This provides you with a much wider variety of options! Especially when hooves are made of ice. [97] Prior to the War of the Shifting Sands, the night elves and the tauren had apparently been involved in a blood feud dating back centuries. Tabaxi name generator - Dungeons & Dragons . [6], The intrepid dwarf explorer Brann Bronzebeard believes that the tauren may ultimately be descended from an unknown bull Ancient, or some kind of animal spirit predating the Emerald Dream. Direct descendants of the tauren led by Huln Highmountain who fought in the War of the Ancients, the Highmountain tauren have lived in peace in the region of Highmountain on the Broken Isles for millennia, until the shamanistic drogbar rose up and stole the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth], shattering their unity. Tauren halberds are used by tauren chieftains.[14]. 7/10. Suncaller Haruh, a tauren priest in the TCG. This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 15:31. [106] One tauren group inhabited the southern parts of the Barrens for decades and considered the land to be holy, but they were driven off by the quilboar. But leave alone German and Scandinavian languages – we’ll make use of them later. For a Pandaren name, serve yourself and go for any oriental inspiration – especially Chinese and Japanese (although Japanese inspired mogu culture more than pandaren culture). Dharma is the moral order of the universe and a code of living that embodies the fundamental principles of law, religion, and duty. Starting Questline: Shortcut Guide for Alts, How to Gear Up Your Fresh 120 Alt for Shadowlands in One Day: Shortcut Guide, How to Get Your Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb Guide. Here’s a simple test: imagine a musical ruler or a feather pressed against a table and try to pinch it as a cat, making it sound. For the first time in millennia, the tauren had a land to call their own. Note that if you’re using the letter j, it will read as [j] rather than [dʒ]! [93] Roon Wildmane and Hemet Nesingwary is one of the few cases of friendship despite the enmity between the two races.[94]. Several millennia before the First War, the yaungol roamed central Kalimdor and lived in peace with the demigod Cenarius, but were eventually driven south due to not wanting to share hunting grounds with the trolls. They had six categories of names which were Nicknames, Birth names, Honor names, Secret names, Spirit names, and Special deeds names. One respectful greeting gesture of the tauren is to touch one's heart, then forehead. Sounds like such a good old Lordaeron-type of name which suits an Undead very well. Later on, Baine was approached by Greyhoof Farwanderer and the tauren that had prepared to leave Mulgore prior, and having witnessed Baine's victory over the quilboar, apologized for doubting the high chieftain's ability to lead and requested a pardon for this rash action. And 100+ points if you fit z or x in the first name and double it! Some toons with names derived from Latin. To protect Mulgore from being invaded, the tauren created a mighty wall named the Great Gate. When a peaceful meeting between tauren and night elf druids was sabotaged by Twilight's Hammer cultists posing as members of the Horde, Cairne mistakenly thought that the new Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, was responsible. These races are closest to us, and naturally require common human names of Western/European origin, granted we’re in a high fantasy medieval setting. [64] When the tauren settled in Mulgore, they also brought the kodos with them. According to the tauren myth Sorrow of the Earthmother, when the Earth Mother saw her children falling to the corrupting whispers from below the earth, (the work of the Old Gods)[31] she tore out her eyes and set them spinning endlessly across the sky. Viewing his willingness to bow down to every demand made of him as an affront to their peoples' interests, they considered walking away from the Horde. They prize jewelry, designing fine trinkets of ivory, bone and amber. [62], [Thunder Bluff Marzipan] is a traditional tauren Hallow's End treat. Despite their banishment, Grimtotem forces were able to corrupt several water wells within Mulgore, but their efforts were stopped by tauren adventurers and Baine personally killed Orno Grimtotem, the leader of the Grimtotem forces invading Mulgore. Before any systematic naming convention was adopted, comets were named in a variety of ways. They represent the heart of the tauren people, and are looked to for guidance and protection. for my Orc i chose "Rutherford", but changed it so it spells Razarfort. For their part, the orcs and the Darkspear trolls that composed the Horde found much in common with the tauren. When the tauren first encountered the orcs of Thrall's Horde, the tauren recognized the orcs as spiritual brethren. Except for my first worgen who I named Lougarrow. This means all the first names are actual Native American names, while the last names are all in a fantasy style, similar to those in the fantasy surname generator. The most talented and powerful shaman traditionally hold positions of power, though rulership is not limited to spellcasters. So Rockfence, pebbledam. At the same time, the Emerald Dream, realm of the green dragonflight, was tainted with a strange evil. Despite his personal misgivings, Baine ultimately resolves to join Garrosh's cause in an attempt to protect his people. [6], The Earthen Ring was originally founded by tauren shaman some time before the War of the Three Hammers to lead their people with wisdom and maintain the harmony between the elemental spirits.[13]. When Vol'jin declared open rebellion against Garrosh, Baine and the tauren pledged their support. Therefore, limit yourself to breath consonants sh, h, k, t and simple humming m and n. Don’t double them! I could easily imagine a character with that name doing all kinds of nasty poisons in some dark cellar just before going to do a bit of dirty-murder-business. There, they reunited with Cenarius and rediscovered their ancient traditions. [citation needed], Many tribes claim that it is a gift to be blessed with the aptitude to use magic or to talk to the ancestors, but tauren warriors are taught that they are just as gifted. While some tauren were able to forgive being driven from their ancestral lands, others, such as Auld Stonespire, were not and considered the quilboar's actions to be a sin worthy of the most severe revenge. Here we will take the softest consonants again – l, r, m, v, n, but for the first time we’re adding the hissing ones: s, sh, th. Specifically, Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem saw the potential for redemption in Sylvanas' people, even though he was fully aware of the Forsaken's sinister nature. The Sioux had a naming system which was complicated. One ceremony apparently involves a tauren presenting themselves before the High Chieftain whilst wearing a special feathered headdress. [20] The tauren are not wrathful by nature, but sometimes a thirst for justice causes them to take up arms in anger. [56] The fine and noble spice bread of Thunder Bluff is traded in countless settlements in the most far-away lands, even by the tauren's staunchest foes. The tauren are not as hostile to the Alliance as some of the other races that comprise the Horde,[87] though many Alliance members consider them to be little more than beasts. Although it would be better on a human! [43], Due to a drought that struck Central Kalimdor shortly after the Shattering, a group of quilboar began raiding Horde caravans and water shipments. It’s important to start with a plan, otherwise you won’t be able to effectively organize your account. [35], The Dawnchaser tribe believes that honored ancestors who gave their own lives to save, or create, other lives become yeena'e ("those who herald the dawn" in Taur-ahe) — spirits who aid An'she in announcing the coming of dawn. Coloration can range from solid black to blond and even to white, or mottled pelts with a range of spots and different colors. Every name above me is 10/10 in my book. The tauren would later name this now barren land "Desolace". This introspective air combined with their immense size can lead a person to understand as to "why" many regard the tauren as a wise and dangerous race. [28] They are a special breed also, not unlike the druids and shamans, and are just as important. This connection manifests in their deeply animistic culture, where druids and shamans stand side by side with warriors and hunters. [34], Tauren are large, muscular humanoids and bovine in appearance, complete with hooves and horns. I´d say 6 out of 10. A sole tauren was also a member of the infamous Defias Brotherhood. You don’t break your tongue over complex diphtongs or clusters of consonants: Shu’halo speech is as close to natural breathing as possible. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Zaetar, son of the forestlord Cenarius, traveled to Desolace to investigate, but though he had decided to imprison Theradras, he instead fell in love with her. Others are variants of my main Stonewal, named after the stonewall riots in newyork. The tauren see their digging as scarring the Earth Mother, and that the dwarves are hollowing and defiling the land. The reason for the post is to help with situations where you sit for 1,5 hours at character selection screen, struggling with a new name, and I’m also trying to grow the number of actual Azeroth names – the more we have them around, the better is our own immersement :). [114], The furbolgs formed positive relations with the tauren after the War of the Ancients.[115]. [110] The thorncallers began calling up great roots to choke out all other life in the mesa,[111] and the Bristlebacks began training wild boars to be used against the tauren. One naming convention I have is that most of my Tauren are named after big states. The tauren were originally planned to be their own faction in, The tauren culture is based on a conglomeration of. [11], The sudden monumental loss of life sent ripples throughout all of Azeroth and even the Emerald Dream. They are noble and proud and have never, despite significant adversity in the past, succumbed to their enemies. The general approach to an elven name is to make it sound like forest tree leaves rustling in the breeze: tender and soft. Absolutely no pressure or effort when talking. The threat was only dealt with once Rexxar set out to kill the witches. Tauren are a race of humanoids that are very muscular and large. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. [citation needed]  Their immense bodies are covered with fine, short fur that ranges in color from black to gray to white to red to brown to tan and any mottled combinations or variations thereof.

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