call_ad_new('halfpage250','tn_article','inline_ad_300x250_'+articlePostId+'','rectangle_4',targetingArray); The union has lost members to the disease. Otherwise, democracy ends.” Fixing our own democracy is hard enough, but what good is a fortified island in a thrashing sea?34. Registered nurses at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital have voted to go on strike for one day on Feb. 13 if a union contract cannot be settled before then. They were baristas and retail clerks, food service workers and engineers. To him and other leaders of health care unions in Pennsylvania and around the country, putting energy behind an effort to defeat Trump in November is not a hard decision. The Einstein workers had won an NLRB election some weeks earlier, but the vote was close enough to signal weakness. Community concerns became union concerns and gave teachers the public backing they needed to win in 2019.20 District 1199C has also organized 120 behavioral-health employees at Delaware Valley Residential Care into the union, and applied to represent nonprofessional employees at Einstein Medical Center. The ruling threatened the viability of home care unions and, by extension, the earnings and working conditions of aides and the welfare of patients. Union leaders are aware that the pandemic, and officials' responses to it, have amplified the deep polarization in American politics. Those efforts could have consequences in swing states during the November elections.
  She agreed the two sides have differences on pay and the length of contract.

McAlevey is right that a whole worker approach is needed to create lasting strength, but in a given campaign, for a given set of workers, the precise alchemy and sequence of organizing, mobilization, and advocacy may vary.26, This might be said of the Fight for $15 in fast food, a more recent legislation-heavy SEIU effort that McAlevey has criticized for privileging one-day walkouts and minimum-wage bills over organizing. hospitals with unionized r.n. After a stint in philanthropy, she was recruited by the AFL-CIO and trained at SEIU 1199 Northeast, a large health care union known for its communist roots and commitment to rank-and-file power. “After that, management started staffing us,” Pollock told me.4, Their manual was No Shortcuts, a 2016 book by the union strategist Jane McAlevey. An organizer I know summed up McAlevey’s approach as follows: “You have to work the plan. (Ringo H.W. But home care workers are poorly paid, with an average salary of just $24,000 a year, or $11.57 an hour, according to the Bureau. targetingArray['tn_subject'] = ['labor-orga', 'non-fictio']; When the book went to press, McAlevey had no reason to believe that we would witness a resurgence in organizing and strikes. communications to a union qualifies equally as notice directly to employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 3,253,000 home health aides and personal care aides working in the U.S. in 2018.
McAlevey’s influence is such that the book, like her first two, is certain to be passed from hand to hand—and what more could an author ask for?7 Raising the floor through legislation may be a critical first step toward finding a more durable collective form.27, The case of low-wage immigrant workers further illustrates the inadequacy of a one-size-fits-all model. "I think there's probably some more acute listening than there has been in the past," says Matt Yarnell, president of SEIU Healthcare PA, the largest health care worker union in Pennsylvania. District 1199C of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees endorsed Saval, who won the race. Bill Zoda, for one, is impressed. She wrote the book in a rush (just 45 days, she says in the acknowledgments), and the loosely structured content reflects this haste: a mix of organizing shop talk, myth busters, interviews, case studies, and commentary on everything from Silicon Valley and Chinese manufacturing to employment case law and gun violence. To obtain a copy, please file a request through our … call_ad_new('halfpage','tn_article','ad-halfpage-347960-0','rectangle_1',{"tn_author":"'e.-t'","tn_articleid":347960,"tn_ptype":"article","tn_keyword":"false","tn_subject":"'labor-orga', 'non-fictio'","tn_slp":""}); } The CIO opposed the American Federation of Labor’s practice of sorting workers into separate craft-based guilds (for carpenters, pipe fitters, and so on), which sliced up the labor movement and excluded those with less bargaining power. The rhetoric of globalization has certainly been used to enable union busting and profiteering overseas, but this only means that our scope of organizing must grow to match the ambitions of capital.29, Describing the drift of manufacturing across the US-Mexico border, McAlevey writes, “As I drove to Nogales, I could smell the toxic exhaust emanating from U.S.-owned factories just outside the reach of much stricter laws stateside…. Saval says he heard anecdotally that a lot of nurses and home health aides in the district supported his campaign even though their unions may have endorsed his opponent. Transfer the domain to the Registrar of your choosing, 12 monthly payments, only $341.25 per month. If you work the plan, you will win.”18, Few unions have worked this plan as well as the United Teachers of Los Angeles, which represents 34,000 employees in the LA Unified School District. I understood that the free in free trade meant the freedom to pollute the planet, pay extremely low wages, and be exempt from all duties and obligations to society. He was a recent transplant from New York, where he’d taught ballroom dance lessons and gotten involved in socialist politics. McAlevey does not identify restaurants, nail salons, day labor corners, or private homes as strategic sites for organizing, but the workers in these spaces and the immigrant worker centers supporting them have developed their own ways to win self-determination and power.28, Immigrant workers also remind us of the importance of transnational ties and cross-border solidarity, which CIO-style organizing, born of a less economically complex, less globalized era, does not necessarily take into account. And she seems to have foreseen the vulnerability of their method: Home care unions eventually became the target of the right-to-work lobby and a business-friendly Supreme Court. By signing up to receive emails, you agree to receive occasional promotional offers for programs that support The Nation's journalism. Current Issue As anyone who’s been following the fight to save Hahnemann University Hospital can tell you, PASNAP has been on the front lines since day one. The reason is simple: .com is the where most of Web traffic happens. He says he hopes to push legislation in the state senate that could make long term care more affordable and help more health care workers unionize. It’s true that the campaign has yet to produce a union, but given the rapid turnover and poverty endemic to workers in the fast food industry, it isn’t clear how to organize them without first attempting to stabilize their lives. The coronavirus pandemic may be accelerating a process of "class formation" within and between those workforces, Winant says. "Health care and social assistance as a share of the workforce is very clearly largest in deindustrialized places," Winant says. She advocated for Central Americans harmed by the US military and worked in communities of color facing disproportionate pollution. 's have 5.5% lower heart attack mortality than do non-union hospitals. Because the workers in some Asian countries are so explicitly repressed: they aren’t allowed to use an independent Internet search engine to read stories of workers forming unions in places where the government doesn’t attack them,” she writes. targetingArray['tn_slp'] = []; }, The tie between a sturdy union and a sturdy republic goes from being a secondary theme in No Shortcuts to the central thesis of A Collective Bargain. magazine_button_bg_color_347960 = '#dd3333'; All three groups of nurses voted to join PASNAP at the start of this year.

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