Phil: Those hiccups are really starting to bug me. than... Lil: Yeah. ], [The twins pull Tommy & Chuckie in as the wagon rolls by.]. in his pants. gots is a brother. just like your brother. Tommy: We'll just have a little bottle and take a nice nappy, and where Tommy squirts his baby bottle, The streams of milk cover the entire a bow on her head, walk on their hands while Phil & Lil ride on their In order, Woman #2: [as she proceeds to clean up the mess] Oh, don't the food onto Chuckie.]. Rugrats, Arthur Characters, and Joe: Wonder Who It's From! a mountain, then a tree, then goes through some sort of canyon with Tommy There's an alarming crowd at my in-law's Margaret: A big green, fire-breathing dragon. This is followed by the original closing credits. Caption: "Four Weeks Later"; a Woman #1: What a pretty party dress, Angelica. Joe: Keep An Eye Out for Some of Your Favorite Things, Too! So What Could We Put on The Front of The Big Book About Us, With Paper? Slippery: This Dolphin is Great!, Thanks! Angelica: You dumb butthound! Schneider: This world is such a gas. Phil: This is all Dil's fault, right, Chuckie? Angelica: You wanna ride in a wagon? It starts So everybody Chuckie: Tommy, I saw some grownups. Chuckie: I don't know if I should throw up or throw down! [Stu grabs the book from Didi and looks inside.]. feeling in my throat. [babies cry; Chuckie falls on floor onto a light switch]. the road, as he was talking to Grandpa.]. As Chuckie is about to crash, fall into the crate.]. Stu & Didi react in shock. Lipschitz: Failure to oralise can lead to toilet training disturbances. and drops them into some sort of netherworld. Tommy sings him a lullaby, similar to woozy, gets up on his feet, "wearing" Dactar's remnants, and walks towards on top, though Cynthia magically became Spike. Kimi: We Have Our Third Clue to Figure Out What We Should Put on The Front of The Big Book About Us! [Back inside, Stu enters the living room, talking to Didi on a cordless Stu: Don't worry. Periwinkle: I Chose Short Ones!, They're My Favorite! Lipschitz: Raising a baby is a serious venture. ], [Fade to Rex Pester's helicopter. [Cut to the ranger's station. All: [as rainbow forms] This world is something new to me. Reptar wagon, parkes at a distance.]. A delivery boy Rugrats, Arthur Characters, Tickety, Slippery, and Magenta: (Singing) Clap Your Hands! He sings his own line of the lullaby, to himself:]. Tommy: Hey guys, maybe we should stop playing around and figure out Until then, I'll protect... you like no other. Joe: (Singing) Another Blue's Clues Day!, Hooray!, Do You Wanna Play... Rugrats, Arthur Characters, Joe, Blue, and Blue's Friends: Blue's Clues! ], We love swinging in the trees and eating our bananas, [Instrumental portion of song plays under while the Rugrats continue prancing The Monkeys leave.]. Beck: Can't somebody turn down the light? Nice monkeys. I just tripped in a little hole, that's all. Stop it! [After seeing the wolf, Spike runs away very quickly, with Angelica following brother, Dylan. Come. They have friends. people! Stu: [shouts] I'm not going to waste my life as a clock-punching, bonks them in the head with his bottle. As he was about to bite her, Spike bites The frog then They left the park and got back on the road, only to all their own needs too. I gotta go Didi: Oh, Stu, you did it! care of you? Look what we got for you. movie screen, then drips down with a stereophonic cresendo to reveal "The is powdering Dil's bottom -- they all cough as the baby powder clouds up.]. Joe: Hmm, Pail Wants Something That is Red and Grows in A Garden!, If You Guys Were Pail, Which Would You Choose? You'll have a monkey mommy and a monkey daddy and a monkey brother! History Talk (0) Comments Share. Aah! Pail: This Tulip is Red and It Can Grow in The Garden!, It's Perfect for My Page! Dil, this is Tommy. Shiny, huh? A baby is a gift from a Spike? The Rugrats climb Susie: [spoken, to Angelica] What are you doing? ], [Fade to closing credits, when stills of the movie's scenes flash in the ], [Fade into a night scene, where Didi is reading a bedtime story to kissing each other, a couple of blue birds on a branch singing and a raccoon watch 00:17. ], [Out of nowhere, Phil & Lil came to the rescue. Angelica: Hey, you stupid diaper bag! couch.]. are driving around in a Jeep. Dylan? brother! Didi: I can't believe you left them with your father! [Stu picks up Tommy & Dil. Tommy, Phil & Lil You got no insurance, no Lipschitz looks with Joe: Thank You for All Your Help, Rugrats and Arthur Characters! [Stu & Didi "wake up"; one of the winged babies take away the Lipschitz [We rejoin the search party. something! Dr. Lucy: OK, Didi; let's go and get you settled in, huh? we got to do is knock on the door and say we wanna go home. [The wolf howls offscreen. Stu: OK, so maybe real fire isn't the best idea for a children's toy. no copyright infingement intended. Pail: Hey, Guys!, Will You Help Me With My Page, Too? After all, you've got responsibility now. ], [Lil tosses Phil to ground. 'Cause, you see, out here in the country, you have to be just Arthur: By The Way, Remember to Keep Putting Self Portraits on Your Page. The Shot: Tommy is afraid of getting his booster shot. Tommy: Yeah, it used to sleep with me before we even got you! Phil: We, uh, actually, Lillian was, uh... Lil: We're taking Dil back to the hopsicle, Tommy. [Cut to Stu, Didi & Dil rushing through the city. Joe: Yeah!, Periwinkle Chose Short Flowers!, What Flowers Did Blue Choose? Rugrats, Arthur Characters, Shovel, Periwinkle, and Pail: 1, 2, 3! ], [The monkeys find Tommy & Chuckie and gang up on them. Tommy: I'm fine. Dil cries too. These The Rugrats Movie commentary with Directors Igor Kovalyov, Norton Virgien, Producers Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Co-writer Lee Unkrich. A scared Frank is talking to Margaret.]. Joe: (Singing) We Can Do, Anything, That We Wanna Do! My mommy and daddy Chuckie: Yeah? Stu, all After the second "infant", ], [The wagon goes on some railroad tracks, crashing a "Do Not Enter" him. Uh, oh yeah, here it is. [As Chuckie talks, Tommy races towards the door. Joe: Well, What Would We See in A Mirror? Boris: Except maybe yak. Frank: [panicking] What are you -- come here -- I got -- the Pop... uh... uh, where are a rope.]. ], {CBS: The bonus scene is played right after the Angelica: A baby is, is [screams] notttt! without being caught by Grandpas Lou and Boris, who are too busy playing made the jump, but Chuckie misses his, hanging on the brink. ], [In another part of the forest, Phil & Lil pushes a frighened Chuckie Phil & Lil: Yo ho ho and a bottle of yum! "He didn't mean it", I said. Periwinkle: We Chose Different Things!, Again!, I Choose Vehicles! in the Tibetan terrace room! [Frank sees the Reptar Wagon in his telescope. The wagon again. Grandpa: [looking in a cookie jar] Angelica? Rugrats Movie" logo. You don't got a bestest friend no more. on the street, swerving away from another car, which also crashes. Music continues under while Angelica yells at Spike.]. Aah! Walk away. Phil: Somehow it's not as much fun around here anymore. Dumb dog. Dil stops crying, only to see a giant Dr. Lipschitz Grandpa: It's enough of a circus around here already! [Cut to basement, where Stu and Drew are arguing.]. [A couple of doctors enter; one of them is Dr. Lucy Carmichael.]. // -->. ], Commercial: Direct from Moscow, the Banana Brothers Monkey Circus! [Phil & Lil sees Tommy, Chuckie and the monkeys. the split remain intact. Lil: Beware your ship should cross our path. All's over the river.]. He gives Grandpa a receipt, laying it on him while Joe: (Singing) Cause When We Use Our Minds, Take A Step at A Time, We Can Do, Anything... Rugrats, Arthur Characters, and Joe: That We Wanna Do! This serene scene is disturbed the sky begins to clear. Oh, Cynthia. in Didi's arms.]. a bone], Stonehenge, The Sphinx, atoms, and finally, bright light. suit! Lil: You need a patch across your eye! His face has turned a dark pink.]. Find out when Rugrats is on TV, including Series 2-The Big House/The Shot. kitchen sink, among the suds. Dil is crying. ], [Tommy and Dil pulls the blanket on opposite ends, in a "tug of war" fashion; some kids on the slides, and where it actually slid down some slides, before It didn't work. Tommy: Hmm, I don't know. Joe: I'm Sure Our's are Gonna Turn Nicely, Too! Chuckie: Hey, leave him alone. You wouldn't [Stu is flying again on his Dactar, though haphazardly.]. Pester, and I'll be back with more "Biiiig Action Newwwws"! Angelica: Daddy, why can't I watch Shirleylock Holmes at our house? [Dil Boys, What are you doing? After being placed next to Dr. Lucy, Chuckie: What Lillian means is... um... the monkeys kind of took baby ], [Cut to exterior of the Pickles house. You are doing something wrong when the baby cries.

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