Next change will be to Motul 7100. Request an enquiry I want to change the oil in my primary, and can't find any straight 20-weight oil anywhere. Q. Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3; Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4; Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 RE Interceptor 650 engine produces heat very much and I could feel it in my thighs from the petrol tank. 3.1 liter capacity . It's worth every penny. The same oil you will get much cheaper as HP branding so why spend so much better n just a sticker. The oil duct of a motor are calibrated for the viscosity of the oil recommended by the manufacturer at 100°C, in this case "cSt 18"; the oil you are using, at the same temperature, has a viscosity of "cSt 25,6". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. its good and easy to maintain but RE plz come out with your alloys for 650 twins plzzzzzz.Over all quality is good but quality can and should be improved for its longevity. The Right Synthetic Motor Oil for Your 2017 Royal Enfield Continental GT. interceptor has narrow seat for rider which makes you crak your back after couple 100 kms, overall the motorcycle is topnotch of RE. What to do? I use Motul 5100 15w50 semi synthetic in my Himalayan. I don't see any reason not to use the specified grade of oil. I am worried whether it's safe to drive when petrol tank gets heat? This has nothing to do with that. What chain lubrication should I buy for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650? Fully Synthetic 10W-50 JASO MA2 / API SL , such as ELF MOTO4 TECH 10W50. Engine oil color and level is visible through a round glass area(When bike put on centre stand). I was plaining used triumph street.

But RE suggests for Interceptor/GT 650 oil change at 10000 Kms with 10w50 Full Synthetic Oil. Everything you need to know about 100w Solar panel, Things you can power with a 10w solar panel, 5 best solar charge controllers for 10W to 50W Solar panels. Different models – of royal enfield himalayan. @ uppiliappan | 10 w 50 oil grade . So depends upon your riding method. Tell us what oil you use, why you chose it and your experience with it.

Go for 15w50 HP Oil. Yes & No, it is recommended using SL GRADE JASO MA 2 SEMI SYNTHETIC. Open the top cap on the right side of engine to put new oil inside. Netmegafone is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate The electrical system is one of the most commonly ignored parts of a bike. comfort I say both have a lack in seating. Hey I filled 20w50 to my continental gt 650 recently am confused weather I should replace it with 10w50 ,will it harm my engine in a long run, please help me by your valuable advice.

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