An uprising can happen when the player's colony or city in Civilization Stage or Space Stage has minimal happiness. Question. Perfect city layout? save hide report.

I know money is a joke in the civ stage, so I'm just kinda curious what the optimal layout is. Spore; Optimal City Layout for Civilization Stage?

Home cities are all the cities on your home world which you captured during the Civilization stage.

The player begins the Civilization stage in control of a single city. It seems that it is quite east to find the optimal layout for a colony, but no one has any layouts for a homeworld. Games. If anyone can figure out the best layouts for all of them, I would be grateful. As mentioned before, it consists of the player's custom creations made in the building editor. Sell custom creations to people who love your style.

Spore City Layout.

If you don't have one happiness score your entire planet will stop functioning eventually and you'll be forced to go and fix it.

If the atmosphere is not yet viable, the colony forms a biodome around itself, or the player can use Terraforming to make the atmosphere suitable for the player's species. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once all cities on the planet are conquered or destroyed, you can build a spaceship and launch it from your home city, beginning the Space stage. But their principles are all the same: while providing income, a factory will drag down one point of happiness; the connection between a house (or the city hall) and a factory will increase the income, while the connection between an entertainment center and a factory will decrease happiness.

In Civilization Stage, both buildings and vehicles matter, but in Space Stage, only buildings matter. Okay so i was just informed and personally observed that not all cities have identical layouts, even when they're the same type of city. r/Spore: The subreddit dedicated to the single-player god game developed by Maxis, we welcome new players who haven't played before and experienced … Press J to jump to the feed. Am new, also the tutorials don’t match up to my city floor plan. I remember seeing an excellent guide on the old forums which had optimal layouts for all homeworld city types and the colony layout. A city can have only one city hall, which is always located in the center of the city.

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Awesome thanks, i can finally make a completely "Grox" City, I had the grox people,(Grox Hack)Buildings, and even vehicles,just missing the style.

Cities first appear in the Civilization Stage, but remain prevalent throughout the Space Stage. To enter the city planner, the player must move their camera over a city and click the blue button that appears at the center. I’m also interested in this. However, the cities keep their original (far higher) production ability along with their spice cap of 50, making NPC homeworlds extremely valuable.

I have been playing Spore again recently, and have been looking for an answer to this same question. Portions of this website were created using the free web resources This can be stopped with a Happiness Booster and/or a Loyalty Booster. In Civilization Stage, it is wise to give each of your cities at least one smiling face, since a happy city will sometimes celebrate, doubling the city’s income. The missile can be seen during a battle launching from the city to destroy enemy ships and will do significant damage to the player.


admittedly when setting up this layout its best to do this when not at war with anyone or have one of those super turret deploy-able extras kicking around your ship.

Question. Their entire architecture is user-created (unless a Maxis creation used by the AI or the user themselves), and they act as the base from which the player can construct vehicles, a spaceship (or replacement ships when the player's ship is destroyed) and more buildings.

This article is a stub. The player must build up his/her city and keep the inhabitants happy.

The way I am playing currently is to quickly kill off any species I come into contact with before they can grow. Is there a layout that yields higher than 3600 with at least 1 happiness? the only REAL problem is that to make this lay out you need a T2 world and no turrets can be placed till it gets to a T3 buts that's moot due to the fact you can then have TWO of this type of city on that world so that's 216 spice a hour OwO which is Very good.


It's not too complex really, I usually have 1 factory connected to 1-2 houses and then one enternaintment for a balanced income/happiness layout. What is the best city layout for max profit? City Editor, or City Planner, is where you can plan your cities or colonies in either Civilization Stage or Space Stage, and is an important part of your game since it can directly affect your nation’s or empire’s income.. To enter the city planner, the player must move their camera over a city and click the blue button that appears at the center.

A T3-complete world with this layout wil net you one unit of spice approximately every nine seconds. The difference between the factories in Civilization Stage and those in Space Stage is that the former provides you directly with sporebucks, while the latter provides you with the spice on planets.

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