This is a huge bonus to all those doing SAM/RNG. Now if you don't have access to these pieces you can easily add up the other gear to get your desired level of Store TP.

Either go with cheaper Hachiman Sune-Ate which nets 2 STR and 2 accuracy or if you're Hume, Marine M Boots give you 3 STR and 2 AGI. Let's all speak the same language, these are a few common abbreviations I use: - DoT : I use this exclusively to refer to the part of your damage that comes from TPing. Askar Gambieras offer 3 STR and 3 AGI and topple both RSE. You should be doing great damage with or without it applied. Basically calculate the weaponskill's TP return separate and add to it the 5 melee hits following. - TP Bonus :

Now if you're arguing with your friend over about 15% haste gear and going from a 6 hit to a 5 hit build (with Hagun) then you probably should reconsider and take that haste. You can either do Fire Staff and still use Hasso, or you can go with Trailer's Kukri and a Tatami Shield.

Make a macro for these pieces and don't remove it. - DPS : D/Dly*60.

It will cost you more melee power though than the physical damage setup.

Added Stormblood (4.0) Early Access Items.

When you swap back and forth Third Eye is not lost, but how it behaves will change. Samurai is the job for weaponskills. Yeah, attack is good too, but since the big 3 Great Katana weaponskills (Yukkikaze, Gekko, Kasha [YGK]) all have 75% STR modifier, adding 1 STR is worth (just eyeballing these numbers) about 4-5 attack. You can actually be a fair distance from the mob and still hit it. These will both be effected equally by Hasso and Seigan: you will have a longer cast and recast time.

If you aren't to that point yet, you can easily find 10 Store TP on the Hachiman or Shinimusha armor sets (Shinimusha Hara-Ate, Shinimusha Haidate). With the addition of Nyzul Isle weapons and weaponskills comes Tachi: Rana.

I'll layout what I think are the primary atma to own for Samurai and then get into a few secondary/tertiary considerations. Always listing the Soul Crystals for Crafters and Gatherers! Full usukane offers 29 evasion and 13% haste so you're in a great balance situation. Changes or questions should be discussed on the talk page. Now from the 35 Store TP point, it is easy to reach a 46 Store TP point. Since that's the case, tone down the accuracy in some key locations to maximize your damage on those Sidewinders. In the spirit of completeness, I've added a catch all section for notable weapons that you don't typically use. The gear above would be for a straight-tanking situation. You're using this weaponskill to save your bacon.

Here's a chart to help show the amount you need for different builds with 365 (Iron Ram Lance and Reserve Captain's Lance, both high DPS polearms), 396 (most SAM Polearms), 420 (some GKT, mostly those useable by NIN), 437 (a few +1 GKT as well as Relic and many of the new Trial of the Magians GKT), 450 (most Great Katana), 464 (Zanbato and a few outliers, as well as the new Kurodachi) and 480 delay weapons (Futsuno Mitama and some Polearms like Tomoe): Levels in red are either unattainable or not worth the trade offs. /DRG is useful from level 20 all the way to 75. Yes, you can Trick Attack from the front.

If you have Katayama, skip this, otherwise get this. There are two reasons to use this over Gekko : the added effect and for the purpose of making Light. On firesday, pretty strong. It stunk when you got it and it still stinks at 75. Often called Gimpulse Drive for how much it stinks, it can still put up some numbers and make a darkness chain. Over time though that means you essentially have gained around 2.5% damage. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. There are by far newer and better pieces that I could discuss, but these are important starting items.

Pre-75, /DRG is a solid subjob from 20-50 especially if you have the 5% haste earring (Wyvern Earring) and the 6 attack mantle (Wyvern Mantle) that only work with /DRG. Note that this whole section pretty much pertains to endgame and tanking, merit parties are usually straight up Hasso with a Seigan only when you need to save your bacon.

On the Abyssea front, you'll need to keep a polearm handy to help with staggers. If you’ve found yourself here, you’re likely leveling up a Samurai.

Again, like the above damge mitigation setup I wanted to keep damage fairly decent since that's the main method of keeping hate. However, given the choice of shuffling over to the front for 15% more WS damage or sitting still, I'd shuffle over.

With the two-hand update and max GKT merits my non-SATA WS is accurate enough to not need much additional accuracy so it closely resembles the SATA build.

I think the real question is what mob you are fighting.

Improvements for belts are Speed Belt, Ninurta's Sash, Goading Belt or even Bullwhip Belt if you don't mind being weak to every spell known to mankind. It is useful though and works in a pinch for mage power.

Particularly if that AoE is absorbable by shadows. Omg, now we have to use clubs?

Your other option here is Kirin's Osode which will give you 10 STR and 10 AGI and be a huge damage boost. - WS frequency/WS freq : how often you can theoritically use a weaponskill. Now this isn't a complete story though. Proceed to the next pages with the links above! Well you can't do a fraction of a hit, so it takes you 7 hits. They do more though. Your email address will not be published. Hence the haste pieces, Usukane Sune-Ate, etc.

Other than being fun to say, Tachi: Jinpu is a pretty decent skill. Your email address will not be published. Ok at low levels you can get by with some ranged accuracy rings and a good bow, Beater's Earring for good measure.

Stand to the front of your opponents as little as possible and when you're tanking keep them faced away from people you're worried about getting hit with the moves. 2 Sen: Tenko Goken – Large cone AoE.

Mikazuki+1 and this are pretty close in performance, and if memory serves me well, this is somewhat expensive. Utsusemi will overwrite Third Eye however. There's at least three other options (Aces's, Askar, Usukane). White Tathlum has 2 Store TP if you're still coming up a bit shy. This is where many Samurai make an error.

Otherwise Rana is unfortunately another mediocre weaponskill. DoT : 2.5*.05=.125% increase. This doesn't mean ignore accuracy, but it does mean you can relax how much you maintain for your WS build. Well, the elemental weaponskills have suffered because you couldn't get over the magic defense curve of the monsters. So for weaponskills I get rid of all the haste gear and even some Store TP. If you're lucky enough to have Shadow Mantle, since it activates 10% of the time it is equivalent to having a -10% back piece but it will not be a consistent reduction.

Good for a few levels, but the 2 RARE/EX options below are better. Gekko comes packed with a higher Attack bonus than Yuki or Kasha and as a consequent is the most commonly used GK WS.

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