ex-CIA, Copley]Copley: You haven’t aged a day, Booker.Booker: Trust me, I have. This is a movie that is filled with action and an awesome story line, if you don’t believe me just check out this awesome list of 35+ bad-ass Netflix The Old Guard quotes to enjoy! All those bodies.

We’ve done nothing!

Whatever it takes.Nile: Whatever it takes?Andy: Yes. [after Andy lets Nile leave to go back to her family]Booker: Where’s Nile?Andy: You and me, Book. Joe: [to Booker] You selfish piece of s**t!Nicky: Joe, leave it. None of them.Nile: Time steals it all away, I guess.Andy: It’s not what time steals, it’s what it leaves behind. Nile: Why us?Booker: That way madness lies.Nile: I thought you were the brains of this outfit.Booker: [laughs] Tell you what I do wonder, is why you? [after seeing that Andy’s bullet wound is not healing]Booker: Andy, look at me. The screenplay was written by Greg Rucka, based on his graphic novel series. [as Andy and Booker are planning to get Nicky and Joe back]Nile: I can’t do this.Andy: Yes, you can. That your love is weak, or selfish. And you will never forget the hate and despair in their eyes. [referring to Merrick as Kozack is brutally testing on Nicky and Joe]Nicky: You will not be able to give him what he wants. She needs us. Andy: Humanity can screw itself. It’s nice to finally meet you. [flashback to Andy and Quynh after they’ve been captured]Quynh: I’ve never been burned alive before. [then he proceeds to kill Keane] They try to condition us, you know? I just really want to hear my mom’s voice one more time.Booker: You’re a good kid, Nile. I couldn’t do anything. As if they never conducted covert research.Copley: No. Make it look like I was killed in action. [they both laugh]Quynh: Just you and me.Andy: Until the end. That’s what you wanted.Andy: Oh, Book. –Andy, If we are dreaming about her that means she’s dreaming about us. Or rather the saviors. [Merrick’s men then watch in shock as they kiss]. Meta Kozak: I believe this can change the world.Nicky: A fine justification. Or my sisters. Let’s get this m*therf***er. He’s all and he’s more. It’s getting worse! –Copley, I thought it would be the end of disease. I do.Andy: I can’t remember what my mother looked like.

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