Open the downloaded file, Zebra_2018.x.exe, from your downloads location. To fix, open your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices and note which Rollo Printer is "active". To use Airdrop with your Brother label printer, complete the following steps: To connect the Brother label printer to your iPhone or iPad using Wifi Direct, complete the following steps: In Communications settings, confirm that the Wireless Direct setting is enabled: Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the front of the printer until the green Wi-Fi LED begins flashing. Once the installation is complete, connect the Rollo printer to your Windows Workstation via USB and configure the Rollo printing preferences.

Rollo is compatible with Windows (XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10). Rollo is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 or newer. Knowledge base. If you have trouble locating your Control Panel, review Microsoft's Where's the Control Panel? This should match the dpi set in your ShipStation Label Document Options. At completion, the device should appear as Barcode Printer.

Get your shipping labels directly from Rollo or from any other supplier. Click Add a Printer and select your Rollo printer from the list of connected printers that appears. The general rule is the slower the print rate, the better the print quality.

This page was printed on Nov 03, 2020. Second, on the printer page in the Mac, hover your mouse over the box (where you would normally see the printers) and hold the Command key + right-click. Set the following options in the Page Setup tab: In the Stock section, set the Name to 4 x 6 (4.00 in x 6.00 in). In the list of available networks, tap the label printer. Follow the procedures outlined below to set up a Zebra printer on a Windows workstation: Download the Seagull Scientific Driver for Zebra printers. You can confirm that your printer has been installed. The remaining default settings should already be configured for 4"x6" labels. Then choose which instance you'd like to modify. In this way you can use different types of paper for different documents and set ShipStation to automatically print selected documents with the paper used in each tray. Connect the Brother label printer to your workstation and power it on.

Then, be sure to print to the same active printer name when printing.

If that is the case, your printer may not work with other applications like ShipStation. 4. If this does not happen automatically, follow the instructions below. After installation, please go to your Window's Printers and you should now see "Rollo Printer." The new instance of the printer should then be added to the Printers section of your Devices and Printers Control Panel. On that note, this offers a boost of convenience, specifically for businesses that print in massive amounts. Shopify Shipping is available for orders shipped from fulfillment locations based in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Plug your printer in to your computer using the included USB cable, and connect its power adapter.

Follow the installer's instructions. Perform the automatic label identification by pressing and holding the top circular button on top of your printer, wait for one beep, and then let go. Here are a few examples: HP Laserjet Preferences: The paper size, source, and type options are in the Paper/Quality tab. Adi G, Installing Zebra printers on MAC computers is now pretty simple and you can be up and running in a few minutes.

To install the Dymo printer in Windows 10, plug your printer in to your computer using the included USB cable, and connect its power adapter. Open the RolloPrinter_Drivers_Win_1.x.x file from the installer folder. Make sure the printer is not connected to the computer while you install the driver. When you see a green light, try to print. (Please reference the manual for specific details.). Adjust the label offset, darkness, and print speed. Each instance of the printer will appear in ShipStation (and other apps you print from) as a unique printer. This article will guide you through the specific setup requirements for using a Rollo thermal printer with the ShipWorks software. If you'd like to adjust the label margins, follow the instructions provided by Rollo in their Adjusting Label Margins help article. 2) Ensure you have several labels available behind Rollo and one label loaded for Rollo to print.

You will need to repeat this step if you change your label type or size. Can two sellers list inside AccelerList at the same time? Select the port from the Port drop-down menu that matches the existing instance of your printer. To achieve standard font sizes for a 4x6 Rollo-printed label, set the paper size to 100mm x 150mm. For the current version, visit Reason: Values cannot exceed 40 bytes, Getting started with Merchant Fulfilled listing, Configuration of Custom Sku for Merchant Fulfilled Listing, How to re-authorize AccelerList in Seller Central, Turning on/off label printing during box content, Manually entering buy costs (imported inventory), Creating and downloading financial reports from Amazon, Maintaining a healthy eBay seller account, How to find promotional savings activity on eBay, Understanding the Amazon / eBay Price Comparison Box, Understanding MCF (Multi Channel Fulfillment) fees on Amazon, Understanding Order Statuses for eBay Sales, How is Accelerlist different from existing Ebay listing applications?

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