Make it bendable, like a conveyor or pipe… Make it come in a 2x, 4x, 6x 8x segment… The more you add, the faster our game runs. This is to put a bit more push on automation, but also so players don’t unlock a milestone they can’t do anything with. Some buildings need to be the first, so there will always be occasions where a production line is not yet available to supply the required parts. I don't know any factory building goat that wouldn't. Pipes require a bit more management compared to Conveyor Belts to make sure they deliver resources where you want them. (Also, stop telling us it is an invalid place to put things, when there are MORE post-movement factors to account for. First, to remind players why automation is good. While the standard Wall & Foundation sets provided by FICSIT are both elegant and effective, there have been several new shapes and styles added to satisfy the need for further factory customisation. Essentially the MAM is now its own ‘side’ progression station. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, combine the Hypertubes with jump pads and dampening jelly and create your very own rollercoaster. To provide a proper flow to the game, parts will generally build up in complexity and then go down again when a new stage is reached. Hypertubes are accident-free and if you end up in the wrong one you can change direction and go back the way you came from. Oh, and please… Remember the last orientation of the way something was rotated, or “flipped”, if you can’t correctly “guess” the right similar orientation. These statues are incredibly expensive and highly fashionable. Now, if you really hate screws, you can still get rid of them, but as stated before it will be a trade-off. It’s as bad as not being able to place a container within the base, or our room, because it is an “invalid” placement. Privacy,, 7 Satisfactory Tricks the Game Doesn’t Tell You, Satisfactory Now Available on Steam Store, Optimizing Belts in Satisfactory (Early and Late Game), A Look at the (Unofficial) Satisfactory Mods. No one will ever know what this actually did, Removed some unit translation of the Freight Car that caused misalignment during docking, Player health no longer resets to 3 blocks when entering vehicles, loading the game, etc, Fixed inverted normals on all buildable splines, Fixed issue with splitters/mergers slowing down items on the faster conveyor belts, Fixed that building snapping will not override the grid snapping on foundations, ensuring that buildings placed on foundations are always aligned with the grid, Fixed that building clearances are displayed when starting to build via the hotbar, Conveyor Lifts now display nearby clearances properly, Fixed the missing collision behind the ladder of the HUB, Fixed conveyor belts sometimes being unable to be connected to Splitters/Mergers when there is a conveyor pole in front of them, To-Do List no longer gets set to “N/A” when cleared, Fixed Conveyor lifts sending items to the incorrect direction even after they were rotated when in close proximity to multiple buildings, Fixed Conveyor lifts not snapping properly when connected directly to Mergers/Splitters, Fixed Generators still consuming fuel after disconnecting the power cable, Better collision for the workbench on explorer, You now see the reason why you can’t pick up items from the conveyor belts when you inventory is full, Local player (and equipment) now occludes the outlines. Generally, when designing the progression of a game, you want to introduce new features to the player one at a time. So, in order to get the factory running efficiently, and fully utilize all its resources, some splitting and merging between different production lines will be necessary. I MUST KNOW. A level 4, “mag-lift” transport, able to handle “crates”, which are 8x packs of single units. In Satisfactory, that’s just not practical. We’ll be updating it more in the future. This way less buildings are needed to reach the same results as before. Additionally, we've upgraded to the latest version of the EOS SDK. A level 1 belt only holding single piles as a “low-duty belt” transport. The map currently have 408 nodes, 744 slugs and 89 hard-drives. Of course, this does not solve the problem where players do not have required parts available. To mitigate this issue, FICSIT has started the Anti-Waste Effort for Stress-testing of Materials on Exoplanets Bonus Program to make good use of all your excess resources. MOVABLE items, AFTER being placed… Why the “live with your mistakes”, or “redo it all over again, from scratch” method of creation? Aluminum and Uranium did this before by requiring different, and large amounts of, buildings, and complex ratios. Also, the horrible z-order fighting of surfaces is causing major issues when trying to build simple things. ... Update 3, at launch, will include the rewards listed below, but we will be adding more as we continue development on Satisfactory. This shouldn’t have any major impact on players, however, due to potential bugs it will spend some time on Experimental before we move it to Early Access. Give them a purpose, when they are needed, when things aren’t all isolated in late-game productions. Well, that seems wildly inefficient. Fuel generators still produce the same amount of power, and the standard recipe for fuel produces even a tiny bit more per minute compared to before, while using the same amount of oil. I agree! Turbofuel is now also a liquid and still a great upgrade for your fuel generators. Check your files for old code that is still drawing old objects or which is attempting to make some fancy “geo-shell”, over the objects to simulate a “glow”. Also this is the first game to get me super excited for what's next in a long time and the community engagement from everyone at CSS is insane, thanks for being such great devs! Please help the aluminum branch, it takes so many aluminum ingots right now !! Feast your eyes on useful and cosmetic factory upgrades, as well as incredible vanity items. As a freelancer, you can weight into my work more than you can think, So, we felt it was more appropriate to make this the goal of the Space Elevator: to hook it up to the factory. Shop, respectively. And if you're manually placing them side to side, and placing pipe cross connectors to plumb them into, the spacing isn't equal and you don't really get the holographic guidelines to work with to keep everything lined up. Later in the game we will require more planning from the player to ensure they automate whatever they can, to prepare for the future. We created an all-new cliff set to match the new look and feel of the desert. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Manufacturers still require Heavy Modular Frames because we need the building to be difficult to build, and we didn’t want to move that challenge to another building, which would burden a different production line. Fix the horrible broken textures on building new items with the tool. With the changes to standard recipes, some of you might be disappointed that the complexity was reduced in some places. Honestly, a simple indicator and just waiting until the end, leaving it unsolidified, if the end-movement is invalid, would work.. or an EDIT option. The MAM no longer unlocks milestones in the HUB. We changed it to 15 Coal per minute, which is a lot easier to work with. Since the release of the game, the MAM has been a barebones research station. Now, if the new buildings are going to need you to have a specific part in bulk, so will the milestone. Besides that, we made some changes to address the current meta (the ‘most optimised playstyle’), because copper was getting sad, and our screws were starting to question the meaning of their existence. I feel like they are moving in the right direction with recipe rebalancing. Take a look and enjoy. Why use the stairs when you can just fly? Old costs were balanced around the idea that player would be handcrafting a bunch of those parts and automate slowly. Additionally, we have cleaned up the ratio from Coal Miner to Coal Generator.

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