This worked for me but I know everyone is different. Or yours, for that matter, in the same way that a lunch table isn’t reserved for the popular kids and parking on the street in an unmarked spot in front of someone’s house isn’t stealing their spot, it’s just parking. It’s so very hard, though! Any form of weather does not scare me but maybe it should. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Melissa Tydell is a freelance writer, content consultant, and blogger who enjoys sharing her love of the written word with others. Thank you so much for taking the brave step to be vunerable with us. I’m looking forward to seeing if you get that pup I saw on Insta this week! Thank you for sharing all of this. Grace Bonney feels this way too! I’m glad you were honest about your fears and hope each one dies a little bit after saying it for all to hear! It’s exhausting if it doesn’t match up to who you WANT to be, not who you want to be perceived as. It spurred a movement on blogs across the globe and people participated in several rounds of sharing these fears openly on the web. I’m Scared That Following My Personal Needs and Changes May Affect My Business: I have weirdly never been worried that being gay will hurt my business. Connection, human compassion, vulnerability, these things are all magic. I understand how isolating that feeling of hypochondria is- it’s so difficult to really convey (even to the people you care about) how consuming that anxiety is, and it’s especially difficult when you’re rationally aware that there’s probably no basis for the alarming extent of your fears (i.e. Because when menopause sets in what’s going on now will seem like a cake walk. Grace—you are amazing for putting this all out there. Three things that scare me. But… THAT’S perfect. Thank you for sharing it. I'm not scared of death, I am excited to see what my next life brings, but I'm scared of what will bring me death. thank you! On the inside, I love that. And wait, a doctor told you to work out more to solve GI issues? Yes, totally agree with Arin- I’m a Design Sponge devotee for lots of reasons and the new direction you’re taking on of sharing more personal stuff is just another reason to love this site. But for some reason, I worry a lot about how my desire to let myself be more comfortable in life will affect my work and the way people view me or the site. And, as this thread indicates, I’m not alone. As for GOMI – wow, what must it feel like to spend your days tearing other people’s creative work down – to have pure bile running through the veins, leaving a metallic, corrosive taste in the mouth. Pilar, Although he’s been gone 23 years now, I remember Dad and his brilliant teachings every day. Thank you for the hard work and bravery you put into this venture, and most importantly, for the honesty that comes through in your posts. You’ll get there, and in the meantime, try and accept and be happy with whom you are (realizing though that we are all, really, our own worst critic). Went thru a year of treatment..rocking a bad ass grand theft auto bald head as a zaftig lady in los angeles is no small feat. All the fears you talk about sound like a normal part of being human, but that doesn’t make them any less real or awful. I think what you wrote here takes a great deal of courage and I had no idea there even was a site like GOMI, what an utter waste of breath! In every way. This past year has been the worst for me as I’ve gone to the doctor for every single “symptom” that I found…which lead to unnecessary tests and stronger fears. If you don’t like a blog, why wouldn’t you just stop reading it? Thanks again for this insightful and inspiring post. I feel for the bloggers that are targeted on their but I hope you and others know you have more supporters than anything else. I still deal with it from time to time when something comes up with my health, it is debilitating and does nothing to help the situation. I think life will be good to you . Love’n’hugs and Happy New Year, Lady MamaG xxo, Fingers crossed, love and prays from me to you ❤️. As someone a few life steps behind you, it’s reassuring to see how just a few years and a lot of hard work can propel a person (a person put in the small, cute, and at least trying to be stylish box, since we share those attributes) to a place of confidence and happiness. I read somewhere that the Dalai Lama was asked how to best deal with ‘self hatred’. I said it was going to be worth it.” I think that is true of so many things. Please know that you are doing really good, positive work all around and I love reading your essays – they are one of the best things about Design Sponge. Anxiety and depression is every family’s secret. The internet is not theirs. not sure why i am talking so studiously but it’s happening and i’m just going with it. Perhaps if blogging is proving too difficult, you should think about quitting. 4. This may be helpful to you: I too suffer from reflux and there is a book called “Dropping Acid” by Dr.’s Jamie Koufman and Jordan Stern. . I’d be happy to continue a conversation with you about this because it honestly drives me bonkers and I want to stop it. Reading this post written with such raw honesty, humility and the flare that is your voice, I was reminded of why I read DesignSponge. Mim. I wanted to believe it wouldn’t bother me but it did, and some of the things I read still come up before I write a blog post. Please remember that anyone’s opinions are only reflections of themselves. When I came out, I really fell down a hole and it took some time to get back up. So a few years ago I really let all of that go. You have the right to expect respectful treatment from others. She placed a tournequay around my arm and I obligingly squished the stress ball. i have had so many “scares” these past years that i am just fed up. I can relate to all of your fears so well!!! May you go from strength to strength. Great things about the ocean. Of course you can find another path. It seems crazy to panic about this every day, but knowing that other people go through it too helps me feel a little more grounded. GOMI is a bitter, mean-spirited place, and a waste of your good constructive energy. You sound so much more serene these days and I think it shows physically. I think you’d like it. Xxxxx Bea. Thanks again for all your efforts! Mostly I’m shit scared of failure. Desperately trying to pull myself out of this place and I’m failing. Grace: what a beautiful post. Case study questions for an interview. Just a suggestion if I may, I used to be so paranoid about my health and many conditions I thought I had. You’re going through a big transition time with moving and maybe your body is just taking the heat for you? i told my stomach to shut up. Great post. I’m Scared That I’m Becoming a Hypochondriac: I want to get this one out of the way quickly because it’s the one that embarrasses me the most. Plus, if I can’t control my health, why would I be competent to tell others how to organize their lives. Just wanted to say that I’m such a huge fan of the Design Sponge space and brand, and I think you’ve done a stellar job of infusing your personality and aesthetic into this blog without making it all you, all the time. Your brain will ruin your body if you let it. I really like blogs that have a personal side (when the main focus of the site isn’t personal). I did used to spend a lot of time there, but I’ve since seen the error of my ways and opted to create a more positive and uplifting internet experience for myself. But I feel so stupid and voiceless, and I have been this way my entire life. One thing I can say, I definitely worry that each weird ache or pain is one step from hospice care … but somehow, that too inspires me. It started to help when I called them “fears”. We all experience fear from time to time. My partner works in internet security and we are paranoid new parents, with so much scary stuff out there it can be difficult to keep your head turned to the light and away from the dark. Once I had a name to it, I focused on letting it go. Reading design sponge for many years helped inspire me to go from my office cubicle, back to school to my own textile business. I don’t know what GOMI even stands for, but wanted to let you know that I followed D*S pre your coming out and not sure why that would make a difference to people following your blog. Also, it is strange how angry and defensive I feel right now about some GOMI asshat taking a shot at you or your site. I know that you will find a way to make that anxiety dissipate! Essay about peaceful protests the only option. Thank you for your elegant vulnerability. Thanks for sharing, Grace. I’ll send you an email w/ all I have to say, but keep present that we all have the birthright to be HAPPY and free of all fear…which I know you are aware of! It is so easy to stay “anonymous” on the web and so hard to put yourself out there for ALL to see. It’s inspiring in the least Hallmark way. And since your move upstate, I’ve found myself LOVING (especially your Instagrams), the general “feel” of DS. It’s so encouraging to know that you struggle with the big questions too, even though it seems like you are living the dream. -fionna As for any hypochondria, you might want to check out EFT. On #4, I almost have the opposite problem. Thinking about haters, when I run across one, I remind myself what my dad taught me: “When you get kicked by a jackass, consider the source.” That has served me well many times over the decades! >we all seek acceptance, belonging, understanding, a tribe It is revolutionary and far reaching.

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