ReplicatedStorage is a container whose contents are replicated to all connected clients, allowing such objects to be stored until needed. All sensitive information or core information should be kept on the server and the client should be asking the server for it. What the server does there replicates to each client but a client’s manipulation to ReplicatedStorage stays on the client. It appears you’re changing all of the BoolValues to true clientside. Returns the first child of the Instance found with the given name. Complex games often require a range of assets that are held in storage until they’re required. Anything client sided is vulnerable to exploits. Thanks, since in that case the data isn’t sensitive,i will prefer keeping it in ReplicatedStorage to reduce bandwidth. Spectroxis July 7, 2018, 8:35pm #1. From my experience this should work fine it will replicate if you set it up correctly. I’ll record and send it as a video. on the ServerStorage object, and set the ReplicatedStorage object to the ServerStorage object at the end. Fires when the Instance/Parent property of the object or one of its ancestors is changed. If the child does not exist, it will yield the current thread until it does. @123oro321 It is totally safe to store things in there. If you do it with a server script and clone the tool through ServerStorage, that load will be on the server. Is ReplicatedStorage secure from exploiter changes. This object cannot be created with the Instance| constructor function. For further information, including information on how to prevent or manage the use of cookies on this Platform, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. If the server edits the value, shouldn’t it change for the client? Personally, I would avoid this kind of a structure and opt to solely use ModuleScripts and remotes. It never changed since the server started. © 2020 Roblox Corporation. Returns a string describing the Instance's ancestry. For objects that only the server requires access to, we recommended you use. Have you tried storing it in the ServerStorage and only use the client to toggle the state of the door, if that’s what you’re going for. Sets the attribute with the given name to the given value. Using remote events and functions would be the best way to go, like what you’ve said, make the client fetch the settings using remote function. What I’ve historically done for important data is have the real copy in ServerStorage, and a client read copy in ReplicatedStorage. Fires when a descendant is added to the Instance. Can you send the code you’re having trouble with? Objects can be replicated to the client by parenting them to ReplicatedStorage: Although the client can access and modify ReplicatedStorage, these changes will not replicate to the server or other clients.

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