– Superior Area Denial (same) It will take some fine tuning to fire the torp to get the maximum out of it. Anyway, I am currently using all Cannons with the Assimilated Module/Kinetic Cutting Beam, but I am curious of my KCB will proc Mixed Armaments. It draws inspiration from many of the experiments attempted by the Shepard-class Battlecruisers of the 23rd century. It frequently feels like I’m doing most of my shooting with just my turrets, especially on some of the lower turn rate ships. and a debuff of 300 means 200% more damage. – Energy Refrequencer (Heals), – Emergency Weapon Cycle Identical tactical consoles (Disruptor of course), DPRM plus point-defense, CC Multi-Conduit Energy Relay, Martok console, Assimilated Module, Bioneural, and Tachyokinetic or the Nausicaan siphon console can be replaced with something else, i.e. is just great for all energy weapon builds, even better for Phasers as it adds another +15% to this weapon type. Don’t forget to use your skills first, then activate Aux2Bat to reduce the cooldowns. if there is stil one left, feel free to visit our discord and ask us there directly , You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets, https://sto.gamepedia.com/Universal_Console, https://sto.gamepedia.com/Special_bridge_officer, https://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/ea6f6d115b5a3892e8911893541dc5f5, https://www.sto-league.com/beam-ships-in-the-current-century/. I’m using my mouse wheel for throttle adjustment, this makes back paddling so much easier when I need to get into a better firing position. The accuracy overflow seems to be really bland and overflowing accuracy through multiple sources leads to a bonus that’s lesser than a damned assimilated module.

If you have 3 purple techs, that should do the job but you might be a couple seconds short if you’re using lower quality officers. This starship's equipment slots, base hull capacity and shield capacity scale as your level increases. – Emergency Weapon Cycle Fire-cycle haste, speed, EPS and buffs to HP/Regen are always nice to have. have you got an updated beam overload build for this ship ? You could also experiment with the ancient omni and the obelisk core. I’m a fan a beam arrays/omnis so for disruptors the full nausicaan set could be seen as optional. Personally, it’s either Delta or Fleet Support for me. Only the visuals are different. You will have to decide rather it’s worth sacrificing a precious console slot rather then just waiting until you can get Purple Techs. It does take time though. Gagarin class with Delta Rep T6 shield . Skill tree is based from the STO-League beams in the current century. Add another locator and drop the Siphon or Tachyo. – Magnetohydrodynamic Fusion Expulsion (+15% Phaser damage) – Anchored (only if you’re not flying around) The tactical command battelcrusier is one of my favorite ships, do you have any updated built for this ship with the new consoles? Sensor-linked are far behind. Remaining places are often filled with energy weapons officer increasing crit stats for energy weapons. Click here to see, where they are included! Abbreviations: Hey, one (newb) question: I just got the ship from the zen store but mine got only 3 tactical consoles not 4.
MoD = Mirror of Discovery Gagarin Tactical Optimization Build Info Looking to improve 1) DPS & 2) survival capability in Adv RTFO PUGs. Terran Taskforce, six Spiral Waves and the Martok Omni as weapons, same gear as mentioned above. That’s good advice.. the best thing you could do is just practice. – Calm Before the Storm But it really depends on how close you are to your targets. Thank you for any advice you can give! So basically these accuracy bonuses are useful just against moving stuff that gets struck by bfaw or csv to ensure that you won’t miss considerably. Zero-point? February 15, 2019 Cannon builds rule the DPS tables for quite some time now, so here are two builds for the two most favorite energy damage types. The vr one will add 8 seconds. If you prefer to fight them from greater distances than ~5 km, MAS might be the better choice for you. Same engine, deflector, warp core and shield. I see, i do very less Damage if the Team have much DDR. Both builds have identical bridge officer layouts: Switching the LtC Universal to Engineering makes it possible to use EPtW3 and two of the best miracle worker abilities, Narrow Sensor Bands (NSB) 3 and Mixed Armaments Synergies (MAS) 3. Switching to crafted / pulse phasers would cost you 2% CrtD per weapon. This doff comes from the Delta Operation Pack and causes your Attack Pattern Beta power to restore a small portion of your hull when firing energy weapons. MB didn’t use A2B in the record runs simply because they are nanny runs.

Beams are still ok, good enough for >400k DPS. – the cheap Approaching Agony (+15% Phaser, 1,5% CrtH) Those Competitive Engines are a huge help though. D.O.M.I.N.O. Great for energy weapon builds.

– Fabrication Engineer to extend RSP’s duration. This holds true when you follow the ‘unwritten’ rules for shipbuilding like filling tac slots with locators, use Romulans as bridge officers and so on.
Sadly it has a very long CD. Don’t miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship. Did i buy the wrong ship? MAS 2 and NSB 2 or MAS 1 and NSB 3? If you need more details: https://sto.gamepedia.com/Universal_Console. A question regarding disruptor/polaron builds from a discount perspective: And would that be a cannon or beam build (or something else)? I know.. it’s not ‘the best,’ but he’s been AP for a long time and has all Epic Gear so I have just carried on. What makes the Polaron build so great is the Morphogenic 3-part bonus. The Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser comes equipped with the [Console - Universal - Refracting Energy Shunt]. The console setup is pretty easy to guess, 4 Vulnerability Locators (Phaser), the 3 matching set consoles for the rear weapons. – Energy Weapon Officers for additional CrtD and / or CrtH quantum phase converter (+ beam array) as far as i could see its already written in the text . Thank you. So what is a “good” about to have on a ship without NSB? I’m a little new to the game. You should replace Beam Overload with FAW when using Superior Area Denial as one of your starship traits.

– Superior Beam / Cannon training Thank you, that makes perfect sense, was looking at the polaron cannon build at the bottom and counldn’t see an omni on it so I was wondering if I misunderstood something. or something for your survivability like the Protomatter Field Projector (for the space-poor also a good replacement for the DPRM) or Regenerative Integrity Field.

Unless you’re really fast and always have Can’t stand Boldly They Rode? At which ratio does xx dmg make more sense than xx crth/crtd rate? – Terran Targeting Systems As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots. – A Good Day to Die (very good for Tacs) Use Timeline Stabilizer or M6 Computer. Consoles are four Polaron Locators from the Spire, Morphogenic Matrix Controller, Piezo-Electric Focuser (Lukari 2 part set bonus). – Super Charged Weapons The following table compares T6 Federation Battlecruisers. I like this new format type of builds with interaction, explanation, faq and answers. Tachyo, Approaching Agony, Quantum Phase converter.

Even though they offer nothing we already have seen on other ships, those battlecruisers are quite powerful and provide an almost perfect bridge officer layout for Aux2Battery cannon and beam builds. Lowers Evasive Maneuver’s CD by 85% when you use EPtE. – Romulan Operative (very useful for Romulans) It’s like a mw vengeance class.

No MAS here, if you want to use that skill, you should run the complete Nausicaan Set and use something like the Polaron Build below. include some beams and here we go. – Controlled Countermeasure (if using Aux2Bat and Cold-Hearted) or Tactical Advantage (Debuff) Sustained Radiant Field is also a candidate for the list. 303/5000 The KCB does not proc Mixed Armaments. The KDF one also has battle cloak!

in addition you could add the zero point module, in case you’re not useing a2b the temporal disentanglement (epsiode butterfly i guess) are all good choices. Beacon of Kahless is ok, but the FX is hard to bear. Use Vadwaaur Polaron or crafted ones instead. It draws inspiration from many of the experiments attempted by the Shepard-class Battlecruisers of the 23rd century. Any console which adds to your damage output is fine. would that make sense in your opinion? The armament consists of the Morphogenic Energy Torp and Turret, 3 Dominion Polaron DCs (that’s three times Boldly They Rode), Advanced Piezo-Polaron DC, the Gamma Rep Polaron and Chronometric Turret. – Superior Accurate (if your Acc is quite low)

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