It drives me crazy. I have no idea what it was but whatever it was, it was DEFINITELY disguising itself as a star….and it was DEFINITELY some type of craft. I’ve read all I can about this and don’t find any real answers as to why this occurs. It’s unreal. It makes me curious. One of the white ones came in low enough to spotlight the entire high school. I agree you have to be open minded & very tuned into everything around you including this object that is not a star! I was in the “country” (vast rural area) and could see much more than I normally would in city limits. I am not the only one that sees them here. I just realized this was posted in 2017! I made sure I cleaned them and then went back out to take a look. I found this thread by searching on Google about stars moving and zigzagging. And when one did, I knew I had to just be nuts. Frankly, if an astronomer has a reasonable explanation that fits the observed phenomena, I’ll accept it without rancor or even disappointment. I thought it was just something military as we live near Ft. Campbell, KY. I’m not crazy, but I would like to hear of a rational answer. But it can obviously see us trying to communicate!! I am from Alabama and I too see the same damn one every night. It needs an expert to look into it or at least to explain it! When taking my dog out, I usually look up in the sky just to star gaze. I have seen them late at night and very early in the morning to the point where I feel something in my chest and heart tells me that it is not good. I used my “SkyView” app to try and get a name for what these are, and they exist in a blank space! Then what can this be?? It seems like I have to either be staring at the same stars for awhile before it starts happening (1 of them moves erratically). It would appear to change direction in a zigzag like pattern at times even making tight circles, or just random movements. I just remembered what I saw when I was around 10, so about 20 years ago. I tried showing my partner in Douglas (place in New Zealand, heading to country land), but she didn’t put much thought into it thinking I was too stoned or something, but in Douglas it moved like nothing I’d ever seen before from moving ever so slowly (when I 1st ever noticed it) to shooting up into the sky. Armed with infrared video cameras and digi... Pizza Clock at Monicals Pizza Lake and Knoxville, Peoria, IL USA Monicals Pizza I'm on a diet. The night sky was super clear and the stars were bright so I was just looking up checking them all out. Ok, so I’m not crazy. These problems are announced by alert messages at the top of the display window. A friend from another state posted on her Facebook that she saw one: “What is this in the sky and it moves up and down and from side to side. It’s not in the sky every night (probably to re-fuel or eat) so it’s not like I can go outside and point it out. I live in Lubbock, Texas. Hi folks. They are not exact measurements, but for a guy with no specialized equipment it seems like a decent way to get somewhere close to an accurate description of the observed movements of an object that, to the naked eye, looks like a somewhat bright star with occasional red flashes, until it moves so abruptly and distinctly that two people I know have had extreme reactions to the sudden movement, after I had simply pointed to the object and asked if there was anything unusual about it. That is my gut feeling. I believe they are God’s Watchers. It would stop for a few minutes, move a few inches over (from my perspective), stop fast and then move again. These are so much more than the rest. One thing I can say for certain is that this was in no way a man-made aircraft. I have seen this maybe two or three times before exactly as you described. I tried to wake my cousin up, but she was “too tired”. A few years ago I was looking online and I found a guy who wrote about when he was a kid laying on the beach at night and looking up at the stars in Los Angeles I think. Classic photos with long exposures show the arcing streaks - cool. They are there every night and always in the same place. Taking a liberal leap here: My family has always told me that, as a toddler, I was fascinated by the night sky and would frequently comment that there were “angels” flying above us. I know I sound nuts! What can start and stop like that? Super Bright Object Seen in Early Morning Hours All Week. They actually zigzag, sometimes moving forwards and backwards. I live in Vancouver WA. Back when it happened there was really no internet and there was no google or Youtube to find anyone that also saw this type of thing. I thought the same. I’m in the process of seeing one right now. By the way, they are silent. I got no reply? I live in WA state and have seen these objects for over a decade. Be detailed in your description. V Shaped Craft With Lots of Lights Over Hawaii. I thought it was a drone or something, but noticed it was way too far up. After watching it for about a minute or so I also found that there were tiny, super-fast flashes of light that dotted around if every now and then. Use abbreviations or aliases if you don't want your name listed. It would stop and jump forward two or three times. It makes zigzagging erratic movements starting, stopping and going in a tight circle suddenly moving forward and stopping. It was like almost in an impossible way. We again joked that it took our picture. I remember telling my dad, and not only he saw it too, but he called my uncle and went “Dude, do you see that?”. I cant believe its an ufo because I live by major airport as well as military bases and Im sure it would be picked up radar. It then started slowly moving going to the north. Also, seen by another person with me on one of the nights. I agree many of you say they move within a small space, like they are trapped in a bubble. If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. I have been using a fence-post as a secondary reference point both to the star and the silhouette of the tree. We live in east Texas and my wife and I are watching three different “stars” move with great intensity tonight! It was about 1998. (I’m pretty young so I know it wasn’t my eyes messing with me or the horizon making it look weird.) I see this all the time in northern Minnesota. Usually if I stop it stops too. This star that I saw was literally white. Finding this blog has provided me with relief as well as joy to now know there are others whom have also witnessed this phenomenon.

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