While Ellie and Matt try to stop this unstoppable robot, they learn about a possible connection between Jason and the robot from an unexpected source. Eques is a unique mutant for two major reasons. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. It is produced by MoonScoop Group and Skechers Entertainment Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. Meanwhile, Brett Ronson III, attempts to persuade the Olympic committee to hold the games in New Eden City, "Making Sure Nickelodeon Hangs With Cool Kids", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zevo-3&oldid=985783611, 2010s American animated television series, 2010s American high school television series, 2010s American science fiction television series, American children's animated action television series, American children's animated adventure television series, American children's animated science fantasy television series, American children's animated superhero television series, Animated television series about teenagers, Television series by Splash Entertainment, Pages using infobox television with unknown empty parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. That’s where Rosie Green aka Ready Girl steps up. They also have a Spotify playlist that slaps. Footwear Company To Support SKECHERS Entertainment TV Debut with Giveaways in One Million Kids Shoe Boxes MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SKECHERS USA, Inc. (NYSE:SKX), a global leader in lifestyle footwear, today announced that it is supporting SKECHERS Entertainment's new animated kids' television series Zevo-3 with a promotional sneak peek DVD insert in one million shoe … Started in 2008. Skechers launched Z-Strap, Elastika, and Kewl Breeze in 2006 as the central characters in comic books that were given away with Skecher footwear. When used in this way, her hair has far greater tensile strength than steel, and a great deal of elasticity. I figured the stretchy hairbands should resemble shoelaces, keeping with the whole Skechers sneaker motif. An embarrassing picture reveals the true nature of Ronson's mutated form and also makes Jason and Ellie question whether their "relationship" is platonic or romantic. However, the pack of Combos, the pretzel bites filled with cheese, ends up radiated. After Matt's new invention goes awry, the group loses their powers and must adjust back to having normal lives. It is produced by MoonScoop Group and Skechers Entertainment. Elastika was originally designed by Skechers to highlight a set of shoes with an elastic band instead of laces. Grams, Matt, and Ellie hold them off while Jason does some spying and discovers a connection between Ronson, Jason's parents and Stankfoot. When Bobby the Molok witnesses Brett Ronson's goon squad rescuing Dark Materia from Stankfoot's lair, he and Bug enlist the help of the Zevo-3. Zevo-3 must find a way to stop them all and save their friends, families and homes. The Incredible Elastika (2008 series) #2 [none printed] Ka-Pow! The notable differences are a hood that cover most of her head save for a pair of pigtails, no gloves, more pronounced emblems, and a little pink skirt. She is also seems to have a love interest in Jason (alias Z-Strap), and was given her powers when her hair was in contact with the Zevo compound. During the end of year festival, the team faces off against Klaw, the Black Panther villain. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. She is also the older sister to Matt (A.K.A. For the most part, she is the same as the cartoon, and the only real difference are superficial changes to make the the cartoon version less "girlie". Issue Notes . The show is about three kids who get powers in a lab when Zevo compound covers them, due to an experiment done by the evil Doctor Stankfoot. The Fresh Men are the newest super kids on the block, introduced in 2019 as a collaboration between Marvel comics and Axe Body Spray. Decay, who began to decay the teeth of dozens of children since body horror apparently sells drinks, HEAT, an anti-hydration group, and Fizz, a euphemism for soda, range from horrifying to useless. This card notes that Ellie/Elastika is mostly average, with her best stat being intelligence (being below Kewl Breeze), and her worst being Strength (which is also worst on the team). Did you know some comic book superheroes exist only because of product placement? Pre-recorded DVDs, digital video discs, digital versatile discs, CD-ROM discs and video cassettes featuring animated entertainment… Owned by: Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II Serial Number: 77758844 These color selections are primarily my own, and do not represent the official version of the character. Ready Girl is a newer superheroine whose powers include being responsible, flight, and a knack for heavy-handed speeches. These are my own color selections. The comics were set to launch alongside a line of toys by Mattel. Character Design, Skechers, ELASTIKA 2. The Zevo-3 must rescue their captured friend and the mutant creatures before Ronson disposes with them all. While this sounds like fantastical wish fulfillment, it was entirely a marketing scheme. Their boss is an alien named Telstar, and their primary Villain is a galactic despot called The Under Overloard. Jason, Ellie, and Matt struggle to work together as a real superhero team when Stankfoot unleashes a giant carnivorous plant that grows over New Eden City, absorbing half the population in one night. The team is made-up of: Galactron (Thomas) who is the team leader. It may not have been an actual threat, but the comics did call everyone who didn’t actually purchase from them a “WOO-SHOO” which sounds like a threat given how easily Superman could throw us. When Z-strap's popularity goes through the roof, Ellie and Jason get into a fight. RELATED: 10 Stories DC Comics Would Like You To Forget. With a name based on Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and a design concept lifted from Captain America, Sprocket Man was born to give children, and eventually, all people biking safety tips. So much nostalgia, i have the comics! There are some very unsettling parts of the comic, like the fact that Eques is part horse and, essentially, lives alone surrounded by other horses. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. ELASTIKA. Product placement is an important and, sadly necessary, part of media. Public safety is a major motivator for many cities, so it makes sense that New York City would implement new strategies to promote safety and readiness. Pencil, Photoshop color. But Ronson shows up with Dark Materia. Character Design, Skechers, ELASTIKA 2. Jason gets a dose of his own medicine when he encounters a loner mutant in Stankville and has to convince him to help rescue Matt who's been captured by a race of underground mechanical mutants who want to offer him up as a sacrifice. Comics are no different. Together they fight off mutant monsters that arise while dealing with their own teenage problems, including school, friends, and feelings. When they are not fighting evil in space, they are normal teenagers from Manhattan Beach, California. Drama ensues as Magneto also learns about this mutant and attempts to recruit him. For the most part, she is the same as the cartoon, and the only real difference are superficial changes to make the the cartoon version less "girlie". The team consisted of Wonder Woman, Dolphin, and Ice, and introduced Starlily and Solara, as well as villainess Purrsia. I was contacted by an art studio to redesign a few characters for their client, Skechers Sneakers. Pencil, Photoshop color. These heroes were basically commandos with a specific purpose and, instead of guns had wrist blasters that shot out water. The direction was to introduce more of a Japanese manga influence, and apply it to the American superhero motif already present in the characters. Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II Brand Skechers Entertainment Editing? Realizing Blacktop is the key to help Ellie, Z-Strap and Kewl Breeze devise a plan that means shrinking Z-Strap and hunting inside Blacktop for the cure. This young girl seems like a cross between Medusa, and Marvel Comics' Mr. When he is not working with start-ups or performing improv around the country, he hosts the How Will I Die Podcast, which explores the multiverse of himself through many deaths and goofs. Zevo-3 is an American animated television series that aired on Nicktoons for nearly seven months. Evidently, the character's name was The Incredible Elastika and she was used as part of a promotion for Skechers in 2008. It premiered on October 11, 2010 and ended with only one season on May 7, 2011. Help us caption & translate this video! On his father's birthday Dr. Stankfoot fondly remembers fishing with his dad but when he discovers the old fishing river has been dammed Stankfoot decides to blow up the dam and destroy the city. Color Color Dimensions 8.25" x 5.5" Paper Stock Glossy Binding Saddle-stitched Publishing Format One-shot; Giveaway. All portions of the Grand Comics Database™, except where noted otherwise, are copyrighted by the GCD and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).This includes but is not necessarily limited to our database schema and data distribution format. The comics were both fun puzzles and a plug for the Superman-Tim clothing line. I figured the stretchy hairbands should resemble shoelaces, keeping with the whole Skechers sneaker motif. The comic was released in boxes of cereal and nothing else ever came of the series. I decided to throw some color on another sketch of Elastika, previously submitted in black and white. Skechers is an interesting company because they have two major products, sneakers, and superheroes. Fast-food giant KFC has, over the last few years, had a heck of a time playing with what fans expect from a fast-food company, including releasing multiple comic books alongside DC and creating a dating simulator where the Colonel is kind of hot. NEXT: 10 Superheroes That Predate Superman. Throughout the 2000s, when they introduced a cool new sneaker, they’d also release a comic featuring a superhero with powers that derive from the technology in the shoe.

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