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I must add: the containers these go into are massive: 22"-30" so there is ALWAYS adequate soil moisture. Given good growing conditions it will reach a height of around 1 – 1.5m and form a nice rounded shape. I am now rooting starts for the many requests I have recieved for the plant. On Jul 26, 2012, Cahow from HARBERT, MI wrote: As a landscape architect, it's critical to my continued business to have the "coolest, oddest, and rarest" plants in my customer's gardens. My P.S. Prune it regularly, as the new growth has the best colouring. I still have both of them although one of them took a beating when a sudden coldsnap came and almost killed both of them. One of the easiest plants to care for. Unfortunatly we are a busy family and it does get a bit neglected but bounces back really well. Spring and early summer are the best times to take cuttings. Looks good with almost any other plant, but particulary terrific with lime green foilage plants & stripped or white- spotted green foilage plants. Dig up in the fall, plant in fresh potting mix, spray with insecticidal soap & try this plant indoors over the winter in moderate light situation rather than direct sunlight.

If your plant becomes leggy, take stem cuttings and discard the mother plant. Each leaf is covered in very fine hairs. I planted it in an area with a bag of soil, have tried fertilizing and watering it regularly but it continues to droop/die. This small, evergreen shrub sports handsome, metallic, silvery purple leaves and blue, pink or white flowers. On Jun 5, 2004, mshgtvangel from McDavid, FL wrote: i bought 2 persian shields from home depot a couple of months ago.now they are dieing i put them out for morning sun hoping it would bring them back,watered lightly regularly no luck.i live in zone 8 fl near al state lines.i plan on visiting home depot,and exchanging them for new plants.i have purchased 12 inch pots,as well as drip pans for them a bag of miracle grow time released moisture top soil to use in the huge pots - i love them so much.leaves are falling off brown instead of the beautiful purple and green leaves.the woman working in the gardening section never wanted to be bothered well we shall what her supervisor says,when she hears i requested information about caring for them only to have eyes rolled at me and given an attitude from a sales person who clearly never wanted to be... read more bothered.sense this purchase,she observed me looking at expensive hanging baskets i had to pry her away from a personal conversation to get any assistance in figuring how much soil i would need for 6 hanging baskets,at home depot their persian shields look sun sorched.

Then last week, for no reason, it completely wilted. bothered.sense this purchase,she observed me looking at expensive hanging baskets i had to pry her away from a personal conversation to get any assistance in figuring how much soil i would need for 6 hanging baskets,at home depot their persian shields look sun sorched.

I have not cut it back since I enjoy it towering from the back of the border. Danita I bought another one about 4 months ago, put it in another one of my shade gardens. Before transplanting we set it down -- still in its original pot -- in that spot, and within a week it was drooped to the ground! If you’re lucky enough to have a substantial tree, we have picked the best plants for under tree planting. On Oct 20, 2016, EBrown from Sealy, TX wrote: This is my 5th year with Persian Shield in my shady flower bed. We have to treat them as annuals Up North and I advise my client's to just let "Winter Take it's Course" and NOT bring them inside. Doing very well in full sun all day. They were very full and a beatiful purple I transplanted them to bigger pots.and they grew to about 5 ft tall in the pots. It is healthy 2.5 feet high with 9-10 inch leaves. ], San Marcos Growers. Strobilanthes Gossypinus is a species that has stunning foliage and is sometimes called Persian Shield, which is weird because it’s actually from the southern part of India. It lasted until winter but then died :( On Nov 30, 2010, AGCcutter from Dallas, TX (Zone 8a) wrote: I have grown this plant off and on for 35 years. Resume pinching when the plant starts growing in earnest in the spring.

It's moisture requirements are high so I'm glad I gave it the granules.

One is doing alot better i see new leaves growing. Im hoping it come back as it gets warmer. Such a handy plant. LOCATION: Sunny sheltered position is ideal in the warmer parts of Australia.Best suited to a warm and humid climate. Ideas? Should I have pinched it earlier when it first got a little leggy? Too much mess from leaf drop and potential for mealy bugs, white fly and spider mite. Stobilanthes dyeriana (Persian shield) – low growing plant sometimes forming ground cover.

On Mar 30, 2014, Susan_C from Alameda, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: I have this plant in a large container in bright shade. :). This is a fabulous groundcover or container plant. This is also when most of the blooms appear. Strobilanthes gossypinus (Persian Shield) - medium shrub to 1.5m high with silvery soft foliage. While we've had one hard freeze this winter, these particular plants are protected from wind so I think they're in a little microclimate part of my yard.

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