At Jack Williams we offer some of the lowest PA state inspection costs available - just $27.95 for the safety inspection and $33.95 for emissions testing. If you choose to have the repairs done elsewhere (or do them yourself), and then bring the vehicle back to the original inspection station, the vehicle will have to be re-tested and a re-test fee will apply. Troubleshoot alternator problems for repair or replacement. Yes. Visit your local DMV website to learn more about the inspection requirements in your area. Only official PennDOT Inspection Stations like Jack Williams can perform vehicle inspections. No. Other than the vehicle, just your current registration and insurance card. Different colors of smoke indicate different gas engine problems: Carburetor, choke, fuel injection, or emission system malfunction. The list below provides a high level overview of what the certified technician inspects on a vehicle during state inspection. NOTE: Beware of "creative" price marketing. Take care of your state vehicle inspection and emissions test at select Firestone Complete Auto Care locations. This can be found by looking at the inspection stickers in the lower driver’s side corner of your windshield. Once the repairs are made your vehicle will need to be retested. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation oversees the program and establishes the PA state inspection guidelines. Failing to Follow the PA State Inspection Guidelines. If anything is malfunctioning, the emissions tester will deliver an error code which is used to identify what repairs are needed. Safety Inspection Fees: Passenger vehicles and trucks: up to $12. What is checked for in the Emissions Test? Does not include Emissions testing. Jiffy Lube ® … $27.00 : $11.00 : performed at an inspection … Quick Online Application. Each county has its own vehicle emission standards. After your vehicle passes a safety and emissions inspection, your car or light truck will receive an emissions sticker and an inspection sticker that are valid for one year from the month of the inspection. #345100 There is no grace period for getting the inspection and emission test done unless you are out-of-state when your stickers expire. Let's say your inspection is due in August, and you decide to get it done in June. PA State Auto Inspection - $27.95 (includes sticker fee) Emissions Test - $33.95.

Vehicles that are from 1996 and newer will undergo an additional OBDII test to check the computer system. What happens if I fail the Emissions Test? You can get the vehicle repaired at the inspection station, another shop of your choosing or handle the work yourself.

There will also be a gas cap test. Learn More >. What is checked during PA State Inspection? Please note that state vehicle inspections are not performed at all locations. It’s not uncommon to see stations charging $60-100 for safety inspections. Getting your inspection done early will give you extra breathing room in case you need to save up money or weigh your options. The cost for a PA state safety inspection and emissions test depends on whether additional repairs are needed or not. A properly operating gasoline-powered vehicle does not emit visible smoke once it’s warmed up. Here's some good news for drivers required by the state to get a vehicle inspection each year! If the emissions inspection is required for your vehicle it’s done once a year at the same time as your annual safety inspection.

If you do face major repairs, Tires Etc. Vehicle inspections and emission tests are an annual requirement. To renew your registration, some states require annual emissions inspections and put your car through in-depth safety tests. Displaying a fake inspection sticker or a sticker that belongs to another vehicle is a $100 fine for the first offense and $200-500 and/or 90 days in jail for subsequent offenses. What is Checked During a PA State Car Inspection? At Tires Etc, our $39.99 price includes both the Inspection and the Emissions Test! When the vehicle passes, you will still get new stickers for August of the following year. Smog and Emissions Testing Fees: All vehicles: up to $24. Inspections are conducted on a state-by-state basis and requirements vary. Schedule an appointment at Firestone Complete Auto Care today. We pride ourselves on being your number one choice for any auto repair.

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