The Most Reverend Archbishop [insert name] of [place], Archbishop John, His Beatitude, Your Beatitude. Some Witches are not Wiccans and practice Traditional Craft or folk magic. A pastor was preaching a sermon to inspire his people to support the newly-adopted church budget and entitled his message “Sermon on the Amount.” Another sermon was named “What Hole Did He Crawl Out Of?” The message was based on Genesis 3 when Lucifer appeared as a slithering, sly, scheming serpent. A person who is the priest of priestess in Haitian Voodoo. Ruling Elders are ordained by the local church and serve on a board that leads the church. How to abbreviate Retired? It is the centered on healing, divination, and herbalism. A title that is held by the chief or head of a druid order. A chorbishop is an official of a diocese in some Eastern Christian churches. A title sometimes used by adherents of Heathenism, referring to a priest or ceremonial leader. One preacher selected Exodus 8:12-14 as his text and used “I’m so Sick of Frogs I Could Croak” as his title. Some Presbyterian denominations distinguish between Teaching Elder (aka Minister of Word and Sacrament or Pastor) and Ruling Elder. Patriarch [insert name] of [place], Patriarch, His Beatitude, Your Beatitude. "K'vod K'dushat," meaning "The honor of [his] holiness". Rassophore Nun [insert name], Sister [insert name], "Bishop [surname]" (the title is often retained as a courtesy after the individual is released from the calling), "Brother [surname]" (except for full-time missionaries, in which case it is "Elder [surname]"), "Brother [surname]" or "Patriarch [surname]", "Elder [surname]" or "Patriarch [surname]", Assistant to the Matron (wife of a temple presidency counselor), "President [surname]" is used for most positions that use the word "President" in the title (including all. A masculine term for someone who practices. Senior pastor – typically is used when the church has more than one minister or pastor on staff. This position had a different meaning to the Reform Jewish in the 19th Century. Some Metropolitans use the style "The Very Most Reverend", and a Metropolitan who is the head of an independent Church is addressed as "Beatitude" rather than "Excellency". The four men cut a hole in the roof to let the man down on his stretcher to where Jesus was and the man was gloriously healed. The Most Reverend Metropolitan [insert name] of [place], Metropolitan John, His Eminence, Your Eminence. Referred to as The Right Reverend; Father Abbot, others depending on personal and abbey custom. "One who meditates" Also a word for Sadhu, Saint, Sant, Monk. Referred to as Reverend Mother or Mother Abbess, Referred to as The Very Reverend or Father. Practitioners honor each person from a holistic viewpoint and acknowledge their basic loving nature.". Many Wiccans are Witches because of the inclusion of witchcraft in many Wiccan traditions. One of my students came up with the list (below). One preacher took that narrative as his text and entitled his sermon “When Lefty Stuck it to Fatty.”, Proverbs 27:15 declares, “A continual dripping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.” One preacher took that verse for his text and entitled his sermon “Chinese Water Torture.”. One pastor used James 3:2-10 as the foundational text for his message “The Little Red Devil Behind the Pearly White Gates.” I suppose the “little red devil” is the tongue and the “pearl white gates” is a reference to the teeth. The pastor entitled his sermon “Four of a Kind Beats a Full House.”. Purchase books from top selling Christian authors in both the non-fiction and fiction genres. Referred to as or Reverend Mr. or Deacon. The word Rabbi is derived from the Hebrew root word רַב, rav, which in biblical Hebrew means ‘great’ or ‘distinguished (in knowledge)’. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Alayhi wa 'ala Alihi al-salat wa 'l-Salam, Means "Upon him and his family be prayer and peace", Means "The exaltations of God shall be upon him and his family", Salawat Allah wa Salamuhu 'Alayhi wa Alihi, Means "The exaltations and peace of God be upon him and his family", Salla 'llah 'Alayhi wa Alihi wa Sahbihi wa sallam, Means, "May God exalt and bring peace upon him, his family, and his companions", Means, "May God exalt and bring peace upon him and his progeny", Means "May God be pleased with him"; Used for companions of prophet as well as scholars, Leader of the faithful ( only used for four. Sometimes independent groves (druid form of circle/coven) may have an archdruid, but generally this is reserved for the head of an entire organization such as the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA). The title of the teachers at the Madrasahs, Islamic schools. Literally means ‘great one’. Protestant Christian honorifics and titles; Role Description Preacher: Some churches in the United States Pastor: Reverend: Elder: Some Presbyterian denominations distinguish between Teaching Elder (aka Minister of Word and Sacrament or Pastor) and Ruling Elder.

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